HOTLISTOR Reusable Multipurpose Wall Hook White 5PCS 10PCS Decorative Pin Stick Hooks Office Partition Panel Hanger Home Kitchen (10 - Hooks)

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Color: White


  • CONVENIENT AND ENVIRONMINTALLY FRIENDLY - It is a cubicle hooks that can be fixed easily and stably by using '5 fixing pins' instead of adhesive, screws or nails. Additionally it rarely damages the surface. It is also easily detachable and reusable.
  • PURPOSE OF USE : It is a hooks fixing things on the wallpapers at home or partition in the office. It can hold up to 2.2lb. It can hold wall clock, picture frames, key chains, office supplies and other small items. It is a flat type hanger which does not expose the hooks on the back side of wall clock or picture frame.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN - It is a unique product to attract people's attention with unique and cute pig character instead of general cubicle hooks design.
  • COLOR CONFIGURATION - There are white and five different color options to suit your taste and purpose.
  • HEIGHT OF HANGER - There is difference in height between white (0.4 inches) and color (0.3 inches). Please choose according to your purpose.

Publisher: Present

Details: No more nails!
A new concept for wall hangers / Certified, reliable products / Fixed easily and stably by using '5 fixing pins'

Pragmatically and creatively designed, this piggy-shaped wall hanger pin is able to hang anything by simply sticking itself onto a wall

Without leaving any marks on the wall, this pin can easily be reused again and again

Organize small stuff on the wall with these pins and create your own unique space for decoration

Create your own interior style with six carefully selected colors

< Specifications >

1. Product : HOTLISTOR Reusable Multipurpose Piggy Cubicle Hooks . Wall Hooks(5PCS/10PCS)

2. Size : 1.29"x2.12"

3. Recommended Weight : 2.2(lb)

4. Material : ABS, STEEL

5. Color : White Set, Color Set(Peach Pink, Jelly Yellow, Deep Purple, Sky blue, Lime green)

EAN: 6944488014538

Package Dimensions: 5.9 x 5.6 x 0.5 inches