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Want some DIY home projects ideas to make this year? I’ve got just the list for you!

Reinvent Your House with these DIY Home Project and Decor Ideas

DIY home projects ideas aren’t as intimidating as you’d think they are and I’ve got this round up to prove it! Below are a number of things you can do, ranging from small crafts to total room makeover. Did I mention that I’ve organized the projects by room to make it easier for you too? Don't forget to bookmark this page for future use!


Bedroom DIY Projects

14 Platform Bed Ideas

One of the beauties of platform beds is how you can customize them according to the height you want. There are loads of styles available — even ones that allow for extra storage. Check out this article for a range of DIY platform beds you can choose from.

35 Ways To Transform Your Old Furniture

Who knew making such a chic looking headboard would be this easy? This only means one thing, it's time to make your old furniture look brand new with these projects.

21 DIY Secret Hiding Places

Need a new place to hide your diary and your embarrassing photos? Look no further. I’ve got a list of secret hiding places you can DIY for your room.

15 Dream Catcher Tutorials

Make a fabulous room accent this weekend with the help of some dream catcher tutorials! Legend has it that dream catchers help ensure you're blessed with a good dream as you sleep. I'll let you be the judge of this one!

25 Wall Decor Ideas

Drink wine like nobody’s business? Collect your leftover corks and turn them into a work of art! Here are more wall decor ideas for your room.

15 Teen Girl Room Ideas for Disney Fans

Little touches of Disney will make any room feel more magical! Pick a fairy tale and look at what you can DIY. Here are our room ideas for Disney fans.

7 Tumblr Ideas

There's no need to be envious of all the cute bedrooms you see on Tumblr and Pinterest. These DIY Tumblr ideas are easy to do and they make any room look Instagram worthy in an instant. It won't be long until you're making your very own room tour video to show off your crafts.

DIY Mirrored Dresser

A mirrored dresser is trendy, functional, and adds a lot of fun to a room. A word of caution, make sure to use gloves and be careful when handling the broken glass. You wouldn't want to cut yourself with this DIY project!

12 Room Without Windows Decor Ideas

Prevent stuffiness by hanging these plants inside the room. Not only will you improve your green thumb and have something pretty to look at, but you'll also get fresh oxygen produced by the plants. Win win!

12 Simple DIY Room Upgrades

Sometimes even the smallest DIY upgrades can make a big difference in the look and feel of the room. Case in point are these drawer pulls. These ones are made out of leather but if you'd like, you can choose to use your favorite fabric as well.


Living Room Projects For Your Home

13 DIY Wood Log Projects

Add a rustic feel to your living room with these candle holders. You can opt to use them as a centerpiece or place them in different areas of your home. I can already imagine how cozy and relaxing the ambiance will be when all the tea lights are lit up.

9 DIY Ottoman Projects

An ottoman is a great way to add extra storage space without anybody noticing. Want to make your own this month? Here are some DIY ottoman projects to choose from!

21 Geometric Furniture Ideas

Don’t these stacked shelves look absolutely chic? The best part about DIYing this project is you’re in charge of the shapes you want to create and build.

10 Crate and Barrel Hacks

Love Crate and Barrel but not comfortable shelling out too much cash? Try these Crate and Barrel hacks that will give you more bang for your buck!

11 DIY Coffee Table

This dual purpose coffee table both acts as a table and as a storage compartment. The best part is, it's a DIY project waiting to happen — perfect for the times when you don't have much money to burn.

15 Dollar Store Crafts

These dollar store crafts are addicting! It's such a joy and a comfort knowing most of the items needed for a DIY project can be found in a dollar store haul. It's DIY made even cheaper!

32 Home Depot Hacks

Who says you need to fork over loads of dollar bills to have a unique chandelier everyone will be talking about? This mason jar chandelier will cost you a fraction of the price and will only take you on a trip to home depot.



17 DIY Storage Ideas

Put your extra mason jars to good use! They're excellent as containers for cotton balls, makeup brushes, and even your toothbrush. Here are a couple more DIY storage ideas just for you!

9 Bathroom Tile Ideas for Less

Sometimes a quick change of tiles is what can turn a bathroom from drab to fab. Here are our bathroom tile ideas for less!

Repurpose Your Glass Bottle into a Soap Dispenser

Bring a little extra character to your bathroom with this recycled glass bottle. Your choice of bottle will speak loads about you!

This owl basket was such a hoot to make! ????

17 Crochet Patterns for Beginners:

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22 Bathroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Repurpose baskets to help store extra towels and toilet paper. Want more upcycling projects? Check out this article of bathroom decorating ideas on a budget!

12 Awesome DIY Room Projects

Ever wanted your bathroom to look and feel like the ones at high end spas? Well then, I've got just the thing for you! This smooth stone mat looks so chic, you wouldn't think this was an easy DIY project! By the way, if you place this near your front door, you can take off your shoes and let them rest on the mat. That way, you won't have to worry about dirt spreading all over the house. Trust me, it will make such a big difference!


Kitchen DIY Projects

How to Build a Pantry Shelf

A tight kitchen space shouldn’t stop you from having a pantry of your own! I've figured out a way to make a pull out pantry shelf that will fit even the tightest corners. It might have taken some elbow grease but the extra storage space was well worth it.

DIY Painted Utensils

If you’ve got a knack for color, then this DIY should be right up your alley. You can even go the extra mile by painting on a different colored stripe for each utensil. Raring to get started? Here’s a guide to making your own painted utensils.

9 DIY Kitchen Ideas

Put your favorite kitchen pieces on display with the help of a repurposed wooden crate. Who knew you could use it as an organizer, right?

10 DIY Koozies

Keep your drinks nice and cold on summer days with a drink koozie you can make from scratch! I’ve got loads of DIY koozies for you to choose from!

Turn Empty Beer Bottles into Drinking Glasses

If you thought the glass bottle turned soap dispenser idea was cool, you’ll love this one! It makes for a great conversation starter and you’ll never run out of glasses at your next party!

Mini Pallet Coasters DIY

There are two types of people: those who love coasters and those who forget to use them. Regardless of which category you’re in, I’m sure these mini pallet coasters will give a rustic charm to your space!

7 DIY Natural Cleaning Products

Turn away from chemical disinfectants and use an agent with ingredients you can find in your very own kitchen. These DIY natural cleaning products are not only environmental and pet friendly, but they're budget friendly as well.


DIY Garden Projects

Wine Bottle Lights

I’m an absolute sucker for lights so I’m a personal fan of this project! Make your own wine bottle lights with this tutorial.

21 Reclaimed Wood Crafts

Dreamt of having charming touches in your house? All you need is a bit of wood and you’re all set! Read this for some reclaimed wood craft ideas.

Simple Way to Repurpose Mason Jars

Who says mason jars were only created to hold vibrant colored smoothies? I’ve got loads of ideas for you to choose from, like this herb garden where you can grow your favorite rosemary and basil.

17 Easy Backyard Projects

Tiki torches are the perfect accent to any luau. Pair it with some pretty cocktails, tropical food, and hula skirts and you’ve one rocking party waiting to happen!

27 Fire Pit Ideas

A fire pit is a great way to keep warm during the cold months. There are many different ways to DIY a fire pit. The usual ones include stone and brick, but did you know you could make one using an old washing machine's drum too?

15 Garden Decor Ideas

Kids will love this garden decor DIY! I bet they'd even give you a hand if you gave them a heads up on what you'd be making. Have the little ones design their very own garden guard to keep the bugs and weeds away!

15 DIY Greenhouses

Enjoy fresh flowers, fruits, and vegetables in the comfort of your very own greenhouse garden. Since you'll be growing them yourself, you'll get to make sure that your produce stays away from any harmful pesticides most supermarket bought vegetables (including fruits) is exposed to.

DIY Rainbow Roses

These rainbow roses are such a sight to behold. Who knew all it took were food dye and an overnight's wait to get these gorgeous flowers?

For more home projects ideas on what you can do, watch this video from Rachel Talbott!

I sure hope these DIY home projects ideas have shown you it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to give your home a little makeover. Sometimes all it takes is a little ingenuity, a bit of arm grease, and a couple of DIY articles to turn your living space into an enviable home.

Which room are you going to start first? Share what DIY home project idea you'll be working on in the comments below!

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