Top 5 Unique Marriage Proposals

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Forget making a marriage proposal with a traditional candlelit dinner.  Modern-day romantics are choosing to pop the question in far more exotic ways, with social media awash with unusual and unique locations where he or she said ‘YES’!

Under the ocean, in the clouds, on a stage, down a cliff, in a stadium ….. the possibilities are endless.  After all, why not set the bar high for your new life together by starting off with a truly extraordinary experience that you’ll both remember and relive forever.

Check out these five ideas for a unique proposal:

Take your love to greater depths

If you’re both passionate about diving, what better way to take the next step than by popping the question under the ocean in a spectacular marine wonderland?   It’ll take a bit of planning (you wouldn’t want to drop the precious ring into the depths of the unknown), but it would be oh-so-awesome – especially if you got one of your dive buddies to record the moment with an underwater camera.  A good option is to have the question on a laminated card which you can bring out at the perfect moment – or you could even ask one of your buddies to ‘hide’ the ring box on the ocean floor and then the two of you ‘accidentally’ discover it – while you’re down on one knee of course!

Sealing the deal with a kiss can be a bit tricky because of all that bulky breathing gear and your goggles may fog up with tears, but if you love diving and you love one another – how awesome would it be!

Make it sn-Happy with sharks

Sharks aren’t the cuddliest of creatures, but if you’re both into marine life and aren’t scared of gnashing teeth, what about a proposal in a shark cage?

Love is in the air

Is your love for your significant other as big as the sky?

Surprisingly, a skydiving proposal isn’t only for experienced parachutists.  Anyone with a taste for adventure can make it official by jumping from a plane.  But because it’s not really possible to do anything while you’re airborne, you can choose to pop the question just before you jump, have a large banner in the landing zone which can be read from around 1 500ft or the last two minutes of your ride or you can produce the ring from a pocket and ask the question once you’re on terra firma (and caught your breath!).

Skydiving proposals have actually become so popular that many professional skydiving companies are now offering dedicated packages that can be customized to make the magical moment even more memorable.

Propose in public

Choreograph your own flash mob by calling in family and friends or get a group of professional dancers to stop the public (and your partner!) in their tracks as they sing and dance your unique marriage proposal.

You could choose your favorite couples song or go for a romantic favorite like Bruno Mars ‘I Wanna Marry You’ to set the scene before popping the question – or you could really surprise your partner by wearing a mask and participating in the fun.   If a PDA tickles your fancy, check out some of the awesome flash mob proposals on YouTube for some public love inspiration.

Take your love to a new high

A chopper ride is a huge bucket-list item, so why not supercharge your proposal with a helicopter flip?   If the incredible views don’t take your partner’s breath away, the thrill of a sky-high proposal certainly will.

These are just some ‘ahhhhh’ ideas for truly breathtaking and unique proposals – and the good news for lovers in West Australia is that there’s an ‘R’ spot where ALL of these can be arranged in one place!  The ‘R’ stands for Rottnest Island, WA’s spectacular island playground, and here you’ll find everything from Perth’s skydiving experts, Skydive Geronimo,  to organised shark dives – and of course, plenty of places for a romantic candlelit dinner to relive the magic moments of your unique proposal.

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