Fasthomegoods Stainless Steel Gourmet Kitchen Wall Rail with 10 Large S Hooks

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Color: Silver


  • Requires Basic Assembly: The 31 1/2" x 2" x 4" kitchen rod comes with 10 S shaped hooks and mounting hardware included in the packaging. Utilize it on the unused wall space near or above your stove to practically keep your cooking essentials within easy reach.
  • Configurable Design: This rail comes with a connector giving you the flexibility to customize each one to your desired length. Connect the same design or a smaller size rod together to make it functionally blend with your wall space.
  • Attractive: The durable kitchen bar comes with heavy gauge stainless steel brackets to hold a sustainable amount of weight. The rack also come with a protective film, remove the film for a shiny and attractive finish.
  • Feel Like a Gourmet Cook: Store all your cooking supplies close at hand and save time from sorting through your cookware every time you must cook. You won't have to dig through your pots and then look for the lids. Hang your cookware and store the lids on top.
  • Free Up Space: Create room inside your cabinets and tidy up your kitchen counter to work more productively when preparing meals. A cluttered kitchen will prevent you from cooking for yourself and for your family. Keep your mind at your ease and your loved ones happy with tasty fresh meals every day.

Publisher: Fasthomegoods

Details: The Positively Enchanting, Elegant and Unobtrusive Design Can Easily be Modified to Accommodate Any Situation...

Hanging Utensils: This rail is perfect for hanging whisks, spatulas, utensils, zester, mandolin slicer, measuring cups and spoons.
Hang everything at your fingertips and keep your drawers free of clutter.

Multi-Purpose: The wall rail is versatile enough to use for hanging almost anything.
Utilize it inside your closet and use the rail for hanging your accessories, jewelry, cleaning supplies, athletic equipment and gear.

Get Creative: With this wall mount rail, you can create a perfect art and crafts organizer rack.
The rail comes with 10 S-hooks to help you hang your supplies or by simply placing a few small containers you can turn the rail into the ultimate organizer.
The containers can hold your paint brushes, paints, weaving supplies, pens, pencils, scissors, or other school supplies.

The Gourmet Kitchen Rail Will Help You To: Free up cabinet space, clear the mess sitting on your counter and work more productively.
Organize with ease, keep pots, pans, lids and utensils within reach, tidy up closets, garage, kitchen or bathroom, chop, cut and cook efficiently.
These wall rail will make the perfect gift idea for any occasion or holiday, you can make someone happy for a housewarming or bridal shower.

Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver
Rail Dimensions: 31 1/2" x 2" x 4" Each Hook is 4 3/8" in Height

What is in the Package:
1 31" Gourmet Pot and Pan Rack 10 S-Hooks and Mounting Hardware

UPC: 744947884087

EAN: 0798527330662

Package Dimensions: 31.5 x 3.5 x 2.0 inches

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The key to that will be buying after market anchors and or finding a stud to mount it to depending on the anchor you choose. The bar can handle it within reason but the anchors that came with it are light. Easy fix with a trip to the hardware store. 
By Tommy Liveoak on December 4, 2015
I would say that it will be strong enough, but unless you can anchor into studs, I wouldn't recommend hanging anything that heavy regardless of the rack. The rack is great quality, but it will come down to ripping out your drywall. 
By April H. on December 4, 2015
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I moved 3 months ago. My new kitchen walls are to small for this rail pan & cover rack. I do remember reading all the reviews to make my decision, & get all the measurements. 
By Amazon Customer lovely lady on October 4, 2017
Mounting tabs are about 13 inches apart. Overall it is 18 inches wide. 
By Fogleman on September 28, 2017
Outside to outside is 31 1/2”. The screws are 30” apart. 
By Amazon Customer on September 21, 2017
I don't think this model would work. The length of the rail between the mounting brackets is about 31 and 1/4 inches, by my measure. And because the rail has threaded holes at either end for mounting, it can't be shortened. 
By Amazon Customer on September 25, 2017
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No, but I believe they had them in different lengths. 
By Julie Clingan on May 10, 2017
No, but awesome wall rail! 
By Geoffrey W. Beckett on May 10, 2017
I wouldn't advise it because there are threaded holes at each end for the bracket screws. If you cut the rail you will lose one of those so won't be able to attach the mounting bracket. 
By Amazon Customer on May 10, 2017
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The rod can be rotated on the brackets, so you’re good! 
By Amazon Customer on April 6, 2018
Yes. The tod will be fine. My question to you is, will your shelf tolerate the weight of what you have hanging on the rod? 
By Amazon Customer lovely lady on April 6, 2018
The rod and the bracket are separate, but the rod screws tightly into the bracket before mounting. 
By terry hendrix on April 7, 2018
It is not fixed. The brackets are loose and slide on when you install. 
By Amazon Customer on April 6, 2018
The rod screws intp the brackets from the outside ends. 
By Fogleman on April 6, 2018