Itafusa Mop Broom Holder Organizer, 3 Adjustable Positions Holder with 3 Hooks Wall Mounted Cleaning Tools Organizer,Space Saver Rags Dusters Rakes Utility Hooks Holder for Kitchen Garage Office

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  • Heavy Duty and Easy Install-The aluminum body is solid, along with the stainless steel S- hooks.Each of the holders/hooks can slide along the rail, so you've got a great range of adjust-ability and flexibility. The red S-hooks would hold mops/brooms perfectly! There are 3 points where this mounts to the wall, and screws are included.
  • Sturdy metal construction - well-designed. 3 large rotatable hooks + 3 fixed hooks, both are slide position-able. If your broom closet was always a mess, this is a must-have organizational tool! It have big hooks for broom and also little hooks that can drop down if you want to hold towels or the dust pan.
  • Very convenient. Holds most of long-handle kitchen tools (mops, brooms, etc), and small tools (dusters, whisk pan, etc). The hooks are all freely adjustable (they can't be locked down), but they will not slide out of their channel, since the ends are sealed. The large ones have plastic ends so that they can grip the long handles without slipping...gravity and friction holds them in place.
  • This is a really nice option for hanging up mops and brooms and things. The hooks are sturdy and durable, have a finished look and grip well. They are really nice for use in garage, utility room, sheds or anywhere inside of your home.
  • UTILITY HOOKS- This mop and broom hanger to be built very well. In addition to brooms and mops, use a couple in your garage or gardening shed to store rakes, shovels, etc. 3 S-hooks and 3 fixed hooks give you plenty of places to hang buckets, rags, or any other items that can be hung on a hook.