Organize Your Hallway Coat Closet Like a Pro

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Do you often find yourself asking your guests to just throw their coat in the spare bedroom? A poorly organized entryway coat closet can be the bane of any host, but it doesnt have to haunt you. Here are some tips for effectively organizing your hallway coat closet.

Add Some Shelves

Adding shelves at the top of your hallway coat closet is an easy way to keep things from accumulating on the ground. Often, people decide to keep things accessible within their hallway closet, and that leads to people piling things at the bottom of it. Dont want to have to reach up? There are pullout shelves and wardrobe lifts that offer accessibility.

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Consider Alternative Hanging Methods

Thin, space-saving hangers can create additional space and keep items off the floor. Alternatively, multiple hooks or slideout racks are perfect for smaller items like keys, scarves, ties, or hats. These take advantage of wall space and are perfect for compact closets.

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Add More Hanging Rods

Does your closet fill up with jackets and sweaters? Add more hanging space with multi-level hanging areas. Shorter hanging rods at multiple heights is often more efficient in a small entryway closet. Find a closet solution that maximizes your space to create space for the jackets and sweaters in your home.

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Use Over-The-Door Options

Scarves, umbrellas, hats: they all tend to go into a hallway coat closet. But if you dont have a place for them, it will get cluttered. Over-the-door racks can help use up storage space for smaller objects.

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Build Storage Throughout Your Home

Putting items in another part of your home could make sense to help streamline your chores and tasks. If you store random things into your hall close, this could be a sign that you dont have enough storage in other areas of your home. Consider building out a mudroom organizer or make better use of closets throughout your home. Additional shelving and built-in storage options will help you minimize the load on your hall closet.

Talk With An Expert

A hallway coat closet doesnt have a lot of space, but you have plenty of options to Make Room for Life. If you want more information about developing your coat closet, contact the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts here in Scottsdale, AZ. Our team of specialists is ready to help!

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