10 Stoney Clover Bag Lookalikes to Save You Hundreds! (Perfect for Traveling!)

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Shop our favorite Stoney Clover bags for less with these lookalikes!

two stoney clover bags on bathroom countertop

We love cute travel accessories. 😍

Stoney Clover bags are trendy and customizable, but we found tons of lookalikes with just as much style for less! Grab these must-haves!

What is Stoney Clover?

back of Jeep filled with pastel travel gear

If you’ve seen Stoney Clover Lane before, you know they offer tons of timeless and classic travel bags which can be customized to your heart’s desire. From colorful tie-dye letters to patches that express your unique style, the options are truly endless.

However, you’ll pay a high cost for these high styles and custom orders take up to two weeks to ship. On top of that, shipping is only free on orders of $250 or more. 😳 All the more reason to find a great look-a-like for less!

You’ll have just as much style to tote on your next trip with our Stoney Clover bag alternatives, but save plenty of money for all your souvenirs. 😉

1. I scored this “snacks” Stoney Clover pouch lookalike on Amazon for under $30 and the quality is even better than I expected.



Looking for a way to stash away snacks on the go? This super cute Stoney Clover look-a-like will save you well over $100 and will fit all the snacks you need! In fact, this exact style seems to be unmakable on Stoney Clover’s website since the letters are slightly too big for this pouch.

woman holding up clear bag with snacks patchwork on top

Considering it’s significantly less than an identical design at Stoney Clover, I wasn’t expecting much. However, I was wowed by the quality upon opening this under $30 bag and it has more than a generous amount of space making it the perfect travel or bag snack bag!

Head over to our Instagram to check out my unboxing of this Stoney Clover dupe!


On top of that, it even comes with an easy-to-carry handle on the zipper which Stoney Clovers doesn’t even come with! I can’t rave enough about these savings and the even cuter style! This Amazon find even comes in 11 different colors and styles from “glam” to “stuff”! 😍

2. Collin recently purchased this Stoney Clover makeup bag 4-pack for under $10 per lookalike.



Need a few gift ideas for your girlfriends? This pack of cosmetic bags will be the perfect idea to gift your girls before an upcoming vacation or bachelorette party. 🤩 Our Hip CEO, Collin, bought these and said the quality isn’t quite what she expected, but for under $10 each how could you pass up a $140 savings?! And that’s just for one bag and you’ll be getting FOUR! 😱

We picked a few more highly rated options if you wanted to shop around for a similar cosmetic bag on Amazon:

blue yellow pink and black stoney clover lookalike cosmetic bags on fur blanket

3. This two-piece set at Walmart is almost $300 less than a custom Stoney Clover tote. 



We love this cute “peace out” bag and pouch set from Walmart and although it looks like a Stoney Clover tote, you can’t even replicate it exactly since they don’t have a peace sign patch. Plus, you simply can’t beat the price considering just the tote bag alone at Stoney Clover will run you over $300. 😳 Walmart also still has a “road trip” design if you’re shopping around.

4. Grab this identical and customizable Stoney Clover bag alternative for over $100 less on Etsy.  

stock photo of pink stoney clover cosmetic bag with white and purple glam patches


You can spend a mere $40 or even less on this trendy Etsy find! It would make an awesome personalized bridesmaids gift or something special for yourself. Either way, I don’t think you can go wrong when you’re saving a whopping $100+ on one nylon pouch.

5. Save over $100 with this Etsy bag and you’ll receive it even faster. 



Even though this Etsy find is a custom order, you’ll still be able to have it delivered to your door in about a week or less for just an additional $5! With endless customizable options, you’ll have a super cute way to tote around all of your essentials and save well over $100!

6. Store your jewelry or other small essentials in this stylish mini Stoney Clover tote that’s over $100 less on Etsy.



You can score this Stoney Clover look-a-like for under 30 bucks and that’s including the addition of two adorable patches! Plus, you’ll feel like you’re designing an actual Stoney Clover bag with this shops 10 different color options, endless patches to choose from, and the patches are even sewn on.

7. Grab a pouch bag with no patches and still save about $50. 



blank pink cosmetic bag on white stock photo background

Planning to customize your Stoney Clover bag yourself? Choose from six different colors or scoop them all up for your future DIY projects. Either way, the Etsy look-a-like will save you over $50!

8. Save over $100 when you buy this pink toiletry bag on Amazon that also comes in 2 other color choices.



While you can’t customize this exact pouch bag at Stoney Clover, it sure costs a whole lot less and if I’m being totally honest, I love the Amazon find even more! Plus, for just slightly more, you can even have this cute style in white, purple, blue, or black!

9. Grab this stylish Stoney Clover luggage for less on Etsy.



We’ve found the perfect bag for all the ladies with kiddos. Even better, if you’re about to have your first kiddo, this lookalike would make a great hospital bag too! We love that this find even has the gold detailing and the patches are even slightly larger giving it a more modern appearance.

Check out this Stoney Clover Beach bag if you want a similar style for an upcoming trip:


Etsy Personalized Duffle Bag – $63.20+ (regularly $79)

Looking for some Stoney Clover luggage to suit a different purpose? We love this beach bag which comes in five different colors and can be personalized however you like! Even better, for just under $120 you can opt to have a 3-piece coordinating set! 👏🏻

10. Grab these nearly identical Stoney Clover patches and customize anything you already own!


If you’re looking to get crafty and love the varsity patch look Stoney clover has to offer, you’ll love this iron-on pack available on Amazon! With a few different color choices, you’ll have endless opportunities to design goodies for yourself or some friends. 😍 How cute is this sweatshirt idea?!

Check out the latest designer dupes we found for you.


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