These are the 3 BEST Makita XGT Cordless Power Tool Deals EVER (ends 11/15/22)

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Makita XGT Cordless Power Tool Deal of the Day 11-14-2022

There’s a new Makita flash sale, and in no uncertain terms it features the 3 best XGT deals I have ever seen!

The promo is of the “buy more, save more” nature, where you can save up to $75, but that’s not all.

You save $15 off $149+ eligible Makita orders, $40 off $299+, or $75 off $499+, with code MAKITASALE. But, that’s not all, there’s a lot more to this promo – it stacks with many of Makita’s Black Friday 2022 tool deals!

With the previous Makita deal at Acme, there was a “save up to $75” coupon code, and certain kits were eligible for a free battery bundle. That was a very good deal.

As soon as that last promo ended, Acme Tools started offering additional freebies with many XGT tool kits, as part of Makita’s Black Friday 2022 deals. For instance, I was looking at a particular Makita XGT cordless power tool combo kit, and the last promo would have taken money off and given me a free battery.

With this promo, I would save a similar amount but get TWO free batteries – depending on the kit.

There are stacking discounts galore, whereas normally this is isn’t allowed to happen.

Here are examples of why I think this is a hot deal:

Makita GPS01M1J XGT 40V Max Cordless Track Saw Kit

I bought a Makita XGT cordless track saw last year at the end of November. It was $580 at the time, or $522 after 10% discount (plus tax).

Right now, that same XGT track saw kit is $629 (prices went up this year). With the $75 discount, as this is above the $499 threshold for the maximum discount, the price drops to $554. That’s not too far off from what I paid, BUT I didn’t get any freebies when I ordered my track saw a year ago.

With this promo, you get the XGT cordless track saw kit for $554, plus a FREE XGT 4Ah battery, plus a FREE Makita guide rail. The guide rail sells for $75 by itself, and the 4Ah battery sells for $219!!

If I were to buy this deal now, I would be spending $32 more than last year (after discount), but I’d get $294 worth of bonus items that I could use, and at no extra charge.

As a reminder, Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel cordless track saw has been delayed until early 2023. Maybe that’s part of why this is such an enticing deal?

Makita GT200D Cordless Power Tool Combo Kit

Consider the Makita XGT 40V Max 2pc cordless power tool combo kit – it’s $449 at Acme Tools right now.

The combo kit comes with 2x 2.5Ah batteries, which sell for $159 each, and you get 2x FREE 4.0Ah batteries, which according to Acme’s listing sell for $219 each. So that’s a total of 4 batteries for $449. After $40 discount, that’s $409. If the order total is brought over $499 with eligible Makita tools, you get $75 off.

2 tools, 4 batteries, 1 charger, and a tool bag – for $409 after $40 off discount.

Note – this combo kit is just $20 more than the 2-battery kit with the impact driver by itself, or $25 more than the 2-battery kit with just the hammer drill by itself.

Also keep in mind that Makita XGT is a 40V Max (36V nominal) cordless power tool system; think “5Ah 18V equivalent” when I say “2.5Ah,” and “8Ah 18V equivalent” when I say “4Ah.”

There’s also still an ongoing “buy 2 XGT bare tools get a FREE 4Ah battery” promo. From what I saw, all of those tools are also eligible for this money-off promo as well.

There are also plenty of Makita 18V tools also eligible for this promo. I’m not at all interested in the 18V lineup, but this can be a good promo for those of you that are.

Makita GSR01M1 XGT 40V Max Rear-Handle Circular Saw

Were you hoping for a deal on the Makita XGT rear-handle circular saw? BAM – it’s $399, eligible for the buy more, save more discount, AND you get 2x 4Ah batteries for FREE. So that’s 3x 4Ah batteries – sold separately at $219 each, plus the saw, charger, and tool bag. The buy more, save more discount on just this kit would be $40 off, for $359 total. That’s less than the price for just 2 of the 3 batteries you get with this deal.

The promo ends at 11:59pm CST on 11/15/2022 or while supplies last.

I have NEVER seen such deals on Makita XGT cordless power tools or kits before.

I’m goin’ shopping!

Done! (I was able to backorder items and the discount applied without issue.)

Readers requested a couple of specific Makita XGT tool reviews. It has been impossible for ToolGuyd to get any XGT test samples from Makita USA, and so I finally pulled out ToolGuyd’s credit card to order a few things.

I didn’t save any more on the 2 bare tools I ordered – aside from $75 and getting a free battery – but I did get more with the kit – one more extra battery than I would have gotten just 2 weeks ago with the last buy more, save more promo.

In the last deal post, someone asked if I could review an XGT miter saw, but that’s still beyond my interest right now. Not to mince words, it’s a lot of money that I’d rather spend on something else, especially since I’ve been extremely pleased with other brands’ cordless miter saws. I’m curious about the XGT, but not that curious. Maybe I’ll change my mind if there’s a better deal on higher ticket items than this promo.

Should You Wait for a Better Deal?

Will there be a better deal?

If there’s a better deal, say 15% off, there’s a strong chance these freebie deals will either be excluded or temporarily cancelled out.

“Buy now or wait” is always a hard choice. I decided to buy now for the two orders just over the $75 off $499+ threshold, but would wait on higher-priced tools, such as $749+ miter saws.

This is the best promo I have ever seen on XGT kits – unless you can’t use the free batteries. The bare tool deal where you buy 2 tools and get a free battery is also quite good, just like it was during the last buy more, save more promo.

The XGT track saw deal is the best I’ve seen yet. If I didn’t have my purchased copy from last year, I’d absolutely have bought one right now with this deal.

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