ASUS ROG Virtual Event Reveal Alder Lake Motherboards and More

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ASUS ROG Virtual Event Reveal Alder Lake Motherboards and More
ASUS ROG Virtual Event Reveal Alder Lake Motherboards and More

The ASUS event unveiled details on their latest motherboards, PSUs, gaming headset and monitors.

The ASUS announcement, “Break All Limits”, presented their latest innovations they’ve been cooking up in the R&D labs. The Taiwanese tech company is most famous for their gaming laptops, GPUs, gaming accessories and peripherals, along with delivering the best motherboards to the market. Today, they lifted the curtain and unveiled their work on new power supplies (PSUs), monitors, gaming headset and most importantly, their new, next generation Z690 motherboards.

ROG Thor

The new PSUs ASUS showcased was the new ASUS ROG Thor that has taken into consideration the power-hungry Nvidia RTX 30-series graphics cards (GPUs). They even mention how gaming on an RTX 3090 can suck “up to 900 watts” of power! This is why the redesign of the ROG Thor PSUs offer “93% efficiency at full loads” and is super quiet with the 135-milimeter fan. Consumers can take advantage of these PSUs being offered from 850W to 1600W energy capacities. Every PSU in the new Thor lineup is A++ Lambda-certified.

ROG Strix XG309CM, XG259CM and XG276Q Monitors

As for ASUS monitor updates, they bring three new innovative displays. The top of the line is the ROG Strix XG309CM boasting a 200Hz refresh rate. It also has a mount in the top-back of the monitor to properly mount cameras or an additional display above the monitor, which makes it easier for work or streaming. It also offers USB-C connectivity for plugging the monitor into laptops or desktops.

ROG Delta S Animate Gaming Headset

This headset comes with custom lighting designs on AniMe Matrix displays built on the the outer face of the ear cups. The coolest feature is its ability to flash with the user’s voice, similar to a music visual equalizer that measures the pitch of one’s voice. It also has an AI noise-canceling microphone to ensure clear communication with the user’s friends and teammates.

ASUS ROG Virtual Event Reveal Z690 Motherboards and More 3

Z690 ROG and Strix Motherboards

The highlights of the new ASUS Z690 motherboards are that they offer up to 24+1 power stages to support the new 12th gen Alder Lake Intel processors, DDR5 and come PCIe 5.0 ready. The board also has 2 USB 3.2 ports for quick charging and dual Thunderbolt 4 USB-C ports.

It was said these boards were crafted with the idea that consumers will need motherboards that can have a higher power capacity with overclocking not even being a question. They also added features to help with ease of access and installation with all the other components that need to connect onto the board. One of the neat additions with all of these boards is the ROG True Voltician tool that acts as a tool to monitor the PC’s information pertaining to the CPU, GPU and PSU. To add even more on the system’s performance, Z690 ROG motherboards come with ASUS Enhanced Memory Profiles (AEMP) that allows users to manage DDR5 voltage on the Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) to get the RAM performance intended when they go into the BIOS, very versatile for different workloads. This is brand-new technologies that was never offered in past generations.

ASUS ROG Virtual Event Reveal Z690 Motherboards and More 2

The great news is the ASUS ROG Z690 Motherboards will be available to pre-order starting Wednesday, October 27, 2021 at 9:00 AM PST at local retailers, Newegg and Amazon. As for the rest of the items on the list above, it has only been stated that they will be available starting “late Q4 2021 in North America.” Perhaps, they will drop before the gift-giving season.

ASUS is also doing a giveaway for those who watched the event and want to take advantage of getting some of their awesome gear.

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