Some of the Best Free 4th Grade Online Math Games and Apps in 2022

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We now live in a world where tech has improved each industry, including the educational sector. To help your 4th grader strengthen their mathematical skills while getting the best education, provide them access to some of the best math websites for 4th graders. These math 4 grade online apps and games allow kids to learn quickly and do well in math instead of getting bored doing regular strict classroom activities.

Below, we will review and highlight some of the best-picked apps and games for studying 4th-grade math. Just sit back and read this article carefully as you get to know the one platform that is best suited for your kids.

Brighterly Math math app is an online 4th-grade interactive math platform with fun and engaging math games that help kids fall in love with math. Brighterly’s tutors use fun graphics, interactive lessons, and exciting games to help kids understand math concepts. This platform helps change the children’s perspective and the way they generally feel about math.

Brighterly Math App gives kids the freedom of flexibility and won’t make them feel tied down by restrictions and rigid schedules. There’s no need for your kids to perform any tasks as they can easily set a convenient learning schedule for themselves. This platform also provides real-time feedback, allowing children to check corrections and discuss other problems with their instructors.


Are you searching for an app with personalized features? You’ve got Homer.

Homer is designed to help kids learn math in 4 grade. It contains over 1000 resources and activities for every subject tailored to best suit your kid’s interests and age. The exercises help children acquire fundamental math skills they will need to proceed to senior grades.

With Homer, your child can learn at their own pace, which allows them to develop an independent spirit toward solving problems and acquire other life skills. Some of the skills they can gain from Homer to enhance their ability to absorb math concepts in the classroom include critical thinking, reading, and creativity.

Space Pig Math

Space Pig Math for 4th graders online app is a platform that helps learn multiplication tables in the easiest, most colorful, and most exciting way. The resource helps kids learn through engaging games and math problems.

Math Brain Booster Games

Math Brain Booster Games is an online platform that helps boost kids’ mental skills that are needed for solving basic operation exercises, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This app could be helpful if your kids need extra math support outside the usual classroom.


Prodigy is an online math app that helps engage kids with games, taking a child through the math adventure. This app helps stimulate your child’s brain to grab their attention while performing math tasks. It has engaged almost 50 million learners, 3 million parents, and 1 million teachers across the globe.

The games in the app are usually based on a good backstory that makes kids more thrilled and excited about learning math. There are more than 1500 skills needed to learn math effectively, and this app offers them all. The app is available on Android and iOS devices, and it is free.


Here is another fantastic mobile math game app that helps kids learn math while having fun, and it is usually available on all mobile platforms. The main aim of the creator is to increase a kid’s chances of accessing free educational resources and tools that are designed to make kids learn in the most engaging way.

This platform allows kids to overcome the knowledge gap that traditional classrooms could create. It has highly qualified, certified tutors who assist and foster your kid’s learning process. CK-12 resources include video lectures, flashcards, photo galleries, textual descriptions, practical experiments, and more.

Splash Math

Splash Math is a free online math app that offers various games and resources to instill basic math concepts in kids. With its colorful characters, fun and exciting tasks, and interactive interface, the app helps your kids improve at mathematics.


Photomath is a free online math app that offers a lot of what is expected from your kid to do better in math. Photomath provides kids with detailed solutions and methods to help them navigate tricky problems. This app can transform a child who is stuck or lagging behind peers into a math genius within a short period.

Hooked on Math

Hooked on Math is an online math app that teaches kids math and helps them understand some fundamental concepts in an exciting and engaging way. It offers more than 160 videos based on instructions and 130 games that allow kids to study and learn independently. Some of the platform’s features include animated music videos, fun characters, prizes, and more to help your kids have fun while learning math.

Hooked on Math helps your kids scale up to understand mathematical concepts from the basic math operations to more complex ones as they advance in their studies. It has real-time feedback on corrections and a weekly report for parents to check on how well their kids are doing.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy’s online math game app will help your 4th grader do better and enjoy math as they have access to the platform’s lessons, practice, tools, and resources. This platform offers more interactive classes, tutorials, and practice activities than games. This app is perfect for every kid who needs a helping hand as they struggle to understand math.

All activities on the Khan Academy platform are free, and there is no trial period.


As 4th graders proceed in their math learning, access to relevant online math apps and playing math games is the way to go if you want them to grasp new math concepts and do better. These apps are fun, exciting, and engaging, they unlock a kid’s math potential and abilities. Teachers and parents can help kids have the most fantastic learning experience as they subscribe to their preferred choice.

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