Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Organizer - Expandable Silverware Organizer/Utensil Holder and Cutlery Tray with Grooved Drawer Dividers for Flatware and Kitchen Utensils by Royal Craft Wood

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Brand: Royal Craft Wood

Color: Bamboo


  • EXTENDABLE KITCHEN DRAWER ORGANIZER. Royal Craft Wood silverware organizer can be placed in the drawers of all sizes - it is adjustable so that fits like a glove.
  • 9 SLOT SILVERWARE TRAY with grooved drawer dividers in-between designed for maximum capacity and ultra convenience.
  • REINFORCED BASE AND DEEP COMPARTMENTS ensure durability of flatware drawer organizer and extra space for kitchen utensils. Use every slot in the most efficient way - everything you need at a hand's reach.
  • ORGANIC WOOD. The bamboo drawer organizer is absolutely eco- and health-friendly - it's made from sustainable organic bamboo
  • EASY TO CLEAN CUTLERY TRAY. Keeping kitchen utensil holder as good as new is easy - cleaning it with damp cloth is absolutely enough.


Keep all your kitchen utensils and silverware in order with Organic Bamboo Drawer Organizer!

When we have a lot of things to keep attention at while cooking - it's important to have everything we need in one place. To make sure all-time favorite things are in plain sight, get yourself a kitchen drawer organizer.

Key benefits of Royal Craft Wood Utensil Holder:

  • Extendable cutlery tray with adjustable sides;
  • 9 compartments of various sizes;
  • Silverware tray with reinforced base;
  • Easy to clean and maintain;
  • Eco-friendly and beneficial for your health;
  • Stylish design that fits every room.
  • An extendable organizer with adjustable sizes Royal Craft Wood utensil holder is easy to fit in every drawer. To make everything look perfectly, adjust the sizes of an organizer as you like.

    9 compartments of various sizes This kitchen utensil holder is created with an extra compartment to store all your flatware at a hand's reach.

    Easy to clean and maintain Obviously, you want your drawer to look as good as new for as long as possible. Taking care of the silverware organizer takes 5 minutes of your time - you can do as much as wipe it with damp cloth.

    Eco-friendly and beneficial for your health Royal Craft Wood kitchen drawer organizer is produced from organic bamboo trees. The fibers of the tree are not only 100% organic but have an antibacterial effect as well which is good for your utensils.

    Stylish design that fits every room Regardless of whether you plan to put the kitchen utensil organizer in a living room, a bedroom, or a kitchen, the result will be magnificent. A solid wooden texture will make for a beautiful piece of decor you can help but fall in love with!

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    Package Dimensions: 17.7 x 13.8 x 2.1 inches