20 of the Best Office Craft Ideas for Your Home Office

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Home office organization can be a challenge. Read this article to learn 20 office crafts ideas to keep you organized and inspired.

Whether your home office is just for you or the entire family, these DIY ideas will help you make that space organized and look amazing!

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Office Crafts Ideas:

Visit the website for the step-by-step tutorial.

1. Stitched Pencil Holder from The Crafty Blog Stalker

Learn how to make a personalized stitched Pencil Holder for your desk. A simple DIY craft tutorial idea.

Stitched Pencil Holder.

2. Custom Craft Table or Desk from The Crafty Blog Stalker

Make a custom table Desk using Ikea Kallax shelves and a tabletop. This is a DIY table that you can make for your craft room or office!

Custom Craft Table or Desk.

3. Decorative Standing Clipboard from The Crafty Blog Stalker

How to Make a Decorative Standing Clipboard. This easy DIY craft tutorial is great for chores, grocery lists, pictures, and more.

Decorative Standing Clipboard.

4. Lazy Susan Homework Station from Housewife Eclectic

I whipped up this fun, and easy-to-make but functional homework station to keep all of the supplies in the same place.

Lazy Susan Homework Station.

5. Industrial Pipe Shelves from Table and Hearth

Squeee!! I’m so happy to finally be showing you guys this project!  I had everything ready to go for it but things kept me away.  But it was so worth it!

Industrial Pipe Shelves.

6. Paint Chip Calendar from DIY Projects

Paint chip crafts are fun and cheap! Keep track of your hectic schedule with this reusable dry-erase calendar.

Paint Chip Calendar.

7. Honeycomb Shelves from A Beautiful Mess

This DIY will make a three-comb shelf, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to make more combs to add to it.

Honeycomb Shelves.

8. DIY File Cabinet Desk from Over the Big Moon

Create an affordable and beautiful craft or work space easily! Come learn how to Build a DIY File Cabinet Desk using just a couple file cabinets and some plank boards. I also have a great tutorial on how to Paint a File Cabinet.

DIY File Cabinet Desk.

9. Cereal Mail Box from Everyday Dishes

We’ve come up with a super inexpensive yet versatile cereal box mailbox to keep everything in one place till it’s ready to be sorted. Set it on an entryway table, or a desk, or hang it on a wall to avoid that dreaded clutter.

Cereal Mail Box.

10. Dry Erase Board from Two Twenty One

There’s always something I need to do. Whether it’s paying The Man or emailing so-and-so. Instead of constantly making lists and misplacing them I decided to create this handy (and pretty) dry-erase board.

Dry Erase Board.

11. Burlap Pencil Holder from Happy Happy Nester

Let’s make this Easy to Make Burlap Pencil Holder. All you need are a simple soup can burlap ribbon and some glue. These decorated tin cans are perfect for your home decor or even a wedding. 

Burlap Pencil Holder.

12. Cardboard Box Desk Organizer from eHow

When you open your desk drawer, do you see a mishmash of office supplies and loose papers? These easy DIY drawer organizers made from cookie and cereal boxes are a great organizing solution. (Bonus: They're also a good excuse to eat more cookies and cereal!)

Cardboard Box Desk Organizer.

13. Custom Mouse Pad from A Little Tipsy

I have a really fun, easy, and inexpensive project for you today!

Custom Mouse Pad.

14. DIY Crate Bookshelf from Calm Cradle

In working on a new bedroom, we had trouble finding a bookshelf that fit our space and budget constraints and wasn't made out of some scary, toxic plastic material. So we came up with this crate bookshelf!

DIY Crate Bookshelf.

15. Stenciled Filing Cabinet from The Happy Housie

In an effort to get organized, we are turning a little closet right off the kitchen into a command central zone. A mini home office of sorts!

Stenciled Filing Cabinet.

16. Office Chair Hack from Our Southern Home

This is the perfect first upholstery project! This office chair hack tutorial is the perfect way to use your own fabrics for a custom look!

Office Chair Hack.

17. Mason Jar Tissue Holder from Landeelu

Raise your hand if you think cardboard tissue boxes are super stylish and awesome.   No?  Me neither.  Well, I am here for you.  Let’s make them into something that we love, shall we?  

Mason Jar Tissue Holder.

18. Pegboard Organizer from Craving Some Creativity

A great way to organize tools and craft supplies! Learn how to hang a pegboard on drywall and even frame it for functional and pleasing storage.

Pegboard Organizer.

19. Personalized Office Supplies from Makes Bakes and Decor

There are a few reasons why you might want to try out this project. One is cost, it was a lot cheaper than buying fancy office supplies. Two, you can’t find a set of office supplies that match your space.

Personalized Office Supplies

20. Animal Memo Holder from Sugar and Cloth

Celebrate your loved ones with these DIY Animal Memo Holders as a desktop gift! Trust me, it doesn’t get much cuter than these golden elephants.

Animal Memo Holder.

Our Crafting Essentials List:

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