Sometimes it seems that no matter what we do we keep needing more and more storage space in our kitchens

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While a major cleanup can definitely reveal a bunch of unnecessary items that take up space in here, sometimes the problem is actually the lack of a proper storage and organization system. It might be time to do a little bit of redecorating and we have a ton of cool ideas that we can’t wait to share with you. Below you can find our top 25 choices when it comes to clever furniture pieces and accessories.

1. Slim Storage Cart

This slim storage cart is perfect for those little nooks between cabinets or between appliances, in case there are any in your kitchen. Instead of letting this small space go to waste you can put it to good use. The rack has a 3-tier structure and casters which allow you to easily pull it out and move it around. Easy-grip handles also make it very convenient to use this system. Each tier is a shelf which provides you with storage space for a variety of different things including bottles, cans and other supplies. The overall dimensions of the cart are 16.93″ L x 6.69″ W x 27.56″ H. 

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Slim Storage Cart
The 3-tier slim storage rack's 6.69in design can perfect way to utilize tight spaces in your home for storage

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2. Storage Cart Workstation

This is also a tiered storage and organization system, a bit more complex than the simple cart mentioned above. It’s made of thickened laminated wood with a waterproof glossy finish and it looks simple but still quite elegant. This is a 35.4” long x 15.7” wide and 32.7” high piece which can be used in a variety of different ways. You can turn it into a workstation, a microwave area, a storage system or an organizer for all the spices and various other supplies. 

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Storage Cart Workstation
Made of thickened laminated wood panel with high glossy finish

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3. Spice Rack Organizer With Cutlery chopsticks storage shelf

Small organizers that you can just place on the kitchen counter or the table can be really useful as well. This right here can be a perfect organizer for all your spices. It has a two-tier design, with a rectangular basket accessory on one side. Of course, while this would certainly make a nice spice rack, you can also use it in other ways such as a small cleaning station next to your kitchen sink for example.

countertop organization

Spice Rack Organizer With Cutlery chopsticks storage shelf
The 2-tier spice rack is designed with one rectangle basket, which you can put chopsticks, knife, fork and dry them easily

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4. Over The Door Hanging Pantry Organizer

This pocket organizer is a little something that you can add to your kitchen pantry or even your kitchen door if think it would fit well here. It’s an over-the-door sort of storage system with 15 pockets that you can fill with all sorts of things. The dimensions of the entire thing are 52″ H x 18″ W. Because the pockets are clear, this won’t stand out much and will fit in with any color scheme. There are 15 pockets in total and installation is super easy. 

smart space saving

Over The Door Hanging Pantry Organizer
15 clear pockets hanging pantry organizer

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5. Expandable Drawer Organizer

Drawers, as much as they are practical, are also annoying because they’re always messy. To prevent that from cluttering your kitchen you can use drawer organizers such as this one. It has several compartments of different shapes and sizes designed to keep your cutlery and kitchen utensils organized and always accessible when you need them. It looks beautiful thanks to its bamboo structure and it’s also water-resistant which is always useful in the kitchen.

eco friendly

Expandable Drawer Organizer
Also, in case you need more storage, this organizer expands.

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6. Sliding Cabinet Basket Organizer Drawer

You can either choose to keep this organizer on your kitchen counter where you can most easily access it at al times or you can choose to place it inside a cabinet as a way to organize the contents. This would also fit nicely in the kitchen pantry. The whole thing is sturdy and made of metal. It has a bronze finish which looks really nice and a bit industrial. There are two drawers which slide out and have perforated sides so you can see the contents.

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Sliding Cabinet Basket Organizer Drawer
The dimensions of this organizer are 14''L x 8'' W x 12.75'' H. 

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7. Deep Base Kitchen Cabinet Pull Out Wire Basket

Accessing the items stored inside the bottom kitchen cabinets is often tricky and difficult, especially when you need to reach something stored all the way in the back. To make it easier on yourself you can install slide out baskets/ organizers such as this one. In addition to making it easy to reach all the items, this also helps you better organize the items inside your kitchen cabinets. The system measures approximately 20” W x 22” D x 7” H and to install it to the bottom of a cabinet you only need 4 screws.

Extra space

Deep Base Kitchen Cabinet Pull Out Wire Basket
Ball-bearing slides extend fully so you can see and reach all the items you place in the basket

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8. Pull Out Bakeware Organizer

A sliding storage rack for all the cutting boards and trays is another very useful thing to have in the kitchen. You can install something like this at any time as an addition to your existing cabinets. The rack is made of steel with a chrome finish and has a very simple and practical design. It slides out so you can easily access the contents and it keeps all the trays, pans and boards neatly organized using dividers.

easy accesible

Pull Out Bakeware Organizer
Unequaled for organizing and accessing heavy, bulky cutting boards, tall trays, and oversized baking pans.

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9. Stainless Steel Corner Storage Shelf Organizer

Corner spaces often get overlooked and they’re actually not as useless and difficult to work with as you might think. Something as simple as this little corner organizer can make a big difference. You can place this on your kitchen counter and use it as an organizer and storage space for spices and other cooking essentials. There’s a larger shelf at the bottom measuring 19.5” L x 10” D x 9” H and a smaller one at the top measuring 13.5” L x 10” D x 6.5” H. They’re triangular in shape and made of brushed stainless steel. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Corner Storage Shelf Organizer
Assembly is easy with no tools required by screwing in legs to plates

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10. Over-The-Cabinet-Drawer Grid Trash Bin

Making the most of your kitchen cabinets is very smart and very practical and one clever thing you can do is hang extra baskets and storage racks on the inside of the cabinet doors. This is a very simple basket which you can turn into a storage space for plastic bags, gloves, sponges and all sorts of other things. Simply slide it over the cabinet door to install it. It measures 6.50″Depth X 10.25″Width X 15.00″Height and you can get it in two colors: white and satin nickel. 

Satin Nickel

Over-The-Cabinet-Drawer Grid Trash Bin
Neatly stores plastic grocery bags, or easily use as a trash bin when lined with a plastic bag

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11. Standing Rack with Wood Cutting Board

Adding extra storage to a kitchen can definitely be useful but naturally you wouldn’t want the added furniture or organizers to take up too much space or too look big and bulky. This system is a nice example because it’s very sleek and maintain an airy look around it while also being very practical and storage-efficient. This is a sort of station with open shelves for storing pots, pans and other things, a set of hooks and also a smaller shelf at the top and a worktop.


Standing Rack with Wood Cutting Board
Provides additional kitchen workspace and heavy duty storage

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12. Tea Bag Organizer

It’s also worth considering using some storage systems and organizers designed for specific things. For example, this is a tea stand with little pockets where you can place different types of tea bags. It’s a compact and cute system which you can fit inside any standard kitchen cabinet or also keep out in the open in case you want it to always be accessible. It’s made of plastic and it measures 8-9/16″ H x 10-13/16″ D x 4-7/8″, with 12 clear bins that are removable. 

ingenious idea

Tea Bag Organizer
Store and organize 100+ tea bags neatly in your kitchen cabinet

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13. Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar

Magnetic knife racks are also really great because they’re super practical and easy to use. They free up space in your drawers and kitchen utensil racks and they also provides you with a simple and safe way of organizing all the knives. This one is very strong and sturdy and has a simple and modern design with an elegant satin finish. It fits in any kitchen decor and it’s also very versatile as you can use it to store and organize not only knives but anything that’s ferromagnetic such as keys for example.

14. Grid Wall Mount Pot Rack

Pots and pans take up a lot of space in the kitchen and they’re also notoriously difficult and annoying when it comes to finding a practical storage solution for them. Keeping them in drawers or inside cabinets is not great but having them out in the open is not ideal either unless you find a way to make it look good. In that regard, you might enjoy using a rack such as this one. It has a simple design and 10 hanging hooks which you can move around in order to customize the system to suit your needs. It 24″L x 10″W x 15″H. 

Easy assembly

Grid Wall Mount Pot Rack
It comes with all needed accessories and a step by step instruction

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15. Expandable Cabinet Spice Rack Step Shelf Organizer

In case you’re looking for a nice way of organizing and displaying your spices, this could definitely look pretty. This is a 3-tier expandable spice rack with a very simple and versatile design. The expandable system allows the width to increase from 12.5” up 25” in case you need more storage space. There are three levels of storage in total in the form of shelves and this way everything on each level is always visible.

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Expandable Cabinet Spice Rack Step Shelf Organizer
Large + Medium Shelf used to be expandable and also separable use

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16. Tip-Out Front Sink Tray Set

Turning that little space right in front of the kitchen sink into a storage space is a really clever idea. This space is almost never used for anything because there’s very little room between the sink and the cabinet. Still, you might just have enough space to fit these trays. You can use them to store your extra sponges and other small cleaning supplies. It doesn’t really add a lot to the kitchen in the big scheme of things but it’s definitely a cool idea.

accessory tray

Tip-Out Front Sink Tray Set
Can be used in either kitchen or bathroom applications

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17. Round Hanging Fruit Baskets

Instead of filling your kitchen counter with bowls and other things, you can store items in a different way. For example, this is a hanging fruit basket. You can attach it to the underside of your wall-mounted kitchen cabinets or even from the ceiling. It has a 3-tier design and measures up to 31″h x 11″diameter. You can use to store and organizer all sorts of things including fruits, veggies and other groceries. 

Heavy Duty

Round Hanging Fruit Baskets
Beautiful and elegant design, customize the basket lengths as desired

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18. Ash Wood 12-Bottle Wine Rack


A good way to store and to organize all the bottles is with a wine rack. Something simple and functional is in order assuming that you don’t want this to take up a lot of space in your kitchen. This stylish wooden rack might be exactly what you need. It’s made of ash wood and can hold 12 bottles in total. It’s also compact enough to fit into the kitchen without obstructing the counter.


Ash Wood 12-Bottle Wine Rack
Allows rack to be built in many style configurations

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19. Adjustable Bakeware Rack Pan Organizer

In case you’re in need of a practical storage system for all your baking pans, cutting blocks and other similar things, check out this simple organizer. It has seven dividers which are adjustable so you can space them out however you want to. It measures 7.3″ x 11.5″ x 6.4″ and it’s also really easy to install. You can hide it inside your kitchen cabinet or keep on the counter. Either way, it’s really practical and convenient. 

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Adjustable Bakeware Rack Pan Organizer
Soft non-slip feet hold everything in place inside the cabinet and round pans stay centered in base

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20. Food Storage POP Container

A kitchen also need some proper storage containers for dry foods and other things. This is a really cool set specifically because these are airtight containers. They have buttons on their lids which you can push to create an airtight seal. Push again to release. It’s a very simple and intuitive system. Also, the containers look stylish which is always a nice touch. This set includes 10 containers of different shapes and sizes for storing common foods such as sugar, pasta, rice, coffee and others.

standard packing

Food Storage POP Container
These airtight, space saving storage containers keep your dry foods fresh and your pantry organized

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21. Stackable Can Rack Organizer

If you like to stock up on canned foods, you might want to get a sort of rack so you can easily and efficiently store and organize everything in your pantry. There are of course numerous different options but what we really like about this one in particular is that you can easily expand your can organizer by simply stacking more shelves on top of the ones that you already have. Each rack measures 18” L x 1” W x 14” H. 

Chrome Finish

Stackable Can Rack Organizer
Keeps your cans neatly arranged and easily visible so you always know what you have.

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22. Free-standing Rack Utility Storage Shelf

This is a multipurpose unit which you can add to pretty much any room of the house, including the kitchen. It can serve as a workstation or as a storage system for various different things, including small appliances. The dimensions of this unit are 35.5″L*15.75″W*52″H. There are several shelves, a slide-out metal basket and also the possibility to add hanging hooks on the sides for kitchen utensils, pans and other such items. 

standing storage

Free standing Rack Utility Storage Shelf
The sturdy top panel can hold a microwave oven and other kitchen appliances

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23. Airtight Food Storage Container Set

Now returning to the storage containers that we all use in our kitchens, here’s another nice set that provides practical storage for most essentials such as sugar, coffee, pasta, beans, cereal, snacks and so on. The set includes seven containers. They’re all clear so you can easily see the contents and they come with chalkboard labels so you can also personalize them if you want to.

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Airtight Food Storage Container Set
We have taken meticulous care to ensure that the containers you receive will last for years to come.

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24. Wall Broom-Holder

This storage system is not strictly related to the kitchen and so it could also fit into areas such as the bathroom, the pantry or the garage. Its role is to store and organize mops, brooms and other similar tools. Each handle fit into a slot which keeps it upright and secure. This rack can hols up to 11 tools which is usually more than enough. It’s a very simple system but it saves you lots of space plus it’s super convenient as well.

space saving

Wall Broom Holder
Compact sizing and clean design garage organization systems

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25. Expandable Under Sink Organizer

When shopping for kitchen storage modules and organizers it’s important to keep an open mind and also consider designs and products that are not necessarily meant as kitchen-specific products but could definitely work. We’ve already shown you quite a few examples so far but here’s one more. This is a 2-tier storage rack made of stainless steel and plastic. You can put inside your kitchen cabinet and use it to store pots, pans, dishes and other things but you can just as easily use it as a shoe rack. This sort of versatility is really cool and really inspiring.

Multifunctional Storage

Expandable Under Sink Organizer
Ideal for home space-saving and tidy organization for your kitchen

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