Cabinet Savers: Under Sink Kitchen Cabinet & Vanity Mat - Drip Tray - Liner. Protects base from water leaks & cleaner spills, mold + leak detection. Actual Size: 34"W x 22-23.75"D (White, 36" x 24")

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Brand: Cabinet Savers

Color: White


  • Actual Size: 34"W x 22 - 23.75"D x 1.75"H (Depth Can Be Trimmed with Utility Knife To Fit). To pick the correct size Cabinet Savers: Measure the inside width and depth dimensions of your cabinet. Check the Size Chart in the product pictures for the size closest to your cabinet.
  • Protect Sink Cabinet bases Against Water Leaks, Chemical/Cleaner Spills and Mold. The Channel Design funnels water to the front of the Cabinet Savers and utilize Drain Cone feature for Leak Detection.
  • Flexible and Easy to Install. Trimmable Front Edge and Tapered Sides for a Snug Fit. See the product pictures for installation instructions.
  • Easy to Clean, Durable, Chemical Resistant, and Made of Low Density Polyethylene
  • Holds up to 1 Gallon of Liquid, 100% Recyclable and "Made In The USA"

Publisher: Virginia Industrial Plastics

Details: Cabinet Savers
Protects Under Kitchen Sink Cabinet and Bathroom Vanity base From Water Leaks, Chemical/Cleaner Spills, and Mold To Extend The Life Of Your Cabinet and Protect Your Cabinet Investment. The Design Incorporates Channels and a Drip Cone to Provide Water Leak Notification to Prevent Major Damage to Home/Apt. The Cabinet Savers is a "No Brainer" Investment!

A) For Buying Cabinet Savers When You Are Buying New Cabinets:
The size 36" x 24" on this product is the outside dimensions of your cabinet and is used as the size guide for ordering Cabinet Savers when you are ordering a new cabinet. See the Size Chart in the pictures in this listing for the correct size Cabinet Saver for your cabinet.

B) For Buying Cabinet Savers For Use With Existing Cabinets:
If you already have your cabinet installed, the actual size of this Cabinet Savers is 34"W x 22 - 23.75"D x 1.75"H which you use when measuring the inside dimensions of your cabinet (the depth of the Cabinet Savers can be trimmed with a utility knife to fit your cabinet). See Size Chart in the pictures with this listing for the correct size Cabinet Saver for your cabinet.

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