People Who Won Lifetime Supplies Of Something Are Sharing How Things Are Working Out For Them (69 Posts)

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Time to time, I imagine what it would be like to win a lifetime supply of things. I am probably not the only one.

Think of chocolate chip cookies, your favorite magazine subscription, lavender soap bars, super soft toilet paper, and even something random like paper clips. The idea that these things may come to you freely and openly for the rest of your existence is beyond exciting.

So in order to find out exactly what it feels like to win a lifetime supply of something, we looked at this recent Ask Reddit thread. People are not only sharing the supply they won, but also revealing how long it actually lasted, so we may put an end to the never-ending question of whether a lifetime really means forever.


I won the Cash 4 Life 1000$ a week lottery about 10 years ago. Every year I send them proof i'm still alive, and they send me a check for 52,000$ in the mail.

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I won free full body massages for life, which basically just translates to 2 massages a week. It was really good. I got addicted. I knew everyone who worked there and I got to experiment with all of them to see which were the best. Ended up fluctuating between 3 different staff towards the end. They would even train new staff on me for free because I spent so much time over there. Those training massages never cost me anything either or counted towards my 2 free massage a week limit.

When the place closed down I realized just how expensive massages were... I haven't had one in ages and I miss it so bad.

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When I was a kid, I won a lifetime supply of meat from a large butcher shop in my hometown. My dad put my name in one day and a few weeks later we get a call telling us we won a custom bbq pit, and a monthly supply of meat and supplies for life.

We got the pit a few days later and every month we’d get a foam ice chest of various beef cuts, sausages, and steaks, a couple dozen sodas, a bag of charcoal, lighter fluid, and a bag of whatever veggies they had around or something.

We were really poor at the time, so this was exactly something that could help the family out in enormous ways. My dad would have a bbq every weekend, sometimes several times a week. I remember sometime afterwards realizing that I hadn’t felt hunger in days or even weeks, and that was so unusual for me.

For years we continued to get the monthly supply. There was even one point where the amount of meat and sodas we got doubled. We were having a hard time keeping up, but that’s a good problem to have. I remember near the time I was going to high school we got notified that the butcher shop got bought out by a larger national chain and the parent company just wanted to cut us a check to end it all. We gladly accepted. The check was for like $10k or something like that. By that time, my parents had gone to school and got their degrees and got better paying jobs, so the free supply of food was just bonus.

Looking back, that win helped us out a lot when we were poor. I can imagine the savings my parents gained from not having to buy as much food which was scarce as it was. We became happier and a little fatter as well.

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When I was a kid 30 years ago, my dad said he'd won free pizza coupons (I think it was Dominos?), and he had a massive stack of these little business cards, each for a free large pizza. My dad said we had to be careful using them, though, so we would only use them occasionally, and I remember my dad sometimes making me order the pizza, and answer the door to get the free pizza, even though I was only like, 9.

Looking back, my dad worked for a commercial printing company and was not exactly an upstanding citizen. I'm pretty sure he didn't win those cards....

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As a consolation prize for losing on a tv game show I was given a popcorn popper, a little girl's bicycle and a life-time supply of Dinty-Moore Beef Stew. I gave the popcorn popper as a Christmas present and sold the bicycle. When the beef stew arrived it was one case of 12 cans. After trying the first can I realized that the other 11 would indeed last me a lifetime.

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My dad won a lifetime supply of cat food, but a) they delivered it all at once, and b) our cats didn’t like that flavour (of course)

We donated it all to a local animal shelter who were super pleased!

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My grandparents were gifted a lifetime subscription to Reader's Digest as a wedding gift. They were offered that, or some other magazine that went out of business a decade later so they made the right call. Being a frugal family, that subscription was utilized fully. After grandma & grandpa were done with each issue, it would be passed along to siblings and their kids with this little round robin thing they did (sharing photos and updates of what everyone was up to, passed along in a manilla envelope and when it came back to you, you remove your items and put new ones in). They had been together for 62 years when grandpa died, but RD honored the subscription an extra decade until Grandma passed. I forgot how much was paid for it, but I'm certain the gifter got their money's worth.

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I won a lifetime supply of cat food.

My cat died a week before the drawing, so they cut me a check for $2,000 instead.

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My father played a game on teletext back in the days and won a lifetime supply of some beer. However, they cheated him and only sent him a party keg.
My dad was a programmer, so he wrote a program which played for him cards on teletext. If the program was about to lose because of bad cards, it quit the channel and logged in again automatically again for the next run.

The program was playing day and night, and after some weeks, he had won several TV sets, video cameras, cruises, you name it.

Eventually, the organizer of the game locked my father out - which was illegal. So he sued the company which organized the game and reached an agreement: They paid him an amount of about 10k, and he never played again.

So instead of a lifetime supply of beer, he got a lot of stuff and this is why I, as a teenager, had my own video camera (Which, at this time, was so expensive that people had to lease them.)

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18 years ago we won a lifetime of vet visits for my cat. They expected to give it to someone with an old pet, not a new kitten. The cat’s still alive. The Vet Clinic has moved and rebranded 4 or 5 times, but they’re still honouring the award.

Edit: lifetime of routine checkups. Treatments and operations still had to be covered by us

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At the Big 12 championships in I believe 2007, Chik-Fil-A sponsored a giveaway for a “lifetime supply” of chicken sandwiches under 12 seats in the Alamodome in San Antonio. I was lucky enough to sit in one of those seats, and the prize included a folder with 52 coupons for a free chicken sandwich meal. So less lifetime supply, and more of a “once a week for a year” supply, but I really wasn’t about to complain about the technicality. 52 free sandwich combos was still worth about 400 bucks at the time, I still consider it one of my luckiest moments, and at 14 years old it was pretty mind-blowing!

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I won free chocolate for life from our local manufacturer. It is a maximum of 14kg per year, which essentially means I get a bar of chocolate per day. And yes I get to choose the flavour.

This has been this way for 20 years now.

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I clicked on one of those ads in the old internet circa 2000 and filled out a survey during computer class in the 6th grade. Now every month since then I receive 31 snack sized Cheetos bags in a box straight from frito-lay. I got two week suspension for clicking it. Worth it, f**k authority.

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At age 14 I won a lifetime subscription to Rolling Stone magazine in a radio contest. That was 1993. The latest edition arrived just last week. That magazine has followed me through high school, college, marriage, divorce, the birth of my kid, and all through the present day. From Britney to Cardi B.

I sometimes wonder which will last longer: me or Rolling Stone?

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My parents did twice in a relatively short period of time. The first was at fair when I was in high school. They advertised it as a lifetime supply of ice cream sandwiches. They ended up giving us 100 boxes all at once. Right there on a warm July day. My mom was only able to collect at the end of the day so there wasn't even that many people to hand them out to. We got home and had about 60 left after giving away as much as possible and throwing out what didn't fit in our freezer. I played lots of sports so I ate a lot and my parents just said I could eat as much as I wanted any time I wanted. I went through 60 boxes in couple months. That was a good time but not so good for my weight.

The second was when they bought an expensive microwave about a year later and won a 5 year supply of microwave popcorn. Basically the same thing happened. We got huge box with like 200 packages and I was told to eat as much as I wanted. After living in a house that smelled like popcorn for a few weeks by parents just threw the rest in the garbage.

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Late to the party here but when I was a little kid, my family and I happened to move to a new city, and the first or second night there we decided to try a new Chinese restaurant nearby. We didn’t realize it was the inaugural evening, but there weren’t very many costumers.

Yet the owner of the table waited on us himself and he was very sweet and friendly. Had just immigrated from China recently. He gave my family a free voucher to eat there for free for life since we were one of the few people actually to show up at all that night. (I remember it was a big golden ticket like W***y Wonka.)

Sadly, the restaurant closed within a year. I always wonder how he’s doing. My family was very poor back then and we would go there every month, which felt special. I’m sure it wasn’t the greatest Chinese food in the world, but I still remember how the Orange Chicken tasted.

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My Uncle gets free Ben & Jerrys for life. He's been Friends with the actual Ben and Jerry since before they opened the first shop. He has a card that says free ice cream for life and he can get pints or cones at any scoop shop (at least locally). He also gets decks of free pint coupons that he can use at grocery stores and gas stations. When Unilever bought them out they tired to buy back all the "free Ice Cream for life cards" I guess it was a fairly generous offer because my uncle is one of only a few that chose to keep the card.

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I had a "lifetime" gym membership that ended after 2 years. I thought it meant my lifetime not theirs...

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I won free groceries for "life" at my local grocery store in a raffle. They give me a digital $100 gift card once a month, which is wonderful, however it doesn't even cover a week of groceries.

It will end when the total given has reached $10,000. I've got about $4000 left.

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Won a lifetime supply of monster energy drinks, they eventually stopped answering my calls and blocked me after months of saying 'they should be shipped out soon'. Never even got 1 drink.

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I won a lifetime of free oil changes for my car. It was during a sale the dealership was having where you had to take a photo with your pet and the person who most resembled their pet won. I don't know if I should feel happy or concerned about that one. What they did fail to mention is that it was lifetime oil changes for the vehicle I had and I couldn't transfer it to anyone else. So when my dad took over my car loan they dropped that little tidbit of info on us. Only really lasted me for about two oil changes.

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Ryanair (a European budget airline) awarded its millionth passenger "free flights for life". After nine years, they reneged on the deal so she took them to court. The Judge awarded her €60,000 to buy her own flights (Her legal costs were more than 3 times that, but Ryanair had to pay those as well).

Given the relatively low cost of Ryanair flights, €60,000 probably buys her at least 6 flights a year for the next 50 years.


I won a “lifetime” supply of donuts (up to a dozen per day) at a local bakery, and it lasted 2 years until the original owner died and his a*****e son took over the business


This happened in the late '90s. A local bar ran a wet t-shirt contest where the girl who won would win a lifetime of free bar drinks at the bar. They also had cash prizes for 2nd and 3rd place. I don't remember how much, but it was a lot at the time.

The result was a packed bar, tons of girls entered, and tons of guys spent money. My friend's girlfriend at the time now his wife won first place. She was stoked. He was excited. Within a couple of weeks, the building was condemned and torn down.

Turns out the owners of the bar knew that the building was going to be condemned and just wanted to have one last party.

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Won a lifetime supply of mini chocolate milk cartons during a milk day at school lol (if you opened a carton of milk and it mooed at you, you had to call the number on it and report that you have mooing milk). That was in 2007. I’m still getting milk shipped to me lol my fiancé drinks it because I’ve grown to hate milk

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Before I was born, my father won a lifetime supply of free Schick disposable razors. Growing up, I saw them all the time, and even now, 30+ years later, he still has a full box of them in the garage. Unfortunately, the quality of the razors is pretty terrible, and my father has always had trouble with nicks and cuts. I've tried to introduce him to better razors like ones that feature a better cartridge but he's too stubborn to make the switch.


Down on the eastern shore of Maryland there was a legendary food place called Tubbys. It was totally stoners paradise. Free cheese curls at 4:20 type of place. Well an old hippy dude in line behind me asked if I knew what band was playing on the speakers. I said “Grateful Dead my guy” so he takes me over to the counter, gets a piece of paper and wrote “Free food for DingoDanAmiibo and the gang” and signed it. Turns out he was the owner. It was the best like 2 years ever until they closed.

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I bought a lifetime subscription to Rolling Stone magazine for my husband for $99. I think the fine print said up to 60 years or something like that. It has been 15 years and still getting them.


I don't know if this counts a 'winning', but a few years ago I was on vacation at one of those all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean and a few nights in I ended up sitting next to this guy named Ryan at a hibachi table at the Japan-themed restaurant at the resort. He was 40-50, white, so of course we ended up talking pretty extensively about lawn care. I wouldn't say we became friends or anything, but we were friendly at each other a few other times as we happened to see each other, he seemed like a pretty nice guy.

A day before I was going to leave one of the hotel staff dropped off an envelope at my room. It just had my first name on the outside, and on the inside was a piece of the note paper that comes with each hotel room, essentially just saying "Enjoy", along with a small coupon. It's a manufacturer's coupon for Pepsi, good for "(1) Any Pepsi Co. Product". It looks like a coupon you might get in the mail for reporting a problem, like [this](, but the expiration date is in 2319, the terms are all lorem ipsum placeholder text, and it has some bold red text on each corner saying "TEST COUPON DO NOT DISTRIBUTE".

Ryan mentioned he worked in 'sales' for Pepsi, though I have no idea what exactly he did. I can scan the coupon at any retailer, and sure enough get a single Pepsi product for free. Though, it has to be actually labeled Pepsi, it doesn't work on Mtn Dew even though it's technically owned by Pepsi. Cans, bottles, I can get it all.

I go through a 12 pack of diet pepsi every few weeks, and have successfully used the coupon dozens of times now.


I didn't 'Win" persay, but new hire at a chain coffee shop gave me 3 million reward points rather than the 300 I was supposed to get for buying $300 worth of gift cards (Christmas gifts for mail man, amazon drivers etc). I tried to get the kid to fix it but he said don't worry about it. Still getting free drinks and pastries as often as I want and haven't even dinted that number.


In high school I called in to a radio contest and was the x caller to call in (maybe the 105th?) to answer a trivia question. I answered it right and got a lifetime supply of ice cream, which turned out to be a monthly coupon for a gallon.

It continued throughout high school, and then when I went away for college my parents didn’t keep up with it. That was ….so long ago. I’m 50 now.

It was really fun and exciting at the time though! I almost wrote my college application essay about it, but my school counselor gently guided me in a better direction.

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I won a lifetime supply of printer paper from a Canadian retailer based on an internet contest witb the purchase of a Konica Minolta.

I won, and I realized quickly that I don't need that much paper. They were sending me two reams a month. I moved, and never updated my shipping address, so someone out there is getting free paper.

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I won a lifetime supply of Oreos. It was actually just one pallet full of Oreos. Probably would last a normal person their whole life. It was like 1000lbs of Oreos.

I gave away so many Oreos! Having a party ? I'll bring a bunch of Oreos. Break room needs snacks? Oreos. I ended up donating like 400lbs of Oreos to a shelter, just to get them out of my garage.

Just for kicks I called to inquire if lifetime meant my lifetime, and that I had finished off the pallet. They said the pallet would last a reasonable person their whole life. So... That was a bummer. But I think that's typically how those things work.

Edit: To those saying to sue for more, the full pallet taking up garage space was more of a burden than the benefit of always having Oreos. I don't need it again.

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Finally my time to shine!

I won the Nickelodeon Super Slinky Star Trek Saturday contest as a kid. Remember those TV phone in contests in the 80s? Yeah, one of those. It involved answering trivia questions about the animated ST series on a call in number during this all day Star Trek animated view fest. I was 9 or 10 years old. I won the grand prize, a lifetime supply of slinkies.

Yes, a lifetime supply. Of Slinkies!!!

Weeks later, my shipment of Slinky toys arrived. It was a white plastic Nickelodeon branded spring, a classic metal one inside that, and a mini plastic one inside that.

3 Slinkies. In a retail Slinky box. That's was it. Not the billions I expected to see on my front step. Three. A trio of springs.

I still actually have one of them, about 35 years later. The branded white one has survived all these years. It's in my garage just chilling. So, I guess it has been a lifetime supply so far.

I could do with a top up.

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Back in 1977 when I was 13 years old, I won a contest for a lifetime supply of models from Revell. A semi truck pulled up to our house in a very quiet suburban neighborhood and proceeded to unload 4 pallets of plastic models in the driveway. There were hundreds of models; probably one of everything they offered in their catalog at the time.

I kept about 2 dozen which kept me busy for a year or so. My father helped by finding a local retail hobby store to buy the rest of them at a very favorable price so we could just get rid of them. He put the money into US Savings Bonds for me which I cashed out many years later to use for a down payment on my first new car.


My brother won “lifetime supply of French fries” from a local Burger King franchise in the late 90s. He got a card and the rules were ‘two free large fries each week for 25 years’ and then none transferable. Not sure how they tracked it, but he went constantly, moved away for 10 years and then moved back. They still honored the card when he went back after spending 10 minutes discussing it with the manager.

I think it actually expires this year. I’ll have to check.

EDIT: it expires May 31 of this year.

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My stepdad won a lifetime supply of WD-40 in the 1990’s. They sent him 4) 16 oz cans. He died in 2019, my mom still has 2 cans.

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Not me but a couple years ago my friend won Cedar Points (amusement park) Halloween costume contest and received a life long annual pass. It’s a special gold colored pass and comes with of a bunch of other perks. I am very jealous.


I had a roommate who won a lifetime supply of taco bell. He had this card that got $10 a day every day. Back then, $10 in taco bell went a long way and he was a starving student, so he ate at taco bell every day for years. He knew every single thing on the menu. He also was happy to loan it out to people. It was actually a really good deal.

I also got a coupon for $5 large pizza from pappa johns when I moved into the dorms. Every week, I would order, give a good tip, and not give them the coupon. Win/Win. I loved that stuff; I still have a thing for cheap papa johns pizza. But all good things end - I let my stupid a*s little brother visit one time and he gave the coupon to the driver. And that's how I became an only child.


My brother won a lifetime supply of those little packets of breadsticks you dip in cheese, like Dippers but some ghetto offbrand (Cowdips or something?). It was a huge box of hundreds of them, we finished them off within a month.


I won a lifetime supply of car washes. It was for the average life of a car, which it was calculated to be 10 years. 1 car wash per month, thus, 120 car washes in total.


Lifetime supply of M&M candies. They sent 52 bags all at once.


Not me but my Grandpa won a lifetime supply of Altoids back in the early 2000's. They sent him a box with like 200 tins in it and that was it. I remember when we went to his house, he gave me like a dozen of them.

Also, when the Moe's opened up near me a couple years back, my brother staked out overnight with some friends because the first 100 customers got a years supply of burritos. They gave him a card that could be used for one free burrito a day for a year. I think he went like every day for 3 weeks straight and hasn't gone back since lol.


My mum won a "Lifetime" supply of Surf. The Washing Powder.

Basically we got 72 8KG Boxes all at once on a pallet from some kind of raffle competition. Ended up selling 60 boxes for about £10 each to corner shops and splitting the rest with some family. She didn't have enough room and didn't even remember entering the competiton itself.

There was also a bunch of Washing Liquids and s**t from the rest of their range, one of each type too.


I won a year supply of Pepperidge farm Milanos when I was in college. My bf and I ate them all in like 3 months. 3 glorious months.


I won a years worth of Tombstone pizza from a Coca-Cola bottle cap thing as a kid. They sent 52 coupons to use at the grocery store for a free pizza.


When I was a kid I won a contest online which included a “lifetime” supply of Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape. I don’t remember the exact amount, but I think it was about a dozen boxes of gum. They also sent me a small boom box and hockey jersey with the Hubba Bubba logo on it.

I got sick of it pretty quickly and it had a shelf life. A friend and I wound up using it all for a school project where we had to make a model of the town from the book The Outsiders. We made the entire model out of gum and it was disgusting. Our jaws got sore from chewing all the gum so we wound up dipping it in water instead. Our teacher docked us points for “creativity.” 20 years later and I’m still pretty mad about that…


I got free multi-room DVR and HBO for life from my cable company.

Little did i know that any little change including replacing an 8 year old broken router would remove it from my account and make it “impossible” to add back. F**k Time Warner and their f****d up businesses practices.


My mother bought a Toyota Yaris years ago and the dealership was running a ‘Tires for Life’ promotion. She gets free tires whenever she needs them, but she has to do all of her maintenance work at the dealership, and the deal won’t transfer if she sells the title. The dealership didn’t run the promo for long, and she was told recently she’s the only participant left from the promotion.


I won a lifetime supply of fruit roll ups when i was a kid. One of those chance to win because of the print on the inside of the box. It was gone within a year, partly because my parents gave away about half of it. By the time i saw the delivery, it was down to 6 large master cartons with multiple retail boxes inside. It was too long ago to remember how much was in there total.


When I bought my bicycle, the shop policy was that any new bike purchased included free tune-ups for life.

Personally, I thought this was a great business move, because it got me back in the store regularly to redeem my tune-ups, kept my bike running smoothly which kept me as an active cyclist (active cyclist = active customer), and I also would regularly buy parts/service beyond the tune-up when I was there. Which I was happy to do since I had a good relationship with the shop through this free tune-up deal.

When the shop changed owners, they discontinued the tune-ups, even for people like me who had purchased their bike under these terms. I don't go there anymore.


My parents won a lifetime supply of toiletries. Soap, toilet tissue, and some other stuff. Once per quarter, you mail in the coupon and they send you another quarters worth of stuff.

It’s all institutional grade. Like what you’d expect prisoners to use.


One free movie rental from blockbuster every week. And well ya know…


I won a life time supply of AA and AAA batteries from a major Canadian tech retailer about 20 years ago. Thing is, batteries last a long time and there really isn't that much that I use batteries for. Hypothetically I could start a black market battery business by just getting my free batteries and selling them to people in need, but it's just not worth the time.

Even getting the batteries isn't worth the time. I have to get them to type in my name in their system and there's a note by my name indicated that I get free batteries because I won a contest 20 years ago. And then they run and get their manager to look at it, because that looks suspicious. And then the manager looks at it and then asks me questions and then they finally relent and give me my free batteries.


I know someone who won a free gas for life contest many years ago. They get a $100 giftcard every month.


I had a friend in college who won a lifetime supply of gillette razors. They just sent him a crate of Mach 3 razors and refill cartridges and that was that. It was just a one time shipment but it would be hard to get through that many razors in one lifetime.


My mom almost ate the white m&m that they promoted like 25 years ago - if you find it, send it in, you get a lifetime supply of m&ms.

They sent us a voucher pack, that almost no store would take, but still managed to make it though the lifetime supply in about 1 month (granted there was 8 siblings).

Prob for the best tho.


I won a years worth of coffee at Dunkin Donuts. They gave me a coupon book with 4 coupons per month for 12 months.


My partner won a years worth of Vans shoes, they sent him 4x 99% off vouchers.


Lifetime free oil changes when I bought my car. When they sold the dealership the new owners didn't honour that.


I was given a lifetime "premier" membership to Bally's fitness clubs in 1993'ish'. My boss purchased it in the 1980's for several thousand dollars, and transferred it to me as a bonus. So not technically "winning"?

They honored the membership until roughly 2001? Then they started charging me annual dues again.


My mother won a drawing for Scott paper products. It was in the 70's so I can't remember if it was supposed to be a year's worth or a lifetime supply. We got two giant flats of tissues and paper towels and toilet paper and maybe some other stuff. It really did last a very long time. It was funny going down to the basement to get a box of tissues from a virtual mountain of boxes.

She was a very lucky person and used to win stuff all the time. Door prizes, party stuff, whatever she entered a drawing for, she was a lot more likely than you would expect to win. Too bad she never bought lottery tickets because it was gambling and therefore sinful. LOL


I won a lifetime supply of cheerwine (local cherry soda) from a kids tv channel when I was 11, they brought 2 pallets of soda and unloaded it in my parents garage and it we still had some in the garage when we were moving out


My brother has a lifetime Spotify subscription. It’s £9.99 here pm so I’m jealous


My mom and dad won a lifetime supply of Kool Whip in 1968 on "Let's make a Deal"

I was only 4 at the time so I somehow thought that Kool Whip (and Tootsie Rolls, for another reason) were just free and plentiful. I am not sure how long it actually lasted. I think we just got tired of it.

Addendum: Around the same time as the "Let's Make a Deal" windfall (where my parents also won a car), my dad noticed a truck he was following had smoke coming out the back. He flagged the driver down and helped him put out a small fire smoldering in his cargo, which turned out to be a truckload of Tootsie rolls. The driver gave my dad all the fire damaged cases, which resulted in us having basically an endless supply. Hence the reason I thought both Tootsie Rolls and Kool Whip were like water when I was a kid.



I won a brand new car with a free lottery ticket.

It was only for 10.000km or 1 year Had to drive with massive ad on the car, like diamond-patterned pink and purple.

Gas was free tho ??

“Gave” it to my now wife, cos it was way out of my comfortzone

Car was a 2020 Citroën C3 (cactus edition?)


When I was in high school, my teacher won a lifetime supply of DNL it was a 7up flavor back in the early 2000s it amounted to like ten cases of soda


Not necessarily won but I bought a lifetime membership at one of my favorite nightclubs/concert venues early in the pandemic. They released a limited amount as a Covid fundraiser and they went fast and will likely never do something like it again so it feels a bit like I won. Came with free entry +1, coat check, and two drink tickets at every event at the venue (even sold out ones) for life.

Several (edit: a couple) years out I’ve gotten more value than the cost, I’m still on the list for every event, and most of the staff there know me (partly cuz I’m there a lot and also cuz I tip well on those drink tickets). I’ll often just drop by for random events/artists I’d never heard of or dip in for a half hour at a sold out event with a $50+ door cover just to say hello to some friends.

I imagine someday the venue will close up shop and my lifetime membership will close with it.


Lifetime subscription to Sirius, then the Merge to XM was included (SiriusXM)

/Never have to pay a bill

//still not worth it, but it's free!

EDIT: It started in 2004 and I transfer it to every car that can handle it.

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