Why Is Using Pixlr the Best Option?

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We’ve written a review to assist you in choosing between Pixlr, Adobe Creative Cloud, or Canva if you’re unsure which graphic design program to use. We have identified certain distinguishing qualities, even though they share identical features.

What is Pixlr?

Pixlr X and Pixlr E are the two online versions of the program that the creators offer. The first choice works well for quick editing. A great selection of image-enhancing tools, including several cutting tools like lasso, shape, drag, and magic, are included in this photo editing program for novices. They enable you to move a specific image area to a different layer, erase it, or both. Pixlr features amazing filters and effects, as you can see if you compare it to Adobe Creative Cloud Express.

Pixlr E is designed for professional-level activities and has a more robust feature set. It has sufficient tools to serve as an effective substitute for desktop programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. The majority of image formats, including JPEG, PXZ, PSD, and PNG, are supported by both programs’ versions. 

Strengths of Pixlr

  • Free: It is a free internet tool. There are no unstated costs, and even commercial use is permitted. As a result, it serves as a practical option for photographers, independent creatives, and small enterprises.


  • A Firefox grabber: You can upload any image from a web page to Pixlr for editing by right-clicking it. Users of this free Firefox add-on can also take screenshots or capture the entire browser contents.


  • Easy-to-use interface The editing area is located in the middle of Pixlr’s simple interface. The toolbar’s most frequently used features are located on the left. The picture control panel, which comprises the three blocks of navigation, layers, and history, is on the right.


  • Many different functions: You’ll discover various complementary tools underneath each button. You may rotate, resize, and crop your photographs using the fundamental editing tools. You can manually configure the values or utilize automatic correction tools to alter color, lightness, brightness, and saturation. Additionally, you can change the blur and contrast. Portrait photographers can easily fix red pupils, imperfections on the skin, and discolored teeth.


  • Large Effects menu: Further adjustments can be made to each effect. You can also apply various overlay effects, such as flares, optical distortions, textures, pyrotechnics, and fits.


  • Modern AI tools : Using this clever tool, you may quickly erase the background. The picture’s background can be removed with a few clicks. It is possible to use this application to quickly remove the backdrop from portraits, profile photographs, selfies, and other images.


  • You can easily change some portrait features: The Liquify feature of the AI photo editor allows users to resize, expand, and alter particular areas of portraits or other images. This is a fantastic tool for giving life to your imaginative and humorous thoughts. You may generate some extremely entertaining photos by changing the size of various body parts in the portrait. When working with portraits and selfies, it is useful.


  • Numerous picture effects: The program provides a wide range of extra capabilities that can be useful when comparing Adobe Creative Cloud Express and Pixlr. To make distinctive banners, posters, greeting cards, and other images, you can alter the text’s colors, fonts, styles, and sizes, add animated backdrops, and use other capabilities. Additionally, you can add various effects to your photos to enhance their appeal. Photographers, for instance, can create a flash effect to make it blend in with the colors of the background.



Canva is the ideal program for beginners. Most users use it to create webpages, photos, printable forms, PDFs, invoices, flyers, and infographics. This web design program has desktop, online, and mobile apps.

When contrasting Canva with Pixlr, it will be clear that you should pick Pixlr because of Canva’s shortcomings. In the basic edition, photos cannot be resized, and it is preferable to decide on the dimensions and format of an image in advance. Images in the free version cannot be resized, and you must pay for a premium account to do this. You can design a layout with certain proportions and include elements from the earlier draught into the finished product. Putting everything in its proper position, though, will take time.

An internet connection is required. To utilize this editor, a device must have sufficient RAM. Additionally, a reliable Internet connection is needed. The editor needs a strong connection because every action’s outcome is automatically saved. Also, Using Pixlr will save your costs by 50% to 80%.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Adobe Spark now goes by the moniker Adobe Creative Cloud Express. Almost any browser can be used to access this cloud-based application. Additionally, the creators provide iOS and Android mobile variants. The application has a simple, intuitive design and tremendous capabilities (including fundamental picture and video tools) and is integrated with Adobe Stock and Adobe Fonts to streamline your process. Given the differences between Pixlr and Adobe Creative Cloud Express, it will be obvious that Pixlr is the better option for you.

Some of Adobe’s software creations will ultimately cost you more than if you had purchased it outright. Even though it usually takes 3–4 years to reach this level, it might still be a disadvantage for some businesses and influence their decision to forego joining the Creative Cloud. If you use Pixlr instead of Adobe Creative Cloud and Canva, it will cost you far less.

Many of Adobe’s plans for accessing the Creative Cloud are annual with monthly billing, giving you a year’s worth of fixed costs for your required services. There is no assurance that after your yearly initial contract, Adobe won’t decide to increase your pricing, leaving you with the decision of continuing to pay it or forgoing the chance to access the work you’ve been doing for the previous year. 

Who Wins?

When comparing Pixlr vs. Canva and Adobe Creative Cloud, it is important to keep in mind that both of these photo editing programs for PC make it simple and have decent sets of tools for creating professional images.

A cloud-based editor called Pixlr offers a variety of graphics and editing capabilities. Although it was intended to be non-professional software, novice and experienced users utilize it today.

Canva is best suited for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and marketers concerned with quick project development.

You must be a member of Adobe to use Adobe, and it might also appear a touch too constrained for business uses.

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