ExecuChef Knife Bag with 29 Pockets for Knives and Kitchen Utensils | Business Card Holder and Lock | Water Resistant and Durable Ballistic Nylon Backpack for Professional Chefs and Culinary Students

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Brand: ExecuChef

Color: Black


  • 🔪 ROOMY & SPACIOUS - Execuchef's professional knife bag provides a large space for easy storage of an entire chef knife set. It stands 18 inches high and can comfortably hold knives up to 17 inches long including tang. Its 29 pockets (25 slots for chef knives, honing rod, butcher knife and pen/silverware holders,as well as 4 large zippered compartments). It can also fit additional kitchenware, spices, cutting board, tablet, phone, charger, business cards and more.
  • 🔪 LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY TO CARRY - On its own, the bag weighs only 2 lbs. but can easily hold over 30 lbs worth of cooking gear. It is carefully designed to be comfortable and easy to carry. It features an adjustable strap that can be moved to go over your right or left shoulder.
  • 🔪 DURABLE & STYLISH - The portable knife case comes in jet black to match any outfit and kitchen too! Built to last, it's made of ballistic nylon and leather, making it easy to wash and to protect it from scratches, cuts, and stains. It also includes heavy duty black stainless steel buckles to support any extra weight.
  • 🔪 SAFE & SECURE - The chef's roll bag includes a combination lock and is a functional way to safely transport your knife set in public without calling any attention to it. This bag keeps the knives safe and secure in their case so they don't get lost or accidentally hurt others, especially while traveling.
  • 🔪 EXPERT CRAFTSMANSHIP - Each ExecuChef Knife Bag is meticulously designed to create the perfect carrying case. With thick stitching and tough buckles, they are built to last through many years of kitchen wear and tear. We want our Chefs to be set up with the best possible gear. We love the knife bag and we hope you will too!

Publisher: ExecuChef

Details: Looking for a safe way to transport your chef knives? A good set of knives is essential for every amateur and professional chef, but it's also one of the most difficult things to carry around. They can't just be thrown into a box together; this can cause a lot of damage to each one, scratching the surface or even dulling their blades. It can also damage the box and even hurt whoever is handling it. Knives are dangerous and so it is important that they have their own special case, with separate and secured compartments for each one. Execuchef's knife roll bag guarantees you won't lose a finger or damage the blades while transporting your knives. Made of durable ballistic nylon and leather for easy cleaning and protection from cuts and scratches. The bag has 29 compartments broken down into 25 individual slots for chef knives, honing rod, butchers knife and pen/silverware holders, as well as 4 zippered pockets. It can accommodate an entire professional knife set and also fit additional kitchenware, spices, cutting board, tablet, phone, charger, business cards and more. This professional knife bag is ergonomically designed to be easy to carry with an adjustable strap that can go over your right or left shoulder for your comfort. It is ideal for the chef that is on the go - be it you are still a culinary student needing to bring them to school daily or a chef on the way to a catering gig or even a mom going camping. Here are more benefits when using the knife roll: ✅ There is a secure compartment in the back for a full-sized tablet. ✅ Can hold knives up to 17 inches long! Measures: 18"H x 12"L x 3.5"W. ✅ Convenient way of traveling and transporting knives without fear of damaging the blades. Give your knives the respect they deserve and transport them safely and securely with Execuchef's knife roll backpack and Click "Add to Cart" TODAY!

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Package Dimensions: 18.0 x 12.5 x 2.0 inches