Plug 13 devices into this $49.99 USB-C docking station

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Grey docking station with a variety of cords, chargers, and plugins surrounding it

TL;DR: As of June 24, you can get a 13-in-1 Docking Station with Dual HDMI for just $49.99 — that's 29% off the regular sale price of $70.

Super slim laptops may be nice to carry around, but it can be a bit of a hassle if you need to plug something in and you only have two ports to choose from. Whether you’re sporting the dual USB-C ports of a MacBook or reminiscing about the days of headphone jacks, it might be time to get a single docking station you can use for practically everything.

The 13-in-1 Docking Station plugs into a USB-C outlet and gives you 13 ports back. Plug in monitors, mice, flash drives, and more with this low cost docking station, on sale for only $49.99. 

A docking hub that supports dual 4K monitors and 100W power delivery

This plug-and-play docking station gives you a lot of space in a compact package. Just plug in the USB-C cable and get 13 ports in return, including a replacement USB-C input. That also includes three USB 3.0 ports, two 4K HDMI ports, and one USB 2.0, USB-C fast charge, USB-C data, SD card, TF Card, VGA, and Gigabit internet. If your phone lost its headphone jack, there’s even a spot for that, too. 

For Mac users, this docking station could mean you don’t need to keep a whole drawer of adapters in your desk. For complex work stations, you may be able to streamline by having all your hardware plug into the same place. 

Get one docking station for all of your devices 

No more adapters and juggling devices between a few ports.

For a limited time, get the 13-in-1 Docking Station with Dual HDMI on sale for $49.99 (reg. $70). 

Prices subject to change. 

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