The One Week Kids’ Custom Closet Organization Challenge

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The One Week Kids' Custom Closet Organization Challenge

If you’re like many other parents out there, the thought of getting your kids’ custom closet organized in a day is enough to make you wince. It’s much more feasible to break the task down into a one week challenge, with a new task to tackle each day.

With these seven steps, not only will you be able to get even the most unruly closet back in order, but you’ll also be able to gamify the chore with your little one and make it easier for them to stick to a cleaning schedule.

Once you’re ready to start the one week kids’ custom closet organization challenge, you should:

  1. Improve accessibility.
  2. Put in space-saving hangers.
  3. Incorporate double hanging rods.
  4. Introduce some bins.
  5. Make labels as needed.
  6. Create space for shoe storage.
  7. Use door space.

Let’s dive into each step and show you how to get your kids’ custom closet looking great in just a week!

Day 1: Improve Accessibility

The best way to make sure that your little one is able to keep their closet clutter-free in the future is to design the space with their stature and needs in mind. So on day one of your one week challenge, try to reorganize the closet so that hanging rods are lower, folding clothes are within reach, and that floor storage is optimized.

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Day 2: Put in Space-Saving Hangers

If your child’s clothes keep ending up on the closet floor, your hangers might be to blame. By putting in space-saving hangers, you’ll be able to fit more of your child’s clothes - and make it more likely for them to stay there.

Day 3: Incorporate Double Hanging Rods

A cluttered closet often stems from not having the right system in place. With double hanging rods, your child will have no problem finding the item they’re looking for. You can even separate school clothes from other outfits to make it easier for them to get ready in the morning.

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Day 4: Introduce Some Bins

When in doubt, bins and cubbies give your child an easy way to keep things in their closet and off the floor. Drawers keep things out of sight and sometimes out of mind, but accessible cubbies and bins make it easy for your child to put away their things and find what they need.

Day 5: Make Labels as Needed

Once you’ve got those cubbies and bins in place, you can make it even easier for your child to stay organized by implementing a label system. Instead of everything getting jumbled together over time, you can set aside a bin or two for toys, one for games and electronics, and so on.

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Day 6: Create Space for Shoe Storage

If your child’s closet floor is messy, the rest of the closet will often follow suit. With a simple stacking shoe rack, you can free up plenty of floor space. You’d be surprised by just how much less clutter there will be once he or she can move freely and get to everything easily.

Day 7: Use Door Space

Better Homes & Gardens notes that sometimes the best closet storage solution is one that’s right in front of us. With a simple wall-mounted organizer, you can greatly increase the space available in your kids’ custom closet. These solutions typically incorporate clear plastic pouches, making it so easy for your little one to see and grab anything they need.


Getting your kids’ custom closet in order can be (and often is) a massive undertaking. But by breaking the process down into manageable steps and tackling it all over the course of a week, you should soon be able to get the closet neat and tidy and set a habit for your child in the process!


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