11 Nifty Gadgets Youll Want for Organizing Your Camper

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Im a complete sucker for clever RV gadgets and accessories, and when I discovered a website called Organized Obie that has some pretty nifty storage solutions, I knew I had to share them here.

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(International shipping is available!)

1. Mesh RV Shower Caddy

First up is the Get Wet shower organizer.

This pocket organizer comes in several different sizes and colors, is mounted with included adhesive snaps (so you dont have to drill a hole), and as the name suggests, is ideal for the shower since theyre made of a type of mesh that drains easily and dries quickly.

RV Shower Organizer

Get Wet Shower Organizer Color Choices

Theyre not just for the shower, though. Heres a picture of one hung on a door:

RV Bathroom Organizer

2. Shower Mate Organizer Tote

RVers who use campground shower facilities (or at a gym after a workout) will also appreciate the Shower Mate, a mesh tote that can be hung in your home or RV for storage, then folded up and easily transported.

In the shower, you can hang it on the shower head to easily access items when youre ready to use them.

Shower Mate shower tote from OrganizedObie.com

3. Wall Mounted Laundry Bag

This mountable laundry bag can be hung on a door, wall, side of a cabinet, or bed, and when youre ready to take it to the laundromat, you simply turn the clips to remove it and close the drawstring! If you get two of them, your laundry will be presorted!

(This would also be a great way to store beach toys!)

Wall Mounted Laundry Bag

4. Mesh Pockets & Gear Nets

Net pockets can turn any vertical space into storage! (Read on to read about the other organizational items seen in this photo!)

Gear net in storage area under RV

The net pockets come in a variety of sizes and styles and are a good way to capture space that would normally be wasted.

Gear net on RV dining booth

This little cell phone pocket is adhesive, so it can be stuck anywhereon the wall beside your bed, or next to the drivers seat, for example.

adhesive cell phone pocket

5. Cargo Netting

Stretch cargo netting can be used to turn the top of a cabinet into storage.

Gear Nets from OrganizedObie.com

You can also use the netting to hold items in place on a shelf:

Gear net used to hold items in place above RV refrigerator

Gear Nets from OrganizedObie.com

Mounted on the wall by the front door, stretch cargo nets provide a handy place to store a bug spray, slip-on shoes, a flashlight, and other things you want to keep handy.

Stretch cargo nets used for storage in an RV

Avoid the avalanche when you arrive at your destination by placing a net across your RV cabinets!

Gear net used in RV cabinet

Add extra storage to the back of a cabinet door!

Net storage on the back of an RV cabinet door

You can really get creative with how and where to put these, because they can be customized to any size you need!

6. Bunk Bed Safety Net

If you have small children sleeping on bunks in your RV, this heavy duty bunk bed safety net can keep them from rolling out of the bed at night. (Its sturdy enough for adults, too!)

RV Bunk Bed Safety Net from OrganizedObie.com

Do you have a bunk in your RV that you use for storage? If so, the bunk bed safety net will hold items in place while youre driving and is easily unbuckled for access.

Motorhome Bunk Safety Net from OrganizedObie.com

7. Furniture Tie Down

One concern that keeps many RVers from replacing their factory furniture with residential furniture is that items like sofas, tables, and chairs might slide around while motorhome or camper is in motion, but with these furniture tie-downs,you can screw a D-ring to the floor of your RV and attach a furniture strap to it which will hold large items in place during travel.

RV Furniture Tie Down Strap

8. Mounted Bottle Opener

Youll never be searching for a bottle opener again with this one mounted inside your RV! It even has a magnet that catches the cap for you so you dont have to pick it up off the floor.

Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

9. Pop-up Rack for Hanging Clothing

If youre short on closet space or places to hang wet towels or bathing suits, the Quik Closet pop-up clothing rack might be just the solution youre looking for. The Quick Closet can be mounted on an interior wall or on the RVs exterior.

Quik Closet from OrganizedObie.com

10. LCD TV Mounts

Mount a TV or computer monitor wherever you want!

Organized Obie sells a variety of LCD TV mounts, including an under-cabinet mount that allows a small TV to flip up and out the the way when not in use, a desktop mount that can hold a computer monitor in place as youre bumping down the road, and a multi-location mount that allows you to remove and transport a TV from one location to another (for example, to bring your TV outside).

(Like that basket mounted on the wall next to the TV? Keep reading, because its up next!)

LCD TV mounting bracket

11. Slatwall Organization System

The ultimate organizing solution for all the spaces under your RV!

The slatwall mounts to any wall, and hooks, baskets, and other accessories can be added and rearranged as needed. Below is the same picture I shared above, showing the slatwall system used in combination with some net pockets.

RV storage bay organization products from OrganizedObie.com

The slatwall system is a great way to organize and easily access tools and maintenance equipment in your campers storage bay.

Slatwall organization system from OrganizedObie.com for organizing storage area under RV

Its also great for organizing a toy hauler garage:

Slatwall organization system from OrganizedObie.com for organizing an RV toy hauler garage

Use a slatwall to create places to put spices, barbecue tools, and condiments in your outdoor kitchen:

Slatwall organization system for outdoor RV kitchen

This outdoor work station with a handy trash can and food prep area / buffet can be mounted to the side of your trailer!

Slatwall outdoor cooking prep area from OrganizedObie.com mounted on exterior of RV

After your RV trip, baskets can be removed and transferred to a slatwall in your home garage:

Slatwall Garage Organization System

Hopefully you can see now why, as an RV organization nerd, I was so excited to share all these nifty products from OrganizedObie.com!

Remember to use the coupon code RVINSPIRATION for a 5% discount!

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