Review – Superman: Lost #4 – The Farmer’s Lament

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Superman: Lost #4 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Superman: Lost #4 – Priest, Writer; Carlo Pagulayan, Penciller; Jason Paz, Inker; Jeromy Cox, Colorist

Ray – 9/10

Ray: Superman’s long journey home continues, as Priest parcels the story out slowly. Short flash-forwards to the present day show just how intense his trauma is after coming back, and the one scene with Lois is excellently done. So are the scenes that are just him alone with his thoughts in the vacuum of space—his interaction with his broken comm device is very reminiscent of Tom Hanks’ interaction with his volleyball in Cast Away. But when we see him next, he’s not alone in space—he’s carved out a little space on a planet that reminds him of home, and is living a simple existence as a farmer as he plans his next move. It’s into this humble existence that a character he only met for a few pages before comes back into his life—seeking help with a much bigger problem that’s come to the world. It seems like the city is on the verge of destruction—but not everything is what it seems.

Awake. Via DC Comics.

This issue comes full circle in a way that almost feels like a finale, which is very interesting—we’re less than halfway there. But heroes, villains, and wild cards all make a return appearance—including the horrible little gremlins who kicked Superman off their spaceship for not having the exact currency they needed. They’ve been pulled into a much larger, more corrupt mission, but it’s not the straight-forward villainous act it seems like. Rather, they’ve been hired for something rather disturbing, in a way that pulls in some real-world implications. What do you do when members of your society seem to want to exist in a different reality from everyone else? How far do you go to keep your society together? It’s a tricky question to answer, and few writers would tackle it in a story about Superman getting lost in space. That’s what makes Priest stand out, and this series continues to build steam as it tells a very different sort of Superman tale.

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