Adtwixt Stainless Steel Gourmet Kitchen Wall Rail with 10 Large S Hooks

  • $23,99
  • Save $9,84


  • Utilize it on the unused wall space near or above your stove to practically keep your cooking essentials within easy reach.
  • Configurable Design: This rail comes with a connector giving you the flexibility to customize each one to your desired length. Connect the same design or a smaller size rod together to make it functionally blend with your wall space.
  • Attractive: The durable kitchen bar comes with heavy gauge stainless steel brackets to hold a sustainable amount of weight. The rack also comes with a protective film, remove the film for a shiny and attractive finish.
  • Feel Like a Gourmet Cook: Store all your cooking supplies close at hand and save time from sorting through your cookware every time you must cook. You won't have to dig through your pots and then look for the lids. Hang your cookware and store the lids on top.
  • Free Up Space: Create room inside your cabinets and tidy up your kitchen counter to work more productively when preparing meals. A cluttered kitchen will prevent you from cooking for yourself and for your family. Keep your mind at your ease and your loved ones happy with tasty fresh meals every day.