Tevizz Gourmet Kitchen Wall Mount Rail and Hooks Stainless Steel Pot Pan Lid Holder Rack

  • $25,99
  • Save $10,66



  • Well-Constructed and Practical: The rail comes with S-hooks making it simple to use for hanging practically anything; your aprons, oven mitt and gloves shouldn't be stuffed inside drawers, hang it to use it efficiently.
  • Sturdy and Multi-Functional: Made of quality stainless-steel construction, this wall rail can be installed at the cook's preferred height to reach cooking supplies with a swift motion. Feel like a gourmet cook and work more productively in your new kitchen set-up.
  • Game Changer Kitchen Rail: This wall mounted rail is perfect for hanging pots, pans, lids, utensils while storing lids on the top. Install it on your unused wall space and tidy up your counter with ease.
  • Space Saver Ingenious Design: Create valuable storage space and save a whole cabinet space with this rail installed on your wall. No more fumbling through cookware to find the one you need.
  • Countless Purposes of Uses: The multi-purpose wall rod can be used in your bathroom for hanging your towels, in your garage to hang and organize your hardware or in your closet for handbags, belts, umbrella's, athletic equipment and gear. The organizational rod is perfect for organizing and tidying up any space possible.