Houseables Wire Shelf Liner, Plastic, Non Adhesive, 14"x30", 5 Pk, Clear/Gray, Utility Rack Protector, Mats for Drawers, Kitchen Cabinet, Tier Shelving Unit, Cupboard, Heavy Duty, Nonslip, Waterproof

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Brand: Houseables


  • IMPROVE FUNCTIONALITY: With our 14" x 30" wire shelf lining, you can use your shelving unit for more than you initially thought possible. Small items can slip through the bars of a wire shelf, but our liner will allow you to make use of your unit for large and small items alike.
  • EASY UPKEEP: If dust particles happen to accumulate on your shelf lining, you can effortlessly remove the lining for cleaning. Its smooth surface can be easily spruced up with a little bit of soap and water.
  • LIKE A FEATHER: Our shelf lining is extremely lightweight, ensuring no extra weight capacity is taken up by any item that isn't crucial. You can install and remove the lining as necessary, without difficulty.
  • WATERPROOF: If you're using your wire shelving units to store liquids and you tend to be on the clumsier side, our liner can help. It will keep liquids from dripping down through the bars of the shelf, and its waterproof properties will keep the liner in proper working condition.
  • TIP TOP SHAPE: Our shelving liner will protect your unit from acquiring any scratches or dents that could come around from continuously placing and removing items from its shelves. Keep your shelfing unit in the prime of its life.

Publisher: Houseables

Details: Removable and Reusable Houseables' 14" x 30" wire shelving liners can be removed with just a flick of the wrist and hardly any effort at all. Take them down off your shelves for cleaning or storage as they are both waterproof and thin enough to be put away until you need them again. Their durable structure gives them the ability to be used again and again.

Tougher than They Look Our wire shelf linings are thin in structure but very durable in construction. They can withstand textures of all kinds without tearing or breaking under the pressure. Exposure to liquids is also no match for these liners, as they will not pass through the strong material, making your clean up simple and anything but tedious.

Keep Them Lively Your shelving unit will look just as good as the day you purchased it with the use of Houseables' wire shelving liners. Keep the bars and brackets of your shelves out of harm's way with our liner acting as a secure barrier between items and the shelf itself. These liners can keep unwanted dents and scratches from ruining your shelving unit.

Fits Like a Glove Houseables' shelf liners are built to fit perfectly on a shelf size of 14" x 30" without a doubt. However, these liners can be easily trimmed to fit a shelf size that is a bit smaller with a few snips of a pair of scissors. These liners can be very adaptable for shelf lengths of 14" x 30" and smaller with a little bit of crafty flair.

Package Dimensions: 30.0 x 14.0 x 0.0 inches