Kitovet medium S hooks heavy-duty stainless steel S shaped hanging hooks, for hanging metal kitchen pot pan hanger storage rack closet S type hooks multiple uses.

  • $7,99
  • Save $3,28


  • Load: These heavy duty S hooks are strong and safe, 30 pounds measured, conservative commitment 20 pounds. So you can hang heavier items without fear of them falling or becoming damaged.
  • Material: Stainless steel plating is not easy to rust, the appearance of plating plus polishing treatment.
  • Versatile multiple uses: S Shape hooks can be used both indoor and outdoor and for a number of things: use them to hang broom, mops, purses , backpacks, scarves, baseball hats, belt loops, towels, extra bags, pots, utensils, or even coffee mugs, etc.
  • Easy practical organization: S-shaped Anti-rust Stainless Steel Hooks, applicable to a wide range, anywhere can be linked, save space, to provide convenience.