Ming Hong Tang 180° Rotatable Stainless Steel Kitchen Storage Collecter for Seasoning, No Drill to Install, Detachable to Wash

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Brand: Ming Hong Tang

Color: Stainless Steel


  • Convenient by 180° rotation of this stainless steel spice rack wall mount
  • Save space for your other kitchen tools because of wall mount design
  • Easy to install and take off this seasoning storage rack
  • Keep dry by hollow out design to be healthy
  • Material strong stainless steel against rust

Details: Package:1*storage, 2*glues, 1 bag of drilling tools
Material:stainless steel for food
Install way:There are 2 ways to install.
1.Choose and clean smooth surface. Apply glue onto connector of the storage then stick onto the surface you chosen. Keep the storage sticking onto surface strongly by sticker for 72 hours. Within 72 hours please do not move storage to let glue finish. After that you can install storage then put your seasoning on it.
2.Drill on the wall then connect the surface you chosen by drilling tools offered to finish.
Caution:Be careful to avoid your hand touching glue.
About this item:
This wall mount stainless steel spice rack is saving time. It can be moved 180°. By that you can get your seasoning more quickly and accurately instead of walking to get them. Also this stainless steel spice wall plate is saving space. It is not limited by space of kitchen because of its single rack design. It can stay corner,under cupboard on the wall or any other smooth surface. You can get more space to your other tools by moving it 180°or less. And the stainless steel seasoning rack is easy to install and take off. You can stick it onto any smooth surface by glue offered but drilling on the wall. Also you can drill if you would like. And you can take it off to clean if need. Also the stainless steel spice rack holder is healthy. its hollow-out design keep your seasoning dry. And its material is special for food. And material stainless steel of stainless steel spice rack hanging is strong and against rust.

UPC: 662565967480

EAN: 662565967480

Package Dimensions: 13.6 x 9.1 x 7.3 inches