Internet Nostalgia Just Powered This ‘Homestar Runner’ Board Game

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Lovers of the internet from the early 2000s rejoice! Complete with a single muscly arm, two majestic wings, and teeth drawn with famously consummate V’s, Trogdor the Burninator, a dragon from the Homestar Runner Flash series will now star in the Kickstarter funded Trogdor!! The Board Game.

Drawing on the popularity of the website and the hilarity its characters imprinted on the minds of a generation of young internet users 15 years ago, the Kickstarter campaign Homestar Runner launched today met its $75,000 goal in less than three hours. The campaign, set to last 30 days launched at 11 AM EDT and surpassed its goal before 2 PM EDT. 

The internet inspired board game was developed by original Homestar Runner creators, the Brothers Chaps, and long-time game designer James Ernest. Trogdor!! The Board Game will be a turn-based game where 2 to 6 players play as  Keepers of Trogdor, a hooded, Trogdor devoted cult that assists the S-shaped dragon “burninate” a village without getting caught by authorities. Game mechanics involve drawing cards and moving a Trogdor game piece around the board.



Trogdor or, to use the characters’ proper title Trogdor The Burninator, originated on the website as part of a cartoon flash series called “Strong Bad’s Email,” where Strong Bad, another popular character from the site, haphazardly draws the worst possible rendition of a dragon. Thus, Trogdor was born and with him, a ridiculous metal song (that’s in Guitar Hero 2) that mostly relies on screaming “Trogdor!”

As of now, over $135,000 has already been pledged to help the winged dragon burninate countryside villages. 


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