The best laptops for students

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Getting a quality laptop for school or university is essential. Whether you're saving the group project, watching Netflix during class (hey come on, we've all done it), or just showing off to your friends, you can't get through those special years without one.

There are stacks of laptop choices on the internet with lots of cheap options, but attempting to pick the right one for you and your lifestyle can be tough, so it's always good to have help. Surprise: We have researched the best laptops for students to save you from hours of tedious research.

These models bring some luxury to your learning and make even the most boring lessons fun. But first, here's some info to help you choose.

How do you choose a laptop?

If you’re a tech newbie, getting your head around all the jargon can be tricky. These are some basics to look out for when selecting a laptop:

CPU — This is the processor. It's basically in charge of everything and controls and connects with all other parts of the laptop. If you’re studying something creative — such as design work or video editing — a powerful CPU is ideal.

GPU — Also known as the graphic cards, this is responsible for the laptop’s visuals. Once again, if you’re a creative student (or you moonlight as a serious gamer), get a laptop with the best GPU you can afford. If you’re primarily writing essays, however, it’s not as important.

RAM — This is short memory that allows you to keep multiple applications and programmes open and flit between them seamlessly.

SSD — This is the standard type of storage included in most modern laptops — Solid State Drive. It keeps all your info on flash memory chips.

Keep all of these features in mind when selecting a laptop. It's things like this that can make all the difference, so it's best to be aware of exactly what a laptop is offering.

What are the most important laptop features for students?

There are plenty of important things to consider when it comes to laptops for students. Look out for a good amount of memory and a quick processor, because you'll probably procrastinate at some point and need to have a million tabs open (always) and you'll probably have to save the group project at the last minute because the rest of your group did nothing (always).

It's also important to consider battery life. Unless you want to drag a charger around all day, you'll want one that can last through all-nighters or long study days.

That brings us to another important feature: portability. It’s no good buying the biggest, blockiest gaming laptop. Sure, it will handle topnotch FPS without a nanosecond of lag, but do you really want to lug it around school all day, giving yourself chronic backache? A convertible laptop that flips into a tablet might be a better choice.

How much does a student laptop cost?

As a student, there’s one crucial aspect that reigns supreme: affordability. With a finite student loan or allowance, you might not be able to shop for every laptop with limited funds. You may need the power and functions on a top-of-the-line model, but your budget isn't matching up. In this situation, you need to shop smart.

A lot of laptops will cost £1,000 or more, and yes, we know paying that all at once seems like a real blow to your wallet — but that's just because they're seriously nice and made to last. You'll probably be using this laptop for all of your years of school and university (and then some), so this is truly an investment in your future.

What is the best laptop for students?

We’ve taken all of this into consideration and included a range of laptops at a range of price points, from the budget to premium — something for every student and every budget.

These are the best laptops for students in 2023.

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