13 Ingenious Kitchen Pantry Organization Projects You Should Try This Winter

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I’ve put together a list of creative kitchen pantry organization projects which will transform the way you view your pantry! Find out more in the post below.

Kitchen Pantry Organization Projects That Really Work

1. Canned Food Baskets

How to store cans is always hotly debated on by home organizers. While there are a lot of storage ideas out there, sometimes the most effective solution is the simplest. Consider organizing your stock of canned food in can racks or wire baskets, just like what Emily from Eleven Gables did.


2. Chalkboard Pantry Doors


Never forget an item on your shopping list again. By either gluing thin chalkboards cut to fit your pantry doors or painting the doors themselves with chalkboard paint, you’ll have an evergreen inventory, grocery list, and to-do list greeting you each morning! We have Decorating Cents to thank for this awesome organization idea.


3. Chip Clips On Cabinet

One of the chief clutter culprits in your kitchen? Half-eaten bags of chips. While your restraint not to eat the whole bag in one go is admirable, it still doesn’t solve the problem of how they can be stored efficiently and in the most organized way. Enter this ingenious hack from Lookie What I Did—simply install a short rail and a row of clips inside your kitchen cabinet or pantry. With this, you can easily clip the bag of chips neatly in a row.


4. Condiments In Wasted Space

Smaller pantries bear the burden of having to make every square inch work. Make good use of the wasted space in the inner corner of your pantry by installing pencil holders from the dollar store to hold all the smaller tins and bottles. The post by Domestic Imperfection can walk you through this organization idea.



5. Pantry Redo

If you’ve decided to make kitchen pantry organization a priority project this year, why not completely redo your pantry? Assess the kind of storage you truly need and build around your requirements. Installing cubby holes that perfectly fit your baskets and trays, partitions, and slide-out shelves are all easily achievable with proper planning and careful measurement. Get tips on how to reorganize your pantry with this post from Clean Mama.


6. Glass Jars With Chalkboard Labels

Oversized lidded glass jars are every organized homemaker’s must-have. As you can see in this organization tip by Design Improvised, the large glass jars are not just stylish but also very functional. Make glass jars an essential feature of your kitchen pantry organization by attaching chalkboard labels on them. Everyone in the family will easily find what they’re looking for and you’ll also know when you’re running low on something at a glance.


7. Lazy Susans

When it comes to kitchen pantry organization, corners are always a bone of contention. They easily become black holes for cans, condiments, and other bulk items that never see the light of day again. Consider hooking up your pantry with some lazy susans, just like this idea from Burlap & Denim. You end up storing more items at the same time making them accessible.


8. Shoe Organizer

Where would we be without the indispensable over-the-door shoe organizer? Bring one in the kitchen to level up your kitchen pantry organization like what this post by Many Makings suggests. The clear pockets make it easy to stash and find snacks, soup mixes, and bottles of condiments, among others. Your kids won’t need to rummage through your pantry for an after-school snack anymore.


9. Pull-Out Shelves

If you’re constantly rummaging through the dark depths of your pantry shelves, why not consider installing slide-out shelves? Check out Remodelando la Casa's post and get some ideas on how to do this yourself. With a bit of woodworking, you’ll be able to access the deepest recesses of your pantry in one fluid motion!


10. Tiered Storage

Your tiered bathroom caddy can do double duty as a kitchen pantry organization tool as what The Frugal Homemaker suggests. Unload your chips, snacks, and other small pantry items from your shelves and store them here instead. This way, they’re always within arm’s reach on the kitchen counter, or already on display for when guests come by your home.


11. Rotating Can System

Bust out your tools and make this amazing rotating can system by Lacquer and Lace. You'll be able to readily access whatever canned food you need as well as do a quick inventory of your supplies at a glance. Doesn't the image of these extremely well-organized can system make your heart sing?



12. TV Cabinet Extra Pantry

I am inspired by what this crafty mama from The Yummy Life did! She figured out how much extra floor space she had in her kitchen and came up with a whole new pantry—an extension if you will. This plain cabinet was then filled with the right-size baskets to add a whole new place to store her dry goods. And the best part about it is her TV fits perfectly atop the cabinet, making this pantry a great multi-tasker!


13. Pegboard Pantry Organizer

I just love how doable and simple this pegboard pantry organizer by Arts & Crackers is! I can see how this can work in a kitchen—just hang it on a cabinet door or a vacant space on the wall. If you want, you can customize it by adding more organizers or making it prettier with paint.


Looking for even more inspiration? Take a look at this video by MissLizHeart for more kitchen pantry organization ideas:

Every homemaker’s dream is to have a well-stocked, well-equipped, and optimally organized kitchen. Be it a little nook we are making do in our first rental or the majestic, marble-countered playground we’ve always wanted, kitchen pantry organization will always be an essential part of keeping house.

Aren’t all of these kitchen pantry organization ideas awesome? Which project made you go, “Eureka!”? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in December 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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