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This cool tool blends a social media-inspired, mobile-first design with trusted content built specifically to align with popular college courses. It was recently release from McGraw Hill and it’s called SHARPEN. Key elements of the app include:

  • Continuous, time-based study feeds customized to each student’s course subject
  • Bite-sized, mobile-first videos that display brilliantly on mobile devices, including iPhone and iPad
  • Swipe-able visual chapter summaries, quizzes, and flashcards
  • A personalized dashboard of actionable study insights to help learners improve their scores
  • Accessibility tools like captioning, voice control, and screen reader


This mobile study app delivers learning via a continuous content feed, bite-sized videos, swipeable study tools, and a personalized activity dashboard. It is free for the Fall 2022 term, and complements the higher education classroom experience, combining what students need to learn for their courses with how they want and prefer to learn. SHARPEN is now available for download exclusively in the App Store for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Learn more


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