This Device Fast Charges and Automatically Backs Up Data Simultaneously

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Data has become a commodity – and it’s of most value to those who create it. Devices like your smartphone contain a huge amount of data, both sensitive information like passwords, contact information, and credit cards, but also the information created day to day, like images, videos, emails, and documents. If you’re not properly backing up your information, you risk losing it. Who hasn’t accidentally damaged an iPhone, and lost months’ worth of communication, images, and more, never to be seen again because you didn’t back them up? The information on our smartphones has become more valuable than that on our computers – and backing up your data is more important than ever. Now, there’s a solution that’s easy and quick, meaning you don’t have to pay expensive, ongoing subscription fees, or buy a bulky piece of desktop hardware.

Right now, you can get the AnyBackup: Offline AutoBackup & 100W FastCharge device for the reduced price of $59.95, a reduction of 14 percent off the full ordinary price of $70. Charge your device and back it up at the same time with this convenient little device.

AnyBackup works totally offline to automatically back up all the data from your device as well as from any third-party platform. It connects to your device and also supports fast charging while doing its automatic backup steps. The device is capable of reading, backing up, transferring, and restoring your documents, contacts, photos, videos, and data from all the popular social media channels, while charging devices in 30 minutes. The device supports MicroSD, flash drive, and portable hardware drives up to 2TB, and supplies multi-layer data encryption to secure your data with FaceID, fingerprints, and passwords. The Kickstarter- and Indiegogo-funded backup device is compatible with iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows devices, and is controllable through its easy-to-use companion app.

The AnyBackup: Offline AutoBackup & 100W FastCharge is on sale for $59.95, meaning you can confidently and conveniently backup your devices and worry less about losing your valuable data.

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