Junyuan Kitchen Spice Racks, 2-Tier Bathroom Shelf Kitchen Countertop Storage Organizer Jars Bottle Seasoning Rack Shelf Holder- Space Saving, High Capacity, Mesh Wire-Stainless Steel

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Brand: Junyuan

Color: Silver


  • 【Humanized structural design】In order to easily put and remove stored items, engineers specifically designed the upper basket to be narrower than the lower basket.
  • 【Multi Purpose】Utilize in any room of the house to store, sort, and easily access items. Usable in cabinets, on shelves, or in pantry's, help you to saving time and space. Also can utilized in your bathromm for sorting your shampoo,soaps,shower gel,facial cleanser,make-up and cosmetics, etc.
  • 【Easy to assenble】Without any tools or locking accessories, you can easily assemble the product according to the assembly instructions provided in our package.
  • 【Up-and-down Layer Design】 a 2-story design of different widths. The upper basket can be used to store some shorter bottles and the lower basket can be used to store higher bottles and cans because the height difference between the upper and lower baskets is not less than 11.8 "(30cm).
  • 【Stable and Firm】 You 'll find it very interesting when you install the shelf, because engineers design the shelf cleverly through the principle of force interaction, although without using any fasteners. But the installed shelves don't shake at all.

Details: Why is the upper part narrower than the lower part?
It is to make it easy for users to put and remove objects.

Can I really install firmness without any tools or fasteners?
To be sure, you only need to follow the product assembly instructions step correctly and it takes a few minutes to complete the installation.

Is the shelf made of stainless steel, how long will it rust?
The shelf is made of stainless steel and is completely different from the Chrome plating on the surface. Usually, the product is kept clean and will not rust for at least 3-5 years.

Is it convenient to move together if there is a need for frequent change of residence?
Very convenient, you can just unpack it and simply bundle it up and put it on the trunk of your suitcase or car. It only takes up a small amount of space.

What should I do in case of quality problems?
If it is an installation problem, please check the correctness of the installation steps again, believe that the correct process operation can solve your installation problem.
If the product quality is defective, you can contact us by email at any time, we will give you a satisfactory response or solution as soon as possible.

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Package Dimensions: 17.5 x 9.5 x 4.5 inches