30 items on sale for Memorial Day that’ll improve your home and beyond

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With the U.S. cautiously reopening, it’s probably time to take stock of where you're at. After spending all these weeks in the house, you’ve likely already assembled a little list of items you either realized you were missing or need to replace. And those kinds of revelations probably apply to nearly every room.

We got you. From the bedroom to the kitchen to the bathroom, we’ve put together a list of some cool items all under Memorial Day discounts right now. On top of that, use the code SUMMERSAVE20 during checkout and you’ll get an added 20 percent off everything. Load up!

The Bedroom

Comfort always starts with some great sheets, so the Bamboo Comfort 4-Piece Luxury Queen Sheet Set ($26.39 after discount, originally $109) offers a high-quality microfiber and bamboo blend that’s soft, breathable, hypoallergenic, and wrinkle-free.

Of course, wrinkle-free is easier said than done...but the problem of wrinkled sheets and mattress toppers gets crushed by the Bed Scrunchie 360° Fitted Sheet Tightener, Holder & Extender ($25.59 after discount, originally $59.95), the world's first 360-degree all-in-one bed tightening system. Clip it to the edges of your sheets, tighten the clamps and you’ve got a flawless hotel bed look and military corners in seconds.

And if you’re having a little trouble drifting off to sleep, the LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine ($31.99 after discount, originally $49.99) sports 20 unique digital sounds with pinpoint volume control to mask noises, focus your mind for relaxation, and get you a more peaceful rest each night.

The Living Room

Since the living room is the center of your media universe, the Monster SMART Universal 2-Device Remote Control ($15.99 after discount, originally $29.99) brings it all together, the first smart remote control specifically designed for Windows 10 Home Theater PCs. With the touch of a button, you can toggle back and forth between your TV and your Windows computer and control both with ease.

Meanwhile, the Moodo Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser ($86.39 after discount, originally $169.80) brings a selection of literally dozens of unique high-quality fragrances to any room, all deployable through your smartphone app. You can mix and match all kinds of compatible smells to match your mood -- and you’re only diffusing when someone is actually there to enjoy it.

In case you’re looking for cleaner rather than scented air, this portable rechargeable Ozone Generator ($19.99 after discount, originally $32.99) is designed with a built-in battery to diffuse ozone quickly. It captures harmful airborne particles; eliminates odors like indoor smoke, cats, dogs, and other pets, and dust; and purifies your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and beyond.

The Home Office

Your home office is probably still a work in progress, but if you base it around a Stan Desk Adjustable Standing Desk ($159.99 after discount, originally $246), you’re making a bold, healthy statement. You can adjust the height for your laptop to your ideal posture while you avoid all the health hazards of sitting for 8 to 10 hours a day. And standing has been shown to boost your productivity too, so it’s an across-the-board win.

But if you’ve still got a traditional desk, the ProBASE X Laptop/Monitor Stand and 6-in-1 Hub ($115.99 after discount, originally $159) can still give you some of those benefits. It not only elevates your device, but it’s also got a charging port that dramatically expands your device's connectivity to include USB, USB-C, SD, and microSD; while letting you charge compatible devices up to 4x faster than conventional charging ports. 

Meanwhile, the Cushion Lab Ergonomic Lumbar Pillow ($23.99 after discount, originally $45) is also keyed to your long-term health and comfort. Designed to contour naturally to your back, it provides effective pressure relief and posture optimizing support. With this pillow, you effectively turn any home chair into an ergonomic office chair.

For those looking to add a touch of style to your home office decor, the Rymek Retro Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard ($143.99 after discount, originally $255) is an instant game-changer. Bluetooth 3.0 compatible with a rechargeable battery and a bunch of ultra-modern features, the throwback style keyboard offers the tactile beauty of old-school manual typewriter keys -- with the same reassuring clicking sound.

With the phone at the heart of all business these days, you need the Tenikle 2.0 Bendy Suction Phone Mount ($19.19 after discount, originally $29.98) — an innovative suction cup tripod that twists and grips your phone, tablet, or other devices, so you can mount it in any position. It doubles as a selfie stick and can also be strapped to your vehicle or bike. While you're at it, snag a three-pack of 10-ft Lightning cables ($13.59 after discount, originally $99.99) to keep all your Apple devices fully charged up however you're using them.

With the Rollova 2.0 Digital Ruler ($61.59 after discount, originally $89), even the simple act of measuring has gone hyper-digital. With a simple tool , the Rollova calculates distance over a variety of surfaces, supplying accurate measurement lengths, even over curves.

The Kitchen

Any kitchen gets an instant shot of class with a quality knife set -- and this ultra-precise Damasukasu Japanese 3-Piece Master Chef Hanshu Knife Set ($55.99 after discount, originally $299.99) definitely fits the bill. These carbon-rich steel blades feature a 12° degree cutting edge for ultimate precision and are full tang, triple-riveted, and nitrogen cooled for enhanced hardness and flexibility.  

And why settle for a coffee maker when you can make coffee in a work of art? The Alessi Pulcina 3-Cup Espresso Maker ($39.99 after discount, originally $120) was designed by renowned architect Michele de Lucchi to look immaculate. But it’s also a high-performance coffee maker with a boiler that stops dispensing the drink at just the right time for a richer, fuller aroma and flavor.

When it’s time to clean up, this set of the iTouchless 13-Gallon and 2.5-Gallon Automatic Sensor Trash Cans ($79.99 after discount, originally $159.95) both have infrared sensors, ensuring an accurate automatic open lid response every time without ever touching the bins. 

The Bathroom

Since flushable wipes aren’t always so flushable, the Fohm Toilet Paper Foam and Dispenser Set ($47.99 after discount, originally $80) turns regular toilet paper into wipes that won’t end up clogging your sewer line to the tune of thousands of dollars. The no-touch dispenser spritzes a skin-safe foam that’s cleansing, more hygienic, and a savvy answer to the paper vs. wipe debate.

Meanwhile, no medicine cabinet should be without a temporal thermometer to scan temperatures at a distance. This Digital LED Infrared No-Contact Thermometer ($63.99 after discount, originally $129.99) reliably scans from an inch or two away in under one second, offering no-contact measurement and minimizing the spread of germs.

On the Go

Of course, our health is a major concern everywhere we go now, so this two-pack of Two-Ply Statement Face Masks ($14.39 after discount, originally $29.99) is made from premium, stretchy fabric to block germs, bacteria, particles, and droplets, all with a cheeky, “Fine, You?” message printed on the front.

And with surfaces serving as hotspots for viruses like COVID-19, the Hygiene Hand Antimicrobial Brass Door Opener and Stylus (2-Pack) ($30.39 after discount, originally $50) is a perfect EDC item to push buttons, turn keys, hook door handles, sign touchscreens, or do anything else while avoiding unnecessarily touching potentially germ-ridden surfaces.

To help streamline all that stuff jangling around in your pocket, the KeySmart Flex (2 Pack) ($10.39 after discount, originally $20) holds up to eight keys in an easily accessible, ultra-durable polycarbonate sleeve that slides into your pocket perfectly.

It’s a rough world out there -- and the 2-in-1 Protective Case with Stand for Nintendo Switch Lite ($11.99 after discount, originally $19.99) will make sure your Switch survives it all. Made with shock-absorbent high-quality flexible TPU to offer full protection from everyday bumps, scratches, dust, and fingerprints, you can still play with the case on. So even if you drop it during a bad beat, you’re still covered.

Once the world restarts again, a solid round of the PutterBall Backyard Golf Game ($135.99 after discount, originally $189.95) could be just the ticket for you and all your friends. It’s like a mash-up of golf and beer pong, only outside. In addition to sharpening up your golf game, it’s also a heck of a lot of fun.

Your Tech

If you’re going out into the world, your music should come too. With the Resound XL: Portable Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker ($19.19 after discount, originally $69.99), you get a unit featuring great bass, enhanced by Aduro's proprietary passive bass radiator with its unique triangular design. It automatically connects to paired devices and lasts up to 30 hours. So toss it in your bag or backpack and take it anywhere.

In case you don’t need everyone to hear your tunes, the HUB Hi-Fi Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds ($57.59 after discount, originally $250) are not only weatherproof, but feature wireless charging, ambient noise-cancellation, and some killer sound. Get eight hours of continuous playtime, and then charge up on-the-go with the extremely powerful charging bank for up to 100 hours of on-the-go listening. It’ll even charge up other devices too.

For the videophiles, the Prima 1080p HD Pocket Projector ($223.99 after discount, originally $799) casts a 200-inch cinema-quality HD image onto any surface. With a light four times brighter than other portable projectors, the Prima delivers a crisp, sharp picture in any lighting condition and can access the Google Play Store, so you can download apps and stream directly from Prima. 

That drawer where you put your batteries is undoubtedly a disaster, so get it all in order with the ZeroDark Battery Organizer and Tester ($15.99 after discount, originally $49.99). This unique system holds up to 110 AAA, AA, C, D, 9V, and even small batteries, all with a handy digital tester accurately displaying the residual voltage, so you’ll always get the most out of your batteries.


The H2 Waterproof, Rechargeable LED Wide 180° Angle Headlight ($29.59 after discount, originally $50) is the perfect companion for any outdoorsman. With its revolutionary 180° broad spectrum of illumination design and super lightweight at only 4 ounces, the waterproof H2 is great for hiking, camping, rocking climbing, running, and more.

If you’re looking for a light for your camera or smartphone, the Pictar Smart LED Light ($31.99 after discount, originally $49.99) is a compact, powerful, high-quality light that can dramatically improve the quality of your photos and video clips. It even comes with the Pictar app that will let you control light temperature, white balance, and more than 20 preset shooting modes right from your phone.

Last but not least, the Saberlight Bolt ($10.39 after discount, originally $99.99) sports a free-form plasma arc to spark up grills, candles or anything you’re smoking with ease. At just 5 inches long, it’s extremely portable and the high-density lithium battery provides 100 lights on a single charge.

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