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When it comes to continuous learning, lacking time and focus are the main obstacles. Many people abandon MOOCs and fail to take consistent steps toward mastering new skills. Headway is possibly the world’s most downloaded book summary app, helping lifelong learners stay on track with their self-development goals despite busy schedules and shrinking attention spans. The app helps reclaim time wasted because of its fragmented nature, eliminate FOMO, and obtain the book’s essentials in 15 minutes.

The Headway app provides key ideas and actionable insights from the world’s bestsellers on various topics, from society and technology, to business and career. By delivering the information in condensed text and audio formats, Headway seamlessly integrates into users’ daily routines, allowing them to learn while standing in line, commuting, or doing household chores.

Headway’s spaced repetition feature helps retain more information while spending less effort and time on learning. Users can highlight the most relevant insights from summaries, transform them into interactive flashcards, and effectively memorize key ideas.

The app’s gamified approach helps users build new habits and enjoy the process of self-development. Users embark on a learning journey, embracing challenges and collecting trophies as they progress toward their goals. They can track their achievements, earn streaks, and engage with captivating handcrafted illustrations.

Headway also offers corporate subscriptions, providing employees with personalized self-development plans to help them enhance agility and keep up with the ever-evolving demand for skills.

The Headway app is on a mission to help people achieve their goals and serves as a guide to essential knowledge packed in a bite-sized format. For these reasons and more, Headway earned a Cool Tool Award (finalist) for “Best Mobile App Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2023 from EdTech Digest. Learn more.

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