23 Smart Parenting Tricks That Can Make Life So Much Easier!

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Let’s be real – Parenting is the most difficult task in life! Therefore, if you are a parent, you will certainly enjoy learning these tricks that will help you take care of your child!

# 1 Create a playground from an inflatable pool


The inflatable pool is inexpensive, takes up relatively little space, and most importantly creates a friendly environment for fun. Put your kid’s toys in the pool and watch how nice she spends her time. Such a spike will certainly be safe for your child.

# 2 Improve your morning routine


Sending a child to school may take a while, but to make it easier, all you have to do is prepare a complete set of ready clothes for your child and put them in the appropriate boxes. In this way, the child will not circulate in the room in search of clothing, but will easily choose clothes. Thanks to this trick you will save a lot of time!

# 3 Organize time at home


If your child can’t organize time, you can help him/her. Buy a wall clock and mark the time for homework, fun, dinner, bathing and sleep.

# 4 Buy shoes for your children, without children


Taking a child to the store can be a chore. The toddler does not want to measure clothes and is interested in everything around, but of course not shoes. If you do not want to constantly experience this nightmare, measure your child’s foot by drawing it on a piece of paper. All you need to do is measure your foot length and choose a stick with the same dimensions. Now when you go to the store, you can check footwear by putting a stick in it. You can also put the shoe on a sheet of paper, this is a less time-consuming but inaccurate method.

# 5 How to Store a dummy?


Because the toddler is holding his dummy in his mouth, the hygiene of this item is very important. If you want to safely store your baby’s pacifiers, all you have to do is to use plastic containers. This trick will be useful especially when you are going for a walk or a long journey.

# 6 Make a bracelet with a phone number


Just in case your kid gets lost in the store or park he/she will always have your contact number.

# 7 Use a baking tray


If your child is painting, you definitely know that before he puts his masterpiece in his briefcase, he must wait until the paint dries completely. You can use baking trays that are flat and hold even larger pieces of paper. Place one tray on the other and set aside until the painting works dry.

# 8 Store your child’s clothes in bags


# 9 Make sure slippers don’t slip


It happens that the slippers purchased have slippery soles. If you don’t want your child to tip over, all you have to do is use hot glue – it will act as a non-slip coating.

# 10 A roller for cleaning clothes is your friend!


This simple device is useful not only to get rid of animal hair from your favorite clothes. While playing with your child, it may happen that the child spills glitter on the carpet. Thanks to the roll, getting rid of it will be much faster.

# 11 Remember about syrup


During this winter period, children can catch a cold. It happens that you forget to give syrup to your child. If you want to dose the medicine correctly, write the days of the week and the time of day (e.g. morning and evening) on ​​the bottle. Each time you give the medicine, mark the appropriate box.

# 12 Basket for dishes


It’s also a great organizer for your child’s toys. You can easily sort pens, coloring books and fairy tales.

# 13 Sticky hands?


This trick will be useful during holidays and warm summer days. Unfortunately, the ice cream on the stick melts quickly, and the fresh water drips onto the child’s hands, to which everything begins to stick. To avoid this, make a hole in the cupcake container and put ice cream on a stick.

# 14 Remowing stains


Create a mixture made of one part of hydrogen peroxide and the other of soap and baking soda. Place the mixture on the stain, rub with a rice brush and wait an hour. Finally, wash the clothes and it’s ready.

# 15 A special place for changing nappies


All you have to do is to mount the rod to the wall and hang the baskets on it. This way, you’ll have all the things you need on hand and save the space you need.

# 16 Use the sheet


During the journey, children can get the seat dirty, if you do not want to pay a large amount for cleaning the upholstery, spread the sheet in front of your child’s seat.

# 17 Wash the toys


I am not talking about stuffed animals, but lego blocks and all plastic elements that lie on the floor in your child’s room for many days. It happens that a child puts dusty and dirty toys in his mouth. Therefore, from time to time, collect blocks for the pouch that you use to wash delicate underwear and wash the toys.

# 18 Inflatable baby bath


Kids love playing in the bathtub, if you don’t have it then do it! Inflatable pool is enough! Just place it inside the shower cubicle and fill it with water.

# 19 Use the basket


When traveling by car, use a plastic basket in which you can put snacks for your child. This way, the food won’t be everywhere in a car.

# 20 Stick the stickers in the shoes


This trick will help your child figure out which shoe is on the left foot and which on the right.

# 21 Secure the cabinets with a dog collar


Small children are very curious and often open the dresser door. If you want to avoid this, buy a dog collar and mount it on the cabinets. Brilliant in its simplicity!

# 22 Don’t lose socks


Each washing machine literally “eats” socks. To avoid the problem of losing one of them, use a safety pin.

# 23 Baby bib made of food foil


Attach the foil to the child’s clothes and create a temporary bib, thus securing the clothes of your child.

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