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We’ve all experienced the nightmare of having a messy desk and stuck drawers. If you currently have stationary spread across your tabletop or a mountain of work files piled inside your top drawer to the point of stopping it from opening, then it’s time to get some of the best desk organizers.

Making the most out of small spaces isn’t easy without the right tools and accessories. But, with one of the best desk organizers, you can have a clear work zone and be ready for serious business. 

Here are a few benefits of our favorite desk organizers:

  • Tidy – Being tidy and organized can be good for your mind and help with a productive workflow. Although having a messy workspace has been associated with creativity, do you really want to be seen as the messy one in the office or at home? Once you keep your desk tidy with one of the best desk organizers, it’s unlikely you’ll want to be messy again.
  • Efficient – The best desk organizers help you keep your stationery and files exactly where you need them. Knowing where your items are kept can cut down on time spent searching for them (and the embarrassment or awkward silence which comes with such a situation, too). 
  • Storage – A desk organizer is a great way to increase storage space without needing any serious DIY. They usually come pre-assembled or require very little effort on arrival. 

Check out the best desk organizers for sale right now, from cheap pen holders to elegant wireless charging trays.

15 Desk Organizers for a Tidier Workspace in 2023


1. Poppin Medium Accessory Tray Sky Blue

If all you need in your desk organizing journey are a couple of trays to stash loose items and keep things neat and organized, The Container Store has you covered with these interchangeable trays. They come in a variety of colors and sizes so that you can create the perfect, customized desktop solution for your home or office.

15 Desk Organizers for a Tidier Workspace in 2023


2. SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizers

The SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer is a must-have tool for all workaholics. It has space to store your letters, stationery and more. There are two side-loaded letter trays as well as a pull-out drawer with three sections, which is best suited for pens and important knick-knacks. On top of the organizer, you’ll also find five filing compartments, which are spread two inches apart to keep your important papers in order. In other words, this desk organizer means business.

15 Desk Organizers for a Tidier Workspace in 2023


3. WAVEYU Pen Holder

With more than 2,200 reviews and a nearly perfect Amazon rating, this WAVEYU Pen Holder is a wise investment for any desk user. Despite its extremely modest price tag of under $10, it’s decorated with a luxury marble finish, which is available in multiple colors. The mouth of this pen holder measures just over three inches wide, so there’s plenty of space for your favorite pens, pencils and other frequently used stationary.

15 Desk Organizers for a Tidier Workspace in 2023


4. Courant Catch:3 Wireless Charger

We love the Catch:3 wireless charger from Courant, and we’ve featured it in many of our guides. This elegant wireless charger is a great solution if you want to declutter your desk. The Catch:3 combines a wireless charger with a catch-all space for your keys, wallet, phone and other odds-and-ends. With this stylish leather charging tray, you can charge your phone and tidy up your workspace. Courant also offers engraving if you want to add your initials. This Catch:3 comes in a range of stylish colors, and it’s the best desk accessory in the world as far as we’re concerned. Of course, the price tag will put some people off, but that makes it a great gift.

15 Desk Organizers for a Tidier Workspace in 2023


5. BluMonaco Desk Organizer

If you’ve got a lot of stuff but a small desk area, you want to go for height over width. That’s why we like this stylish but functional desk organizer, which has lots of space for organizing small and medium items and file organizers on top. It’s an easy and practical way to double down on your storage space without sacrificing your own personal work style.

15 Desk Organizers for a Tidier Workspace in 2023


6. Inbox Zero Printer Stand

If you’ve got a tabletop desk model and no space underneath or to the side for a printer, you may be in the market for some printer storage solutions. Enter this practical but stylish shelf, which holds a small printer and still provides storage for knickknacks, pens and other desk staples underneath. It also comes with adjustable skid pads to ensure everything stays secure and safe, plus it works underneath your desk if you want to leave the top free and clear to get your work done.

15 Desk Organizers for a Tidier Workspace in 2023


7. Boon White Stash Multi-Room Organizer

Kids need organization, too. In fact, some would argue they need even more organization than adults do. That’s where this cool but practical desk organizer can help. It features a neat, kid-friendly design (no sharp edges!) that holds lots of different items, from scissors and pencil crayons to glue sticks and paintbrushes.

15 Desk Organizers for a Tidier Workspace in 2023


8. Jerry & Maguire Desktop Organizer

Here at Spy, we love a good desk shelf. The Jerry & Maguire Desktop Organizer is more sturdy than most other desk organizers due to its wooden construction. When ordering, there are four wooden finishes to choose: white wood, white, natural and black. Furthermore, this desk organizer is made of two parts which can be placed directly together or further apart if more space better suits your desk setup. You can also order two or three of these organizers and place them together to create further storage and organization areas.

15 Desk Organizers for a Tidier Workspace in 2023


9. SOULWIT Cable Holder Clips

It’s important to ensure the surface you attach your SOULWIT Cable Holder Clips to is cleaned well prior to installment. That’s why every order includes six wipe pads as well as one three-cable holder, one five-cable holder and one seven-cable holder. All of the holders are made from silicone, which makes slotting the cables into the 6-millimeter holes an easy task, even if you are trying to work at an awkward angle behind your desk.

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15 Desk Organizers for a Tidier Workspace in 2023


10. Flytianmy Drawer Dividers

The Flytianmy Drawer Dividers allow you to create an organizer to suit the size and shape of your desk drawer. The pack includes 40 dividers, and they all feature multiple slits which enable them to be slotted together. They are also easy to cut with scissors in case you find they’re too long for your designated space. These desk organizers are made of durable plastic and are available in multiple colors, too.

15 Desk Organizers for a Tidier Workspace in 2023


11. Grovemade Medium Desk Shelf

If you have a monitor that’s taking up a ton of your desk space (and maybe it isn’t as ergonomically friendly as it could be), consider investing in a desk shelf from Grovemade. The company specializes in desk solutions and has designed this shelf so the monitor sits on top while still providing ample organization and storage space underneath. The shelf comes in several colors and three sizes to suit your own setup, and is sturdily constructed to last a lifetime.

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15 Desk Organizers for a Tidier Workspace in 2023


12. Jonathan Adler Tech Smart Phone Dock

Just because you have a smart phone doesn’t mean you can pay homage to the phones of yesteryear while still staying organized. Enter this artistic piece from Saks Fifth Avenue, which is one of the most amazingly ironic phone docking stations we’ve come across. It’s porcelain and adds a certain flair to any desk space while still providing plenty of functionality.

15 Desk Organizers for a Tidier Workspace in 2023


13. Poketo Accordion Pro Filer

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to stay more organized with your taxes, we think this pro filer comes in handy. It features plenty of pockets to keep all of those receipts tucked away and organized, which your accountant will love. But it’s also great to keep track of printouts, manuals and other small items that typically clutter up your desk junk drawer.  We also like how vibrant and happy the colors make us feel.

15 Desk Organizers for a Tidier Workspace in 2023


14. Leven Collapsible Magazine File Holder

If you find yourself with a lot of files, magazines and books to keep organized, then the Level Collapsible Magazine File Holder is what you need on your desk. This organizer is dedicated to keeping your paperwork in order. The clever, collapsible design means it’ll be delivered to your door ready for use. You just need to pull it outward from each side, then the three compartments will easily clip into place.

15 Desk Organizers for a Tidier Workspace in 2023


15. The Office Oasis Desk Organizer

The stylish design of The Office Oasis Desk Organizer makes it a welcome addition to any space. It features a bamboo base that is dotted with a magnetic grid that allows you to place the multiple included top trays in the order of your preference. The top attachments include trays of different sizes as well as a phone stand and a Post-it holder. If you find yourself searching among the pens, paperclips and notes on your desk to find your mouse, you need this desk organizer.

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