The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids of All Ages

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Fun fact: Before February 14th became intrinsically linked with an avalanche of hearts, chocolates, and roses, it was first connected to the notion of romantic love by Geoffrey Chaucer in 1382, as he wrote a poem honoring King Richard II’s engagement to Anne of Bohemia. Today Valentine’s Day is, of course, synonymous with love, and while presents for adults can go heavy on the romance, the best Valentine’s Day gifts for kids are unique, cute, and fun. You don’t want anything over-the-top or cheesy, and you want to do something sweet for them without drowning them in sentiment they’re too young to understand.

As you’re well aware, the love and affection a kid receives when they’re growing up informs how they view love and relationships as they grow older. They are sure to have their fair share of disappointing Valentine’s Days in the future (don’t we all?) so start off on the right foot by giving them a perfect, love-filled Valentine’s Day this year. Make the day about celebrating love in its many forms, be it friendship, parental bonds, or the affection kids feel for a family pet. Now that’s amore.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Toddlers

These gorgeous blocks, made of untreated white birch, are not only great stacking toys but also teach babies and toddlers about color and shape recognition.

Because red is to Valentine's Day what wheels are to cars. And this wooden one teaches kids about forward motion and cause and effect.

Because love means having a best friend who's soft, cuddly, and always around when you need them.

A sweet homage to a children's classic, this 16 magnetic tile set encourages toddlers to build the bug itself, or spell out a sweet sentiment.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Preschoolers and Little Kids

What's more fun than stamping stuff? Stamping it with hearts and bunnies, that's what. This springtime set includes eight heart and butterfly wooden stamps.

The best gift of all: Permission to be herself. Kamala's niece writes a powerful yet fun book about what it means to be ambitious and not apologize for it.

These endlessly creative bricks connect together to make anything a kid dreams up. In this case, a Valentine's Day design, like a heart. Or a rose. The tiny interlocking parts are great for developing grip and hand-eye coordination, too.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids 

Our favorite kiddie crafting brand comes through again, with the most intricate DIY Valentine's Day card set. It includes more than 250 accessories so kids can make 24 totally unique cards.

A Valentine bear? Of course, a Valentine bear. This 150-piece Lego set features a brown bear holding a large red heart, sitting on a blanket with his bee friend, a honey jar and pretty flowers.

Kids get everything they need to make their own light-up, heart-shaped lantern. It comes with crafting and glow string, glue, an inflatable heart, latex-free craft gloves, a tassel tool, twist ties, 15 LED lights, and a battery box.

Bite-sized cupcakes. Honestly, that's all you need to know. They're that good. And some of the flavors in this set of 25 include cookie dough, cookies and cream, and triple chocolate fudge.

Think of this as a 2021 version of the classic love note. Use the app to record a sweet message, and when the recipient gets it, the heart on the front of the box spins. And when you open it, there's a mirrored screen inside where the message is played.

Sure, some parental supervision is required, but otherwise, this set almost bakes itself. Just add eggs and butter, and you get heart-shaped shortbread cookies, plus raspberry jam, and confectioners sugar. Everything is pre-portioned.

Make mask-wearing less onerous and more fun with this two-mask set, decorated with hearts.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Teens 

This sweet, stylish mug is a great way to remind your kid what they mean to you. Hand-sculpted with a retro feel, it'll surely brighten up your teen's day even if they tend to be angsty.

Even if it's more than a couple years off, you might already be stressing about when your teenager moves out of the house. Gift them a personalized candle as an ode to their hometown so they never forget where they grew up.

Film ain't dead, as your son or daughter surely knows. This entry-level kit allows him or her to explore celluloid photography as they did in the old days -- i.e. yours.

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