Congratulations! You’ve slogged through the toil of renovating your kitchen

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Your cabinets are gleaming, your countertop is pristine, and you’re ready to unveil all the hard work. It’s time for a party! We hope these tips on hosting a summer party will help keep the vibe relaxed yet festive.
Simple eats
A sit-down dinner in winter is the perfect time for an epic, elaborate meal. But hosting a summer party means good food that can be eaten anywhere. Unless you have a mass amount of utensils stashed around, opt for finger foods. Veggies and dips, chips and salsas, fresh fruit. Sometimes the simplest fare is the best.
Classic burgers
For the main event, you can’t go wrong with burgers. There are now plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options to please the whole crowd, so burgers have become especially versatile. The really nice thing is that grilling helps ease the pressure from the kitchen. The kitchen, no matter how nice, can fill up quickly and if there is a second food station outside it can better ease the congestion.
Ice, ice, baby
Provide coolers of ice. Chances are, in the summer, you want a nice cold drink. And there’s only so much room to be had in the fridge. Bust out your camping cooler and fill it with ice. Place it outside and have drinks available there. This will free up your fridge for other tasty food and increase the flow through the house. It also relieves pressure from the host or hostess and guests will find it easier to help themselves when the drink options are in plain view.
Rental options
Did you know you can actually rent plates and cutlery? And you can send the dirty plates back to the rental company? Sounds like a win-win. As more and more people are going green, gone are the days of Styrofoam plates. If you’re having a larger party and don’t have enough of your own plates, or don’t want the hassle of cleaning, renting is the best option.
Keep it organized
Yes, you are having a party to see all your friends, but also you want to show off your kitchen. Try to control the chaos so everyone has a chance to be impressed with the reno. Create specific stations on the countertops and clear off unnecessary accessories. Your countertops are gorgeous but if they can’t be seen, then no one will know how nice they really are. A little bit of organization ahead of time will really help. Instead of the kitchen island, use the kitchen table, especially if you will be eating outside. Make sure everyone leaves after complementing your new kitchen.

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