The Dappered Gift Guide for The Rugged Guy

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Tis the season.And by now youve probably been walloped over the head by 82,000 gift guides. So whats a few more? Instead of doing a highly generalized, throw-everything-against-the-digital-wall gift guide, well be breaking it up by category. Gifts for the guyswho suit up a lot. Or the wristwatch fanatic. Or the guywhos really into shoes. Etc. Well cover all those, and hopefully a few more in the coming days.

OKeeffes Working Hands Hand Cream $5.99

O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream on

Because this stuff is the real deal, while most other hand creams are pretenders. It works. Period. And if hes the type who has calluses and scraped up knuckles and split thumbs (the worst) in the winter, yet STILL knows how to look sharp, then thisll help him from bleeding all over the place when buttoning up his favorite crisp white dress shirt.

Goodfellow & Co. Moroccan Mint & Cedar Beard Balm $7.99

The Target Goodfellow & Co. Grooming Lineup |

More gunk in a jar, only this time, for your beard. While the hair on your face is different than the hair on top of your head, gently conditioning it every once in a while is a good idea. A little beard balm will help you avoid looking like your face has been covered in fur farmed from around a yetis private parts. Softens without greasing down. Smells good without being over powering. Cheap.

Plainsong by Kent Haruf $9.88

Plainsong by Kent Haruf on

Brilliantly written, high-plains small-town stories, that are tautly strung together like barbed wire between fence posts(too on the nose? Sorry, Im no good at reviewing books. Im not even any good at reviewing clothes! HEYY OOO BEAT YOU TO IT HATERS.) Good luck not getting emotionally invested in the characters. This book was so good that immediately after, I went on to read everything Kent Haruf has ever written.

The North Water by Ian McGuire $9.59

The North Water by Ian McGuire

While Plainsong will rip your heart out, The North Water will rip your guts out, throw them over the side, and make you harpoon whatever comes to the surface to feed on your innards.

Duluth Pack Canvas Coffee Sleeve $10

Duluth Pack Canvas Coffee Sleeve

Dappered HQ sits above a coffee shop/cafe. One of my favorite things is when Im down there, grabbing a bite, and some grizzled manly man walks in looking like he just hauled an elk he bagged (bow season, natch) off a mountainside and he orders a mocha with extra whip. And maybe a little extra chocolate syrup drilled over the top? Could you guys add half a shot of mint too?Gets me every time.

Opinel No8 Knife $15

Opinel No8 Knife on

All kinds of right & simple. So much so that it once was displayed along with a Rolex and a Porsche 911 in a museum exhibit titled: The 100 Most Beautiful Products in the World.Also incredibly useful. Stainless steel blade measures3.25. The locking collar (just spin it to keep the blade in place) is an extremely well designed, classic safety feature. Its a well made tool that looks great too.

Ex-officio Give N Go Briefs or Trunks $15 $20

Ex-officio Give N Go briefs or trunks on

Has underwear historically been seen as a terrible gift? Yes! Are these a terrible gift? Hell no! Theyre incredible, and theyre game changers. They breathe, wick, and have anti-stink properties. Youll never want to go back to cotton underwear ever again. Ive also tried the competition. The competition is fine. Im sticking with these. Ex-Officio underwear is also great for travelling. If you like to pack light? You should be able to pack just an extra pair (while wearing a pair out the door) and get by on the road. At the end of the day, wash the pair you wore that day in a sink/tub and hang them up to dry. Rotate with the other pair. Theyll be dry (and clean thanks to your scrubbing) by the time the next pair needs to be swapped out. For deals on these things, check Costco. They often have these for crazy cheap IF youre a member.

Best Made Co. Limited Edition Franklin Enamel Cups $24 $42

Best Made Co. Limited Edition Franklin Enamel Cups

You know how good whiskey tastes just THAT much better out of a really nice glass? Same goes for coffee, tea, or uh whiskey, when it comes to these things. Enamel wear is terrific, and its all but dead as a standard home good. Plus, these are also functional in an existential kind of way.

The Standard Memorandum Journal + Leather Cover $39

For the type of guy whos a do-er yet would never consider spending the end of a night with dear diary. The Standard Memorandum is a daily, year-long journal that makes the author get down to the brass tacks of the day. Theres limited space for each day, yet theres a space for each and every day. Just a sentence or two. Write down what happened. Or your thoughts about what didnt happen. Or how youre working towards what you wish would happen. Leather cover comes with free monogramming. Any good habit can lead to better habits. So start with this. Plus, stashing a completed, yearly journal in a safe place come early January produces a solid feeling of accomplishment too. Great for those without kids, or those with families who want toleave something behind that gives their kids a better idea as to who they were.

Leatherman FREE T2 $40

Leatherman FREE T2 on

I use this thing all the time. Opening packages, cutting apples, poppin bottles, and the mini screwdriver is what I actually use to resize my stainless steel watches that have screwed in pins. Everything you need for every day carry. Nothing you dont. One handed operation. Looks pretty good too.

Fisher Original Astronaut Space Pen $44.29

Fisher Original Astronaut Space Pen

Good enough for Astronauts, good enough for the guy on your list. Writes in the most extreme conditions, including zero gravity. Made in the USA. A hell of a lot cheaper than an Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch.

Bespoke Post Shetland Wool Sweater $45

Bespoke Post Shetland Wool Sweater

A cable knit, Shetland wool sweater for forty five bucks? Bravo Bespoke Post. This is part of their Cable box. So, its not technically a stand alone product. Four colors to pick from, but sizes are just about gone in everything but the green (shown) and blue. Sure its made in China, but the wool is real Shetland stuff from Scotland. And Im kinda digging that cable front, but plain sleeves and back.

Nordstrom 100% Cashmere Cap $52.15($69.50)

Nordstrom 100% Cashmere Cap

I dont care how rough and rugged a dude is. He could have been born with all of Tatooines sand in his craw, and still appreciate a cashmere cap. Soft and silky with none of the itch that comes with regular ol lambswool. On sale. Ships and returns for free too.

Made in the USA Ebbets Field Wool Ballcaps $49

Made in the USA Ebbets Field Wool Ballcaps

Tons of teams to pick from. Many (most?) that you havent ever heard of. Ill always be a Roy Hobbs fan. I dont trust anyone who doesnt get chills from this scene. You can have your green screen transformers universe annihilation PEW PEW PEW! movies. Ill take the slow trot to sparks flying/music crescendos myself. Somewhere along the line, the stories told in movies got so darn big that they now seem meaningless and small. At least to me. Im not smart enough to know why that happened. Also, nobody cares. Things change. Sidenote: Their wool NFL jerseys are expensive, but incredible.

AmazonBasics Duffle Bag $49.99

AmazonBasics Duffle Bag

Cotton & poly canvas with leather trim. Made by friggin Amazons AmazonBasics label. (They also make, oh I dont know, batteries! and staplers!) Uncle Jeffs internet emporium is quickly becomingACME from Looney Tunes. Its only a matter of time until Amazon starts making anvils. Guaranteed enough people search anvil on Amazon, as a joke, and the algorithms will pump out some data that someone (or some robot) in production will see as a sure-fire sign that WE MUST SELL ANVILS! I feel bad for the UPS mans spinal discs already. Lift with your legs fellas. Nice looking bag though.

Timex T49905 Black Brass Case Chrono $53.30

Timex T49905 Black Brass Case Chrono

A longtime favorite. This thing does NOT feel like a run of the mill Timex. No flimsiness. None. Brass case has a very, very solid feel to it. Dark shades of brown and cream, a black ion case, and a suede strap. 42mm case diameter so its not enormous, but it does have some heft to its overall weight.

Readywares Waxed Canvas Tool Bucket Organizer $54.99

Readywares Waxed Canvas Tool Bucket Organizer

Forget your boxes. Boxes require me to open the lid. And Im not nearly as organized as all those little rigid trays imply I should be. Just give me a damn bucket and one of these things. If anything goes wrong? Get the bucket.

Stanley 64 oz Growler Set $55

Stanley 64 oz Growler Set

I see you brought beer!
Its not beer.
Its not?
Ah. Well, nice of you to share at least.
Share what?

Sunski Treelines Premium Sunglasses $63.90($89)

Sunski Treelines Premium Sunglasses

BLEEPIN GLACIER SHIELDS MAN. Those side shields are magnetic, and come off easily. So, yknow, when hes not hiking up K2 he can take those shields off if hed like. Polarized too. Currently on sale at Huckberry, with an extra 10% off through today, 12/16.

FormFunctionFormWriteTime Wallet $82

FormFunctionFormWriteTime Wallet

Pen and paper > whatever note app youve got on your smart phone. And with this slim, lightweight, but still beefy and unbelievably good looking design, its always in your back (or front) pocket. Full review here.

Icebreaker Merino TABI Luxe Lite Long Sleeve Pocket Crew $84 ($120)

cebreaker Merino TABI Luxe Lite Long Sleeve Pocket Crew

Icebreaker merino stuff is terrific. Their TABI line is another step above. Its their Japanese-designed lifestyle line that balances performance w/ looking good. So, perfect. Just picked this thing up for myself, because treat yo self and all that. Hasnt arrived just yet, but a previous TABI long sleeve pocket crew, in size large, fits my 510 / 195 lb frame perfectly.

FormFunctionForm Spoor Key Fob $88

FormFunctionForm Spoor Key Fob

One more from FFF. Lots of options in one fob. Squirt PS4 Leatherman multi tool. Maratac split pea lighter. Horween leather wraps it all up into one, easy, portable little package.

Made in the USA Brass Embassy Pen $98

Made in the USA Brass Embassy Pen

A beast. And I cant imagine what sort of damage Martin Blank could have done with one of these instead of a lowly bic. Blue oil lamp not included. Sorry.

Proof Merino 72-Hour Henley $88.20 ($98)

Proof Merino 72-Hour Henley

Tell him the price after he wears it. Because $98 is a crazy splurge until you wear one, and compare them to cheap henleys. Merino wool is nice and breezy, yet it insulates when its cold out. Its strong but it breathes. It dries quick. And it has natural anti-stink properties. They call these things 72-hour because you can wear em for 3 days without washing, and not worry that you smell like a dumpster. Slim but not crazy tight fit. Snap henley placket. Four colors to pick from. Just enough nylon in the blend to make them machine washable (just lay flat to dry). Give me one or two of these, and you can have 20 cheap cotton henleys. They are that good. Also available in short sleeves for $74. Up for Huckberrys 10% off sitewide sale, which expires today, 12/16.

Mitchell Leather Co. Valet Trays $99

Mitchell Leather Co. Valet Trays

These types of guys seem to carry more than a few things on them every day. (Be prepared, right?) So, give em something that can help organize all that EDC once he dumps his pockets at the end of the day. Made in Milwaukee from high quality leathers. Stock is running real short, and last day to order is 12/19.

An Upgraded Version of his Favorite Booze (price varies)

Does he like Canadian Whiskey? Get him Crown XO. Does he like Irish? Get Jameson Gold Reserve. He a Bourbon guy? Get him something between his usual juice and Pappy (because the price of Pappy is laughably absurd). Anyway, you get the idea.

CitizenCanvas Band Eco Drive Chronograph $123.98

Citizen Canvas Band Eco Drive Chronograph |

Vintage military looks. Even the strap has metal grommets instead of cheap, punched out holes. Simple and intuitive. 42mm case.The build quality and the fact that its powered by light means it can be a maintenance free go-to for years and years and years to come.

Leatherhead Old Fashioned Leather Sporting Goods $130 $350

Leatherhead Old Fashioned Leather Sporting Goods

Sporrrrrts.These are the guys who make The Handsome Dan football. Whats his favorite sport? Cool. Get that ball. Extra points if you actually go out and use it with him every once in a while, instead of just letting it sit on a shelf. Although they are basically works of art. Shelf is good too. But yeah. Use it.The medicine balls are particularly rad. And pricey.

Filson Mackinaw Wool Vest $150

Filson Mackinaw Wool Vest

Vests are hugely underrated. For everything from chopping wood to walking a dog thats part mule (she was a stray that was food insecure for the first few years of her life, so if she sees anything resembling food on the ground, she goes for it), you want freedom of movement. And vests give you that. That, and if you start working up a bit of a sweat, your pits can breathe, while your core stays warm. Made in the USA.

Danner Vertigo 917 $180 $220

Danner Vertigo 917

Legitimately some of the most comfortable boots Ive ever owned. Theyre still boots. Theyve got some structure and a bit of toughness. But theyre not gonna weigh you down either. Oh my. Full grain leather uppers, waterproof & breathable, and the perfect blend of country durability and city-dwelling comfort. Do it all boots, now in that darker java colorway with the smart-as-hell green laces. Currently on sale at Amazon, but Ive never bought through that seller before? They arent even fulfilled by Amazon. So, know that. Also available at Huckberry.

Saddleback Toiletry Bag $189

Saddleback Toiletry Bag

Expensive? Yes. Best. Dopp Kit. Ever? Probably. Like everything else that Saddleback makes, it comes with a 100 year warranty. Love how its a big mouth style with a hinged top so youre not digging around in the depths of some dark, zippered dopp for whatever you need. Lets all the light in. Full review here.

Citizen Night Hawk $188

Citizen Night Hawk

Runs on light. Durable. Super useful. Great feel to it. Water resistant to 200 meters, and can take a beating. Sold and shipped by Amazon.

Made in the USA Red Wing 6 Moc Toe Boots $210($280)

Made in the USA Red Wing 6 Moc Toe Boots

I dont know how these are still on sale, but Im glad they are. Legends. Faithful foot-companions. Made in the USA of course. Goodyear welted. Concrete shade of aged leather has depth for days.

Filson Original Briefcase $210 $325

Filson Original Briefcase

Might as well have the best. Made in the USA from sturdy cotton canvas and bridle leather accents. Never gonna go out of style. Cant explain the huge price difference, but it just might depend on stock/the seller. Id check the thing over carefully upon arrival though if not ordering direct from Filson.

Flint & Tinder Flannel-Lined Wax Trucker Jacket $216 ($240)

Flint & Tinder Trucker

Made in the USA. Waxed canvas exterior with a blanket lined interior for warmth. Full review here. Another Huckberry pick (imagine that, it is the rugged guy gift guide after all) and thus, getting 10% off today.

Seiko 007 or 009 $235 $265

Seiko on

Get em while you still can, because Seiko seems to be retiring the tried and true, tough, great looking, 007 and 009 SKX watches.

Red Wing Weekender Chelsea Boots $216 ($240)

Red Wing Weekender Chelsea Boots

Absolutely love these things. Extremely comfortable but still made in the USA and tough as nails without the usual Red Wing clunk. True to size. A 10.5 D was just fine to start, and has molded to my feet perfectly over time.

French Natural Wool Workmans Jacket $268

French Natural Wool Workman's Jacket

A real throwback. Not cheap, but will go on sale from time to time (even though, well, were running out of time before the holiday).

James Brand Duval Front-Flipper Frame-Lock Knife $275

James Brand

HAHAHAH a $300 pocket knife? Are you serious? HAHAHAHAHA my god its gorgeous.

WP Standard Military Duffel $338.30($398)

WP Standard Military Duffel

Is your (or his) new years resolution to get into better shape? Heres a heck of a motivator. Because it makes for onehell of a gym bag, and if its your gym bag, you gotta go to the gym if you want to use it. Has that slightly unusual, but classic, top loading design. Great for getting your athletic gear to and from your chosen location to sweat buckets.

Allen Edmonds Higgins Mill Weatherproof Boot with Dainite Rubber Sole $345($445)

Allen Edmonds Higgins Mill Weatherproof Boot with Dainite Rubber Sole

Super versatile, made in the USA boots, that they somehow made BETTER this season by adding these grain leather weatherproof options. Studded Dainite rubber sole for traction.

Hamilton Automatic Field Watch $382

Hamilton Automatic Field Watch on

A watch he could wear almost every day for the rest of his life. Dependable and very well made. Sturdy feeling without being brick like on the wrist. Brown leaning tan strap pops next to that black dial. Terrific feel to the construction and finish.Also available in a 38mm size.

Allen Edmonds Weatherproof Dalton $395

Allen Edmonds Weatherproof Dalton

Surprisingly terrific leather. Youd think thered be some weirdness or stiffness of an odd coating or something since these are weatherproof. Nope. Quite the opposite. Super soft and pliable, right out of the box. Studded Dainite sole is standard. Full review here.

Alden Indy Boot $565


Made famous by Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones movies, theyre made in the USA from tough (but forgiving-on-the-foot) components. Theyre the essential all-around, not overly country, not city slicker either, adventure boot. Sizing can be a bit tricky though. Most suggest dropping down a half size for the last that the Indy is made around.

Saddleback Flight Briefcase $589

Saddleback Flight Briefcase

One of the best designs Saddleback has ever released. Absurdly useful. Perfect size for many of us. Gladstone style opening (just like the dopp kit) gives it a real vintage feel, but its also incredibly functional. 100 year warranty.

Nodus Duality Automatic $700

Nodus Duality Automatic

Assembled in the USA and running off Japanese automatic movements. Bubble domed sapphire glass. 40mm in diameter (so good for those that prefer more classically sized watches) with 20mm wide lugs and bracelet which tapers to 18mm at the clasp. Water resistance is 300 meters. Interior bezel (controlled by one of the crowns) comes in either a 60 minute diver option, or a 12 hour traveler option. They are something else. Bravo to the Nodus guys for another terrific watch.

Hamilton Murph Automatic $995

Hamilton Murph Automatic

For the adventurers. Those who appreciate science (and or science fiction). For fans of the movie Interstellar.Its a faithful recreation of the watch that appeared in the movie on the wrist of main character Murph. With the word Eureka printed in Morse code in lacquer on the seconds hand. Strength and Stardust. Thats what were after, and thats what were made of.More info on this watch can be found here.

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