Top 7 Tips for Your Cluttered Closet

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If youre like many people (even fairly organized people), your closet may be one of the most cluttered spaces in your home. Maybe all you need to do is schedule some time to get after it. Or maybe you have no idea how to whip your cluttered closet into shape.

The key to decluttering your closet is to remove items you no longer love or use and then implement solutions to maximize every inch of storage space. Here are 7 tips for dealing with cluttered closets that will help you declutter your closet once and for all.

Mount a Second Clothing Rod

One easy and inexpensive way to create more storage space is to add a second clothing rod below the first one. This makes better use of the space you have for hanging clothes. Consider hanging tops on the top rod and bottoms on the bottom rod.

Another idea is simply moving the current rod you have to be slightly higher in your closet. This creates more room for drawers and other storage options that will make it easier to optimize your closet space. In a childs closet, you might want to try both ideas. Use the higher rod to hang less frequently used items and set the lower rod to your childs height so that he or she can more easily remove and rehang items.

Add Wall Hooks

One closet storage solution thats often overlooked is to utilize wall space. Add hooks to hang items such as hats and purses or even tote bags that you can use to store lightweight things like bathing suits or scarves and gloves. You can purchase individual hooks or wall racks with multiple hooks for storing a variety of items. There are even hooks designed to hang cowboy hats!

Hooks are a great place to hang items that you access frequently such as your bath robe or a favorite jacket. And they free up valuable real estate in your closet for other items. This helps to keep your closet organized and makes it easier to navigate.

Use the Back of the Door

In addition to using wall space as storage space, you may be able to use the back of your closet door for storage. The most commonly used solution is a shoe bag or shoe rack that hangs over the top of the door. A shoe bag with clear storage pockets is a great solution for shoes, but can also be used to store belts and scarves even socks and underwear!

You can use adhesive hooks or an over-the-door rack with multiple hooks for hanging individual items for easy access. The back of the door may also be the perfect place to store purses with a special purse organizer.

Create Corner Storage

Your closet may offer corner storage at the back for bulky items or items you use less frequently such as special occasion shoes. By purchasing a small corner storage cabinet youll be able to clear up some shelf space without having to spend a fortune. Heres one on Amazon. Look for inexpensive options at your favorite big box store such as Walmart or Home Depot.

Move a Dresser into Your Closet

Once you make some space in your closet, you may find that you have room for a small dresser or chest of drawers. Theres a reason why professional closet organizers recommend drawer storage. It keeps all of your clothing in one place and gives your closet a neater, more streamlined look.

If you have a small dresser, try moving it into your closet. If not (or if yours is too large), measure your space and look for a dresser that will give you some additional storage space. You may find something at a local thrift store that is perfect as is, or just needs a little bit of sanding and some paint or stain.

Add Shelves Up Top

Most standard wall closets are built with one clothes rod and one shelf above that. Adding shelves above the existing shelf makes excellent use of all that wasted storage space that extends up to the ceiling. The new shelf space can be used to store items that dont require frequent access such as out-of-season clothing and long-term document storage.

Adding shelving may also help declutter your floor space, which is often wasted by bulky luggage. These can be a major contributor to unwanted clutter in your closet space. Freeing up some much-needed floor space opens up the possibility of adding other storage solutions as well.

Hire A Closet Design Professional

If youre finding your current closet system to be less than desirable, consider contacting a custom closet designer who can help to create a system that works for you. Take the time to do your research to find a closet designer who knows how to work with your space, no matter how big or small this space may be. Read reviews from customers and ask for a complimentary consultation.

Like these cluttered-closet-no-more tips? Let us know what you think and leave some feedback, including your own closet storage tips!

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