The 10 Best Cases to Keep Your New iPhone 11 Protected

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If you’ve ordered a new Apple iPhone 11, 11 Pro, or 11 Pro Max, it’s advisable to make sure to outfit and accessorize the device with a protective case before you walk out the door. Yes, Apple claims their new Pro line of phones come equipped with the “toughest glass ever in a smartphone,” but considering the price of these devices, it’s better to play safe than sorry. Here are our current favorite designs for the newest iPhones designed to protect the latest from Apple from scratches, cracks, and dents.

Moment Thin and Bio Cases \\\ Starting at $16
The standard by which we measure iPhone photography add-ons, Moment’s new line of cases are – of course – made to work with their existing line of lenses. The upgrade here is the 1.5mm thick, fully compostable, plant-based TPU construction, adding a welcome bit of grip and protection. Those without the need for lens mounting can get the same bio-plastic protection for just $8.

Moshi Altra Case \\\ $45
A subtle asymmetric pattern gives the Altra a sophisticated layer of organic modernity missing from most fashionable (aka logo branded) cases. But the Altra represents substance over mere style, with a 100% non-toxic and BPA-free textured SGS drop-certified finish that’s easy to grip, water repellent, and also accessorized with a wrist strap for an extra bit of security.

Totallee \\\ Starting at $29
Offered in matte, transparent, and also genuine leather, Totallee’s claim to fame is their super lightweight cases manufactured to just 0.02″ thinness (0.06″ for leather) and weighing a mere 0.1 oz, all with nary any branding visible. The cases are a great option for those seeking a case that won’t get in the way of wireless charging, and ship with a 2-year replacement warranty in cases of damage.

Mous Contour \\\ $59.99
This one is not only an eye catcher, but the genuine leather black and white speckled designs adds a welcome bit of texture that feels like “coarse graphite”.

Casetify \\\ Starting at $40
Specializing in the bright, graphical, and expressive cases for all varieties of iPhone models, Casetify’s updated range now fits the latest iPhone 11 models with the same 2-layer polycarbonate construction with reinforced corners, rated to withstand 6.6 ft. drops.

Nomad Rugged \\\ $50
Unbranded simplicity is surprisingly a challenge to find in the realm of iPhone cases. Thank goodness for Nomad’s line of raw, vegetable tanned leather covered cases, sourced from one of America’s oldest tanneries – Horween Leather Co. of Chicago.

Peel \\\ $29
The new iPhone Pro models have improved battery life by 1-5 hours from previous generations, but they’ve gotten a little heavier due to their larger batteries. That means an almost-nothing, thin transparent case like ones offered by Peel are a godsend for minimalists who want to keep scratches from marring their device but don’t want to add any extra weight.

Alto \\\ $62
Available in both solids and 2-tone options, these Italian full grain leather cases with card holders impart grip and protection thanks to the three edge cladding across the case. The leather itself is just 0.5mm thick, thin enough to ensure wireless charging stays a viable option while keeping it on, and should develop a pleasant personalized patina over time.

Apple \\\ $49
Apple’s own Leather Case for any of the iPhone 11 models will undoubtedly prove top notch, as the specifications are matched exactly to fit and protect the device. We’re especially partial to the Forest Green case, a fetching match to the new 11 Pro’s Midnight Green finish.

Incase Nylon Accessory Organizer \\\ $50
Technically not a case, but included here to offer an option for those who like to live on the edge without a case or cover protecting their device. An Apple Store exclusive range of colors complements the new hues gracing the iPhone 11 models; the organizer offers plenty of room for chargers, cables, and other items, all protected by a durable flight nylon material exterior with a scratch-free faux-fur lined interior designed specifically to give the iPhone somewhere safe to be stored.
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