Train station entrance in Yokohama is straight out of a post-apocalyptic horror game【Video】

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We’ve seen before that Japan can have some pretty nightmare-inducing trains, but as far as the train stations themselves, they’re usually pretty nice-looking, well kept, and—

Oh. Um.

Actually, after seeing a video of this train station entrance in Yokohama City posted by @Kanagawa_unique, we may have to rescind that comment.

“Japan’s a big place, but I don’t think there’s a sketchier station entrance than this. The ‘West Entrance’ at Kokudō Station.”

For those who can’t play the video, here’s some screenshots:

▼ Starting off with just a normal street, nothing weird.

▼ Oh. Uh. Why are we turning down this narrow, shadowy alleyway?

▼ And why are we going through this rusted door into pitch-blackness?

▼ We literally cannot see a thing for a few seconds…

▼ …and the bam! We’re inside the train station.
What a totally normal way of getting inside!

The train station in question is Kokudō Station, part of the Tsurumi Line in Yokohama’s Tsurumi-ku, in Kanagawa Prefecture. Apparently the main entrance to the station is the “East Entrance,” but this “West Entrance” is a lesser known hole in the wall… literally.

@Kanagawa_unique explained in another tweet that the entrance is “technically” unofficial, but it’s still very much connected to the train station, and the locals make use of it, so it’s basically as official as any other station entrance.

Most likely the entrance was previously used as a back door by the businesses that used to be in the station, as explained here:

“There are traces of old stores inside the station, so the back door probably eventually started being used as a station entrance.”

Here’s how Japanese netizens reacted to this doorway of the damned:

“Is this really Japan?”
“I really hope they preserve it like this. The sense of mystery.”
“Oh… that gap was an entrance….”
“That station was already weird enough by itself.”
“I wonder if that entrance takes IC cards.”
“All it needs is a turnstile to appear for it to feel like a Japanese SCP monster.”
“Seems like a place you’d find valuable information in a game.”

Speaking of it seeming like a game, one person took it to the next level and turned it into a Doom scene:

“I apologize for making this.”

Yeah, no. We’ll just take the long way around to the East Entrance, thanks.

We’ve already had enough transportation-claustrophobia scares to last a lifetime at that Amigara-Fault-for-cars in Okayama.

Source: Twitter@Kanagawa_unique via My Game News Flash
Images: Twitter@Kanagawa_unique
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