Chip Clips 3 Inches Wide Premium Heavy Duty Thicker Steel Food Bag Clips | All Purpose Air Tight Seal Good Grip on Coffee, Bread & Tea Bag, Kitchen, Home, School and Office Usage (6 PCS/Set)

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Brand: Tanek


  • ♛ DESIGNED FOR LONGER USE - Our multi-purpose clips are made of high quality steel, the metallic clamps that won't break and is not as flimsy as plastic ones. The serving time of our metal clip is far beyond other plastic clips.
  • ♛ EXCELLENT MANUFACTURING TECHNIQUES - The difference between our clips and others' is that we have POLISHED every piece of our clips, not only surface, but also all curves and edges! This will give you a perfect feeling when using, and at the same time, protect you from the rough surface and burrs on edges that might cut your finger.
  • ♛ SEAL TIGHT - Our clip has a high pressure built-in spring, it is tough, designed for heavy-duty, and clamps down tightly. It protects your food from dust and moisture in the air by keeping the bag fully closed. At the same time, it also trapped the odor inside the bag to keep the air of your freezer clean.
  • ♛ MULTIPURPOSE USE -- Seal chips, milk powder, coffee beans, bread, and frozen vegetable bag inside or outside your fridge. It can be also used to keep notes, postcards, and papers in order which is commonly required in office and school. You can use it wherever you like, the clips could help you even when hanging the washed clothes!
  • ♛ 100 % LIFETIME CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEES -Tanek strives for 100% customer satisfaction with our tested products. The manufacturer lifetime warranty ensures our customers have a hassle-free experience and unbeatable product lifespan.

Publisher: Tanek

Details: The Most Thoughtful Designed Clip You Could Find!
Fine polished surface, curves and edges protect you from any burrs that might hurt your finger. We are not only making a tool to ease your daily life, but also aiming to solve the coming risks.
A Long Life and Heavy Duty Clip!
Made of steel, our clips are for both indoor and outdoor use! Not only for coffee bean bags or chip bags, you choose the place for it! On the hanger to attach heavy coat, in the garden to consolidate the wires, use it freely and discover the new land!
Easy to Clean and Store
You can simple wipe our clips with wet rag. You can also use detergent to help, the performance of our clips will not be influenced. The medium sized clips could be stored in your tool box easily, you can also hang it on the wall by biting it on a hanger.
Tanek Easy Tools, Ease your daily life, make your house holding simpler and easier!
Product Specification
Product material: steel
Product specification: 3 * 2.4 in
Product weight: 35g
Lifetime Guarantee:
Tanek provides a lifetime guarantee on our products. You will have full refund or return as you wish during the guarantee periods.

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EAN: 729043694105

Package Dimensions: 6.0 x 4.5 x 1.0 inches