Country by Country World Geography Curriculum

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Geography is something I want my kids to know. I think this comes largely from me growing up feeling inadequate in this area. I did not have a good grasp on locations and names of places in our world and this bothered me. As a way to be sure my children are exposed to every single country in the world at least once, I created Country by Country! Many geography curriculums touch on major countries, but I didn’t like ignoring the smaller countries and territories. This project took me a year to complete and involved much research! I personally learned so much while creating it!

How do I get this?

You can purchase individual units and extras, or purchase the Country by Country Bundle for the best deal. Once you purchase the bundle {home use here, group use here}, you can print everything as often as you need and use it now and in the future! Plus you’ll get access to anything I add in the future {if I come up with new ideas}.

What is included?

The main component is the Country by Country notebook for each continent. Every country and territory is included. On each page, you’ll find a place to write the country’s name and the capital city’s name. There is also a small map of each country and a large blank map of the continent to color in the country’s location on the map. I also included the country’s flag to color and one interesting fact about each country. The individual pages are simple on purpose so kids don’t feel overwhelmed. I didn’t want this to be busy work and by keeping it simple, it shouldn’t overwhelm most kids. The fun facts are chosen randomly, much research went into this and with each fact, I tried to choose something that would interest kids. Use Google to find more fun facts about each country if your child is interested!

Each continent notebook also includes the following:

  • List of countries and capitals
  • Visual flag list
  • Various maps
  • Additional info as needed {regions, territories, etc.}

Country by Country EXTRAS!

In addition to the main Country by Country notebook shown above, each continent also has flashcards, quizzes, and Jeopardy to go along!


We offer flashcards, that can be completed as your child learns each country. Use these cards as a display in your classroom or as a way to review countries your child has done.



Another way to expand is by using our quizzes! These are a great way to review the capitals and locations of countries.



If you have multiple children, I highly recommend playing Jeopardy! You can mix and match as your children work through different continents. Be sure to utilize the DIY cards included in each set to create your own questions based on what your children are learning.

See my kids playing Jeopardy here!

Ages & Grades

Country by Country can be used with a variety of ages, making it easier to teach multiple students at once time. Since the curriculum does involve some copy work, I recommend using it once your child is capable of writing letters independently. This curriculum can be used as a simple exposure to the countries of the world all through elementary, middle school, and high school if desired. The target age is upper elementary and middle school.

Expanding the Curriculum

You can choose to keep this as simple as your child completing the page for one country per day! There are also many ideas for expanding the curriculum if you choose. One simple way is to look up the country of the day together online. If you are a planner, you can look it up ahead of time and bookmark anything you find – videos, articles, photos. My kids are usually interested in the animals and landmarks, so we often look those up to learn fun facts!


I recommend adding in books to go along with the continent being studied. We choose our family read-aloud based on this. Last year we enjoyed two books set in Africa while my kids were working through Africa Country by Country. The Boy Who Harnassed the Wind and A Long Walk to Water. We have book recommendations for each continent, I am adding to these lists as I find more books! I have not read all of these, this is where I gather books that are set in specific countries. You can see my lists by clicking on the links below.


Continent Boxes

If you want to add even more, you can see how we used Continent Boxes in the past. This is a great way to add in hands-on learning, especially if you have young kids!


Country Notebooking Pages

For older kids, use our country notebooking pages to have your child choose a certain number of countries per continent to do deeper research on.


Get a Binding Machine

I highly recommend buying a binding machine! This is what we use to put our Country by Country notebooks together!

Grab YOUR Bundle!

The best way to get your hands on all that Country by Country has to offer is by purchasing the bundle. You will be given access to a private password-protected webpage with direct links to download all components! You will have access to the following for each continent immediately:

  • Country by Country {the main component}
  • Jeopardy
  • Flashcards
  • Quizzes


The bundle is on sale through the end of August 2020 since I know many families are entering the homeschooling world thanks to Covid-19, I wanted to offer the discount a bit longer than planned for this reason! The total value of the bundle currently is over $65. The bundle’s regular price will be $45 but it is currently listed for only $32!

You can purchase the group option for use in a classroom or co-op! See the group option here – all of the same printables, but with the freedom to use outside of your own home with your classroom students!

If you’d like to purchase separately, you can do so by continent bundles, or by individual items. Click here to see all purchasing options!


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