Best Of Amazon: Reader Favorites {Volume 3}

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Every once in a while, I think it’s really fun to do a roundup of your favorite Amazon products. We first did it in the fall of 2021, and then we did it again last spring. When I ask you for your recommendations and come here to share, I always find a new product or two. A few of your recommendations have become my favorite products!

So, I think it’s safe to say I do this as much for me as I do it for you.

I recently asked once again for some suggestions of must-have items from Amazon, and as usual, you delivered. There were so many incredible recommendations. I couldn’t include them all, but I grabbed the top 20 that were mentioned repeatedly or just grabbed my interest. If you want to see even more recommendations, click here for my Amazon list with aaaaaall of your top recommended products!

Best Of Amazon: Reader Favorites {Volume 3}

Sleep Headphones

I knew these Bluetooth sleep headphones would be going on the list the moment I saw the recommendation, because Corey uses them and loves them. He’s had them for quite a while now, and uses them every night to fall asleep. I’m not the type to listen to anything when I’m going to sleep, but I could even see myself using them to lay down and listen to a podcast!

Zevo Plug-In Insect Trap

I’ve been seeing these plug-in insect traps everywhere lately and I’m so intrigued. Several of you swore by them, and I might have to break down and grab one for this summer season! The flies can get out of control in our area, and the kids are awful about leaving the back door open when they’re home all day. Maybe this will be a game changer?!

IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara

I don’t have a mascara I’m fully devoted to, so I am really curious about this one you recommended from IT Cosmetics! They’re my favorite brand for foundation and CC cream, so I may have to try this out. The reviews are all fantastic, and the price point is nice too. I have to be really careful about makeup because I have incredibly sensitive skin and am prone to breakouts and rashes, but I know this is a brand I can trust.


It makes me so happy when something I’ve recommended becomes something you turn around and swear by! I had a few of you mention my favorite joggers as one of your life-changing Amazon products, which made my day! I have these in both black and gray, and I also have the capri-length in gray. They’re so comfy, flattering, and versatile!

Poke a Dot Books

I haven’t ever heard of these board books, but one of you said it keeps your toddler busy endlessly! I’m always a fan of anything that can keep the little ones happy and engaged, and it’s great for practicing counting, too. It would make a great gift for the toddler in your life – or for yourself, to keep your own toddler occupied.

Chill-O-Matic Instant Beverage Cooler

Who doesn’t need an instant beverage cooler in their lives? This is my favorite kind of Amazon gadget because it’s 100% unnecessary, but I’m sure once you have it and see how well it works, it’ll also become 100% vital to your life, you know?! I love finding a totally random gadget that solves super specific problems, and this one is highly intriguing.

No-Tie Plant Stakes

I am always looking for more aesthetic ways to help support my plants, and this set of plant stakes was an instant “add to cart” for me! I have a couple of monsteras that are getting pretty large and out of control and these guys are exactly what I need! They blend right into the plant, and can hold up your larger plants without any ties or wires. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Jokari Keeper Pump + Pour

This handy little tool is meant to help keep carbonated drinks fizzy for longer, and it gets rave reviews! We don’t drink a ton of sodas in our house, so when we end up with a 2-liter it always goes flat. It would be so nice to be able to actually keep it fizzy for a while so we don’t end up drinking from it once and pouring the rest down the drain!

Hey Dude Loafers

These cute loafers are apparently crazy comfortable. I mean, I personally am going to trust just about anything with over 100,000 reviews! I love how many different colors and patterns they come in, and I think these would be such a great option to have in the spring and summer when you need to slip something on for a walk with the kids or a quick trip to the park.

Appliance Cord Organizer

I have a few friends who swear by these appliance cord organizers, and I honestly don’t know why I haven’t bought any yet! I’m constantly tucking the cord for our stand mixer back behind it trying to keep it out of sight, but these little adhesive cord organizers could do the job for me! Perfect if you have a lot of small appliances with cords – they won’t be visible on the counter, and it’s easier to store them that way, too!

Mellanni Sheets

If you’re looking for the softest affordable sheets around, look no further. This is another product I’ve recommended that many of you now swear by! These sheets have over 300,000 reviews, they’re so (SO!) soft, and they last for the long haul. We’ve had a set of these for over three years now and they just get more cozy and wonderful with time.

LABIGO Electric Spin Scrubber

I’ve had my eye on this electric spin scrubber for some time now, so I clicked purchase as soon as one of you told me it was absolutely life changing. I’ve never been more excited to clean my shower. It has tons of great reviews, and I am always looking for things that will make scrubbing my house easier. I’ll keep you posted on how it works out!

LifeVac Choking Rescue Kit

If you’re a parent, especially of littles, I think this choking rescue kit is a must-have. It has an almost perfect 4.8 star rating with over 12,000 reviews. It’s the sort of thing you can tuck away in a cabinet where it’s easy to reach and just let it give you some serious peace of mind. It’s meant for kids or adults, and just knowing it exists in your house should give you some calm.

Mid-Century Space Heater

I know it’s almost summer, but I love me a good space heater, and this cute guy is basically irresistible. I almost always have a space heater near me and running in the colder months, and I’m definitely bookmarking this one for next winter season. It’s adorable and I wouldn’t mind leaving it out all the time!

Vegetable Chopper

I honestly love to cook. But I hate (HATE!) chopping vegetables. Especially onions. This veggie chopper looks like it might need to be a staple in my kitchen. I generally try to keep single-purpose gadgets to a minimum in my kitchen (we only have so much room!), but something like this would save so much time and headache that I definitely think it’s worth it!

Slice Micro Ceramic Blade

It makes me so happy when something on the list happens to be something I’ve been eyeing, and this safety cutter is one of those products! It’s great for opening packages, that annoying clamshell packaging, and just about anything else. It’s magnetic, so you can keep it on the fridge and never lose it, and it has a “finger-friendly” edge, so you don’t have to worry about little hands around it.

Beckham Hotel Collection Pillows

I don’t think it’s exaggerating to say that the right bed pillow is life changing. This one has over 200,000 reviews, so I have a feeling it’s one you can rely on! I’m incredibly picky about my pillows, and I am really intrigued by this one. They can be tossed in your washer and dryer when they need a clean, they’re super fluffy, and they’re pretty affordable as far as fancy pillows go!

CAROTE Pot & Pan Set

Gorgeous nonstick cookware sets are all the rage right now, but if you’re anything like me, you’ve tried a few of the more popular (and expensive) brands and been left really disappointed in the quality. This nonstick set is crazy affordable, beautiful enough to be left out all the time, and has great reviews. I’ve added this one to my cart because we’ve been needing a new set, and this might be exactly what we’ve been looking for!

Mini Thermal Label Printer

You know I love a label printer! This one connects to your phone, and has tons of really cute customization options. I love how compact it is, and it looks so much easier to use than my clunky old one. I’m definitely adding this to my “save for later” cart and might have to grab it the next time I have a big organizing project!

Pet Hair Remover

I need all the help I can get, so you know I added this pet hair remover to my cart immediately. Our rugs can get so full of hair that’s not even visible at first, but over time it can create such a mess. Especially with an Aussie puppy in the house, the pet hair can get out of control. I’m excited to see how this works on our rugs – keep your fingers crossed for me!

And there you have it – 20 of your top recommended Amazon products that may or may not change your life! If you want to see even more, click here for my Amazon storefront, where I’ve got some more of the most popular recommendations saved!

Time to do some shopping, no?!

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