Glamour Spells: 10 Magical Beauty Spell Ideas

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Glamour Spells

Glamour spells enhance the natural, subconsciously alluring beauty.

It’s the kind of attractiveness that makes us say, “There’s just something about her.”

Nearly imperceptible, yet unmistakably seductive, this kind of mysterious beauty inspired the French saying, je ne sais quoi, which literally translates to “I know not what.” 

Below are 10 simple-yet-magical glamour spells to enhance your uniquely subtle charms.

(Please note:  This post contains affiliate links.  You’re welcome to read all about this practice on Moody Moon’s disclosure page.  Spoiler alert:  It’s pretty boring.)

Create an altar for self-love.

Nothing magnifies beauty like self-love.  On your vanity or dressing table, place:

-a photo of yourself

rose quartz

-cinnamon stick 

(optional)  a statue of Venus/Aphrodite

To keep the energy of the altar fresh, maintain a vase of fresh flowers or anoint the rose quartz with rose oil.

“Enchant” your beauty products.

Leave your most-often-used makeup items or beauty products under the full moon or anoint them with moon water to enchant them with mysterious allure.

This simple act takes your everyday beauty routine from mundane to a spiritual experience.

Try a ritual bath for beauty.

Bathing in general obviously bears a lot of association with personal beauty. 

Try this bath spell for beauty and make the experience magical by including herbs and flowers (like roses and rose oil) in your bath water that vibrate with the metaphysical properties of feminine beauty.

Try this candle spell.

Although written for Beltane, this candle spell makes a great basis for a beauty ritual any time of year. 

Try it to cultivate confidence, self-love and to project your inner beauty outwards.

Honor the swan.

As a symbol of grace and elegance, the swan assists those in search of their own divine gorgeousness.  

Add swan feathers to your altar, or pick up a unique swan figurine from the thrift store to draw beauty and the soft, feminine allure of this majestic bird.

Do this simple mirror spell.

Take a small mirror and place it on the altar. 

Light a stick of rose or cinnamon incense between you and the mirror.  Close your eyes. 

Imagine your most flattering inner qualities (like your sense of generosity or compassion). 

Open your eyes and stare into the mirror through the smoke.  Emote your inner beauty through your eyes and watch them flash with a new intensity!

Work with the Empress card.

From a deck of tarot cards, choose the Empress and place it on the altar. 

The Empress represents the strong, powerful beauty of womanhood in full bloom.

Surround it with dried roses.  Once a month during the full moon, sweep away the old dried roses and replace them with new ones.

Make an offering to Aphrodite.

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love and attraction.

Evoke her for her rosy essence.  

If you’re currently trying to enhance your beauty to attract a love interest, make an offering of dried roses, wine or pearls to the Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite.

Start a mind/body regimen.

Mind body workouts align the spirit with the physical body. 

Beauty spreads from the inside out. 

When we feel less-than-attractive, it often comes down to a misalignment of your inner world with your outer experience.  Reunite them by starting a mind/body workout.

Be kind with intention.

Once a day, do a random act of beauty-related kindness as an offering to the universe for enhanced beauty of your own. 

Be mindful of your intent.  It need not be a major display. 

Honestly compliment someone on his or her appearance or donate a few dollars to Locks of Love.

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