Transformers Cybertron - PARADRON MEDIC!

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Transformers: Cybertron - Super Link EX-02 - Ariel Paradron Type - Takara 2004

In the October 1986 Transformers episode titled Fight or Flee, the Decepticons landed on the peaceful planet of Paradron in order to plunder the planet for its Energon resources. The planet was populated by simple male and female robots that were essentially background characters. But it was obvious to anyone viewing that the female population of Paradron were identical to Arcee, but green. Flash forward to the early 2000s when there was a green variant of the Heroes of Cybertron Arcee PVC figurine named Paradron Medic. Since then almost every mold of Arcee has been eventually re-released in a green redeco in homage to this classic episode. This Ariel Paradron Type repaint is one of the first and was released as an exclusive in Japan as part of the Toy's Dream Project which orchestrated exclusive gift cards and action figures for various companies and retailers. I honestly think this is my favorite of all the Energon Arcee releases. The two-tone cool colors really pop and stand out from the pack. 

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