Turning Your Kids Artwork Into Gifts + Instructions

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When it comes to gifting, look to your very own kids to help create the perfect gift. If there’s one thing we’ve all learned, it’s that kids are full of imagination and their school art projects prove it. With Shutterfly, you can take your kid’s artwork and turn it into a beautiful gift in minutes when paired with the right product. Whether you customize a mug with a self-portrait or add their drawing of grandma and grandpa onto a custom pillow, gifts that includes elements of your little one’s imagination is special. Below, you’ll find personalized gifts and kids gifts that features your kid’s original artwork is the perfect choice for a gift to any loved one.

kids artwork on canvas print for mothers day

1. Put It On a Canvas

Turn your kids’ artwork into unique wall art by uploading their creation onto a canvas print or making a framed print. This is a creative way to celebrate your child’s artwork and gift a friend or family member with something they can use to decorate their home. Loved ones will especially enjoy having an original piece of art on their wall.

2. Turn It Into a Family Card

Share your child’s artwork with family and friends by making their piece the star of the show. Whether you’re sending a custom thank-you note to a loved one or a personalized card to a close friend, you can make a greeting feel unique by turning your child’s artwork into a full-fledged card design. All you have to do is take a clear photo of the artwork and then upload the new image file to a blank customizable card online.

3. Make a Mug

Spice up an ordinary coffee or tea routine by customizing a mug that features your kid’s artwork. You can opt for a collage and include multiple images of your kid’s best artwork, or you can add in a family photo. This is the perfect gift for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and older siblings.

4. Turn It Into a Mini Photo Book

If your child brings home artwork on a weekly basis, you can turn their favorite pieces into a photo book to capture each and every project. This is a great gift that can live with a loved one’s collection of albums or become a popular item on a coffee table. You may even want to consider making a photo book for your own home to preserve your kid’s artwork and avoid a stockpile of drawings and paintings.

kids artwork in photo book for mothers day gift

5. Make a Necklace or Charm Bracelet

Jewelry is a popular gift to give for any occasion. You can make items such as a necklace or bracelet feel even more unique by turning your kid’s artwork into a custom photo charm that the recipient can wear as they please. Consider giving a custom necklace or bracelet to Mom with your child or grandchild’s artwork front and center.

6. Turn It Into a Notebook

Transform everyday stationery into an inspiring, unique gift by customizing a notebook that showcases your kid’s artwork. This is a fun and easy way to utilize your child’s artwork while giving your friend or family member a useful gift. Custom stationery with artwork can also double as a gift for a sibling’s high school graduation, Teacher Appreciation Day, or a simple thank-you gift.

7. Make a Custom Plate

Turn an ordinary plate into a playful piece of art by using your child’s artwork to design and create custom plates. If playdates happen regularly in your group of family and friends, consider this gift especially helpful and creative for snack-time moments and lunch dates. You can use your kid’s artwork to design more than one plate and give the recipient a plate collection they can’t find anywhere else.

8. Make a Custom Pillow

If you’re looking to give the gift of comfort, consider creating a custom pillow using one of your kid’s own designs. A custom pillow completed with an adorable drawing or painting from your little one can be gifted on a variety of occasions, including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays and Christmas.

9. Turn It Into a Puzzle

Are there other kids or teenagers in the recipient’s household? If so, a custom puzzle that pieces together your kid’s artwork can be a fun gift to give. When you use your kid’s very own drawing or painting, this gift comes to life with creativity and doubles as an activity.

framed kids artwork as gift

Photographing Your Kid’s Artwork

When it comes to photographing your kid’s artwork, the process is easier than you think. First, find an area in your home that has natural light so you can take the best photo possible. This area is where you should set up your shoot. Then you’ll want to choose white or another solid color to serve as the background for the artwork. A white poster board will work perfectly. After you position the artwork at the center of the background, you’ll want to stand above the artwork using a stool, to take your photo. Photographing your kid’s artwork straight from above will provide the best angle for your shot. However, make sure your body or any other shadow doesn’t appear in the frame.

Since you’ll be shooting in natural lighting, make sure your camera flash is off and shoot at the highest resolution possible if you’re using a DSLR camera. You can also use a camera on your phone, but you’ll want to consider the intent of the photo. If you’re adding the artwork onto a mug or a charm, you can opt for a photo from your phone. If you’re adding the artwork onto a large canvas, you’ll want to use a professional camera to get a high-quality image for your wall art piece. Once you’re finished with the process, you can upload your photos to Shutterfly and begin customizing your product.

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While a store-bought gift used to be the norm for gifting to loved ones, custom gifts from Shutterfly can leave a lasting impression, especially when you involve your own kids. Instead of letting paintings and drawings pile up, you can use your kid’s creations to make a beautiful gift with a homemade feel that any loved one will appreciate. Start sharing the joy that’s been hanging on your refrigerator with your friends and family today.

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