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Games are a great way for kids to learn. Younger children typically have trouble sitting still for extended periods of time. Playing educational games is a great way for kids to learn and have fun at the same time.

Three of my children are dyslexic. We had to rely on memorization to help them learn how to read. One easy way I got my younger two children familiar with all the sight words was to play Sight Word Bingo.

I found the game at a yard sale and we basically wore out the cards and little red dots that came with it for marking the squares.

My children loved to play games, and didn’t even realize it was “educational.”

Sight word bingo was a favorite because my kids got bored of flash cards over and over. However they didn’t get bored of playing a game (instead of doing a worksheet).

When my children were first learning how to read and didn’t recognize many of the sight words they would have to hold the bingo card and try to find a match on their board.

As they got older and more proficient at reading they were able to identify words more quickly on their bingo card without looking at the word on my card.

If you haven’t tried Sight Word Bingo with your younger children I highly recommend it.

We’ve created two different sets of cards, one is dinosaurs the other is birds. Both work with the sight list word cards.

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