Would You Buy All Your Home Essentials From The Same Place?

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If youve moved or started a new home anytime recently, be it your first apartment, a blossoming cohabitation, or the dream cabin youve finally remodelled as your weekend retreat, you know the struggle of furnishing it with the essentials. Suddenly, even the smallest of decisions seem to be a maddening existential crisis: Am I a Turkish towel person, or a fluffy white towel person?

Maybe thats why so many of us stick to a hodgepodge of items weve acquired over the years (charming, but motley), or start off living that minimalist life with a single towel or lone mug while endlessly researching the best, most affordable options to add in the future.

But imagine if a home essentials superhero knocked on your door and delivered the most refined, high-quality version of everything you needed to start your domestic blisswould you go for it? Enter Snowes Starter Home Bundle, a clean and simple 77-piece all-white collection that merges of all of the brands essential bundles: Eat, Drink, Sleep, and Bathe. Suddenly, youd have a generously set table for four, a complete bed, and fully stocked bathroom. And the best part? The full collection totally removes the paradox of choiceand will save you hours of scrolling for bath towels. (Turns out you were a fluffy white towel person all along.)

And even though the whole collections clocks in at $1,240, buying your basics in bulk is less expensive (10 percent less, to be exact ) than purchasing each item individually. And if you go big for the Complete Home Bundle, youll save 15 percent total, leaving you extra cash for hosting a party for four with your chic new kitchenware.

For the brands co-founder Rachel Cohen, the goal of bundling up is to make settling into a new space simple and effortlessnot a chore. Or as one five-star reviewer puts it, its a luxurious experience that cuts away the confusion of actually choosing. The only choice you really have to make is whether or not to place an orderand wed say its worth it.

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